The POWERFUL TOTE FACTOR, II!! Based on an Odds-Manipulation Idea from Mark Cramer. PLUS, FREE!! Our Brand NEW! POINT-COUNT-CONTENDER-GETTER! Software!!




While many ways have been developed over the years to spot Insider action based on Tote Analysis, The Positive Tote Factor cuts right to the chase without requiring the handicapper to watch the tote action.

😀Also Includes our NEW Point Count Contender Method FREE!!!😀

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😀Also Includes our NEW Point Count Contender Method FREE!!!😀

Our Customers Love It!!

“Hi Dave. Just wanted to let you know that the Tote Factor & Its Inverse is FANTASTIC! This past Sunday (6/27) at Belmont, Race 8, I had a $86 winner! Number 5 fit the profile: up in odds with a track switch. Also boxed it with two horses that fit the profile for drop in odds. The $1 Tri paid $816. 00

I have had several winners in the $10+ range and a couple in the $20 range. Also a handful of winners in the average $6-$9 range.
This product is really a useful tool. I hope you have great success marketing it. Thanks so much.

Donna L., Las Vegas

Based on an idea from Mark Cramer.  Mark writes:

‘The seed of this research was born during a night of insomnia. I’ve written before about restricted cases in which an odds drop from the previous race to today’s winning race was a positive factor. But I’d never looked at such an odds drop in a ‘global’ sense.  My research shows that:

The findings lead to some realistic conclusions that can be applied objectively to handicapping.

Sample: 489 winning races
Significant odds drop from last race to today’s winning race: 300

Same odds or no meaningful odds drop or rise: 79

Significant odds rise: 110

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In fact, there are many more longshot winners on the odds drop than on the odds rise.’


So Len took the basic theory and ran with it, adding several unique twists to common handicapping factors, including an algorithm based on previous odds patterns, into a software program that produces consistency as well as some great prices.

It’s a SUPER spot-play method one that can add to your bottom line both on the win end and your exotics.


Insider and/or Stable Action?

While many ways have been developed over the years to spot Insider action based on Tote Analysis, The Positive Tote Factor cuts right to the chase without requiring the handicapper to watch the tote action.  It does this by following an odds pattern that has proven incredibly successful in our database studies. Mark writes:

‘Let’s not get too deep or conspiratorial about the possible reasons for the above findings, but surely, insider betting action has something to do with the dominant performance of odds-droppers. The insider action could be from the stable, or it could come from high roller handicappers who are privy to something.

Many trainers I know are not the smartest of bettors. But experience tells me that there are things we need to know about horses that are not in the pps, things that the trainer knows and that the trainer sometimes tells. The tight-lipped trainer caricature is often true but exceptions are profuse.

Furthermore, there’s a new breed of owner who’s been a handicapper before, who looks at the game as objectively as possible, and who doesn’t automatically bet his own horse for sentimental reasons. I’ve interviewed some of these clever betting owners, and they usually have a good, sometimes a very good, feeling that their horse is going to run big today.  That ‘feeling’ is almost always the results of the trainer telling the owner that a big effort is in store and that often translates into heavy betting action at the windows.’

The toteboard is an underrated tool. No matter how much information the DRF or BRIS can cram into the past performances, there will always be things we do not know. The toteboard hides many of the answers.

Most previous work on odds fluctuations has concerned fluctuations during the betting process.

▶︎This study looks at the comparison between the odds last race and the odds today. 

In those comparisons, an odds drop is a positive factor and an odds rise is a negative factor.



The Positive Tote Factor! does a great job of locating these winners/on the board horses, whether you are using the paper version of the software.’



The main components of the software include # of races observed (R), Recency (LAST), Morning Line (ML), Odds in last race (-1M/L), Track where last race occurred (-1T) – (we have found in our research that a switch to another track can be a powerful indicator of an upcoming strong effort),  Horse was claimed in last race – a ‘c’ will appear in this column (CL?), Trainer Factor (TRN), Jockey Factor (JCK), Win/Place Finishes for the Horse (WP%).  Many other handicapping factors work in the background to help determine the selection.







The Powerful Tote Factor! overall Win % is pretty darned healthy at @34.3%, Win/Place is 49.3%.  The great thing, as well, is that the average win mutuel is @$8.31, which generates a nice overall ROI.

The Powerful Tote Factor! is based on extremely solid research and cracks open the window to insider betting that all users of the system/software can now peek through and take advantage of.  It will make a great addition to your handicapping arsenal and is price right at $97.00.  AND>>>…


We are also including  Our New Point Count Contender Getter Software! FREE!!!

The Point Count Contender Getter! is a super consistent software program that specifically focuses on finding the likeliest win/place/show horses in a given race.  While you won’t get a lot of big prices, the consistency of this software makes it great for playing exotics via finding key horses and for place and show parlays.  Retail price is $88, but you pay not one single extra dime for it when you purchase the Powerful Tote Factor, II!!!


Point Count Contender Selector Getter is great in all price ranges, but look at the profits it shows even at very short odds.



Below see the Summary Bet Page from Churchill on May 30.  This kind of consistency with this program is the rule rather than the exception.



So there’s not a whole lot of thinking to do about this one.   You not only get one of the most accurate Odds Pattern Selection Systems/Softwares in the game, but you are also receiving a consistency tool that will provide you with a huge edge on both straight and exotic wagers.  And you get both for just $97!

So Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from out website.  Thank You!


The Powerful Tote Factor

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