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Dave Schwartz’s NEWPACE: Early vs. Late Video Seminar! 

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The Game’s Most Important PACE Theory Influencers: Howard Sartin, Tom Hambleton, Tom Brohamer, Dave Schwartz


Quantifying PaceIs it Even Possible?

Ah. ‘PACE’.

Likely the most pondered upon word in the lexicon of the prudent handicapper. 


We all know deep down that pace has a heckuva lot to do with the running of, and winning of, a race. But how do we really quantify the term?  


Theories put forth on the subject over the years would likely fill dozens of bible-thick manuscripts.  And separating the wheat from the chaff, the valid from the invalid, the winners from the losers, is a monumental task.


This can only be accomplished by extensive, extensive testing, which requires years of data and past performance information.

Is ‘feet per second’ the key? ‘Energy distribution’?  ‘Turn time’? ‘2nd/Final call’ analysis?



And… of course, we need an analyst who is schooled in all of these theories who can interpret that data. 

  And, trust me, pace analysts with this kind of knowledge and experience are few and far in between. 


👉👉Fortunately for us, however, RPM has recently joined forces with the legendary Dave Schwartz, who has made the analysis of thoroughbred horse racing pace a lifelong passion. 


Dave, you will recall, was one of the pioneers in the computer handicapping arena with his 🖥Thorobrain! program in the late 1980s, and has since produced dozens of revolutionary thoroughbred analysis innovations, including a deep study of employing artificial intelligence to the game. 


👉👉And Dave’s ‘PACE’ credentials, in our opinion (and many, many others), outshine all. 


Dave will provide you with knowledge about the intricacies of Pace that simply aren’t available anywhere else.  

In fact, once you absorb just a small part his teachings, you will have more knowledge about workable, winning ways to succeed with pace scenarios than 95% of the players out there. That’s a guarantee.

And thus you will literally become an ‘EXPERT’ on pace, Dave’s understanding of ‘PACE’, which is the most thorough and exacting we have ever seen. 


🤔How to Amaze Your Friends and Racing Buddies With Your Knowledge of Pace Theory 

Actually, it’s simple.   

👉👉All you really need to do is to watch and/or read Dave’s:

NewPace: Early vs. Late! video and/or ebook, and preferably his NewPace Advanced Workshop! as well. 



You will not only gain a ton of pertinent knowledge and learn exactly how to recognize and take advantage of NewPace!-friendly situations, but you will also entertained by Dave’s glib presentation of his material. 

Dave Schwartz is one of the the true pioneers in the arena of data handicapping and he offers some of the most extensively tested and proven methodologies and bankroll strategies in the game. 


A premier member of the Sartin GroupDave has guided countless fans through the handicapping ‘weeds’, so to speak, and out into the field of dreams that promise steady and consistent, profitable play.


We recently offered his HorseMarket Investing Video Seminarwhich has sold over 17,000 copies since first publication, and we are pleased with how many of you contacted us to say how much you enjoyed it.  One of our customers called it ‘some of the most insightful material I have ever seen after almost 55 years at this game.’

And NOW we are offering his NEWPACE: Early vs. Late Video Seminar!, as well as his NEWPACE Advanced Workshop

You can purchase either, or we’ve got a great Combo offer for you when you buy both!


Let’s Look at Some Specifics:

From Dave Schwartz:


NewPace!New Twist on an Established Pace Handicapping Approach

The NewPace: Early vs. Late! video seminar is a new take on pace handicapping!


I know many of you have been using pace in your handicapping for years.

I’m not telling you that you had it wrong all these years.


I’m telling you this is a better way.

And it is VERY different.

In the conventional approach to pace handicapping, what I like to call “Sartinian Pace”, (named after the father of pace handicapping, Howard Sartin) –

you have the first call, the second call, and the stretch run. The emphasis in conventional pace is, “Where is the winner at a given point in the race?”

The second call, commonly referred to as “EP” or “Early Pace,” is usually considered the most important call in racing.

😀In the NewPace! seminar I will show you that not only is EP not the most important call in the race, it is actually the least important call!


I know that at this point some of you are prepared to stop reading but don’t give up on me yet because I’m going to prove it to you.

When all is said and done in this seminar what you were going to see is that every race ultimately comes down to a battle of early versus late.



Let me give you a big reason to give my approach a fair shot: PRICES.

If you’ve been a pace handicapper for a decade or more, you used to see a significant number of winners among your top two horses that paid $15, $20 or more.

What you see now is $5-$8 payoffs. That’s because the public is on to you. They’ve been on to you for 10 or 15 years.


Well, they won’t be on to you with NewPace! Get ready to take pace handicapping to a whole new level!

Perhaps you need more convincing.

In this seminar what we’re going to do is divide the horses into a battle between early and late.

You’ll see that about 40% of the races will be won at the first call.

The other 60% will be won later in the race.

Only in 14% of races does the winner challenge for the lead at the second call. That’s not very many winners.

Picture in your mind horses running down the back stretch. The horses that make their move and take the lead on the turn are usually much the best – and paid 4/5. Many other horses do make their move on the turn but they don’t actually take the lead until after the second call.

In this seminar we are going to shift your emphasis away from betting early, early, early horses, like everyone else does.

Instead, we will consider early versus late, with a different definition of each.

Let me tell you that betting late horses does not produce prices like $5 and $7.

Late horses produce prices like $20 and $78 and $212. Late is where most of the monster prices come from, and I guarantee you will hit prices like this, on a fairly regular basis, once you’ve got my formula down.

In fact, some of you may decide to ignore early horses completely and concentrate just on the late horses that the system selects. Those who choose to do this will probably become some of our most profitable members.

You will certainly not have as high a rate but you will begin cashing tickets at a much higher price point.  And that’s a PROMISE!

Take the time, spend a little money, learn something new. This video/ebook will take your game to a whole new level!


👉👉And, NOW, my New Followup to NEWPACE!  The:

NewPace! “Advanced” Live Workshop: Even Better Results and Faster Handicapping!


NewPace is a great product.

And it is about to become even better!

In this 2-hour Live workshop Dave Schwartz will teach you:

  • A better, faster way to isolate the early horses with NewPace.

  • A system for tossing out Need-to-Lead horses who are not likely to sustain their effort to the finish line even if they get the lead.

  • Why you no longer need a ‘swing’ horse.

  • An improved Regression Speed Sort Object for Late Horses (not nearly as complicated as it sounds – but something that 97% of the players out there have never heard about.)

In addition, you will learn:

  • When you should put in NO early horses at all.

  • When there will be a cavalry charge in the stretch and extra late horses should be added.

  • A systematic approach to determining when a low-priced contender can be bet against.

>>>>Note: It is highly recommended that you watch the NEWPACE: Early vs. Late Video Seminar before watching this one..


And we are giving you a great Combo Price for the two!

The NEWPACE: Early vs. Late Video Seminar is just $77

The NEWPACE Advanced Video Seminar is $47.   

But purchase both for the price of just $99!

Again, and this is important, after digesting these excellent videos YOU WILL Know more about the working of Winning Pace Moves than over 95% of players and you will, PROMISE, cash in on horses you likely would have thrown out using other theories on Pace.

Give us a call to Order at 1-800-696-0067 or order from out Website. Thank You!

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