The MARK, III SUPER ROI LONGSHOT SOFTWARE PROGRAM! ‘Easily one of the most awesome Trainer ‘Set-Up’ systems we have ever evaluated!’



The MARK, III SUPER ROI LONGSHOT SOFTWARE PROGRAM! ‘Easily one of the most awesome Trainer ‘Set-Up’ systems we have ever evaluated!’

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‘There is virtually no way to beat this game without at least a sprinkling of big prices’, Andy Beyer says in his book My $50,000 Year at the Races.  ‘Realize that one $36 winner pays for 18 losing wagers, and the importance of that cannot be overemphasized.  Sure, you can scrape by with a high % of short to moderate priced horses, but hitting the occasional bomb will make your horseplaying life so much easier.’

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And Andy is correct –  nobody makes money by exclusively betting favorites.  ‘PRICE’ is the name of the winning horseplayer’s game.  But how in the heck do you catch those big payoffs often enough to really pad your bottom line?

It’s tough, no doubt about it, which is why many players rely on systems or methods that are geared to finding long prices.  There are plenty of good ones out there, like Profit Pattern Longshots, Dan Speller’s Hidden Treasure and Bankrobber Methods, etc.

☛☛But if you don’t want to do all the figuring required, we have just come across the best Longshot Methodology we have ever evaluated.  It’s called The Mark III Super ROI Longshot System!


Authored by Bruce Markham, this method employs a proven ‘pattern’ that steadily (for a longshot system) puts you on boomer prices.

Below is the intro from the original text from Bruce.  When we first read it we said, ‘Man, this guy is confident!’  And, turns out there was good reason for that confidence, trust us.  Note where he talks about certain patterns he discovered that uncovered these big priced winners.

☛☛The primary pattern, it appears to us, is a total trainer ‘set-up’ move While it could occur naturally, that would be rare.  Why, for example in the Big Tentations example below, would a trainer enter a 118-to-1 horse in a big Stakes race?  A horse that missed by a head, by the way.  So he had to either be one of the dumbest trainers of all time, or he ‘knew’ something.  We are certain it is the latter.

Remember, most average trainers don’t eat or pay their rent unless they win purses, as well as, in many cases, cashing big bets occasionally.  And this pattern is downright scary accurate, as far as we can see in our 17 year long database, and has produced big prices on a steady basis.

Intro from Original Text

And, actually, the method is very straightforward and easy to apply, even if you are using the paper version.  It’s funny how at times the simplest methods can produce the most spectacular results.


The Mark III Longshot Method, like most price systems, wins at a modest rate, but the average win mutuel is $33.60!, and we have logged many, many $50+ payouts, many $75+ pays, and several $100+ bombs.  Also, many of the picks pay great place and show prices. 

Bottom line, the overall ROI on the win end was +45.6%!  On the place, +21.1%.  And imagine having one of these big priced guys or gals hooked up in your Exactas, Trifectas, Superfectas, Daily Doubles or Pick 3s, 4s, etc.






Now, Mark III doesn’t only pick huge longshots –  You will get plenty of win and on the board horses that pay in the $7 to $18 range as well.  Ready to Film is a good example.










Q & A

Q.  Does Mark III give a play in every race?

A.  No, Mark III is a spot play system that averages 3 to 4 plays on an average 9-race card.  The required longshot pattern only fits horses the system feels have a very good chance of beating their odds.

Q. What is the biggest price Mark III got in your database study?

A.  It was $221 a couple years ago at Gulfstream.  You obviously won’t get a lot of $100+ horses but they do happen.  The average win mutuel is in the $33 range.

Q.  How often does a play hit the board? 

A.  A long-price selection (8-to-1 or higher) will run 1st, 2nd or 3rd close to 35% of the time, so playing to place and show make sense, especially when you are looking at a play that is 12-to-1 or higher on the morning line or nearing post time.

Q.  Do shorter priced selections win as well?  And should you bet these?

A.  Yes, you will hit many shorter priced horses, win, place and show.  Often a 5-to-1 shot (the minimum odds to qualify as a selection) is bet down because of scratches, etc.  So you will hit winners in the $5 to $11 range as well.


Q.  Is the bankroll management strategy that is included hard to use?

A.  No, it is dirt simple, and provides the player with a safety hedge against losing streaks.  Using this strategy will result in a higher overall ROI than making just flat wagers.

Q.  How about Exotic wagers?

A.  It makes perfect sense to include the selections in your exotics.  Don’t go overboard, but having one of these price horses in your Exacta, Trifecta, etc., will definitely make your day, or week, for that matter.



☛☛😃Included: A unique Wagering Strategy designed for High-Priced Play

Betting Longshots, as most of you know, requires a different money management strategy than when betting on modest priced horsesBruce understood this and developed a Bankroll Strategy that fits the Mark III beautifully. 

It allows you withstand even a long losing streak and recover your wagers and then some when you hit.  Our tests showed that using this strategy produced an almost 16% increase in ROI over making just flat wagers.  And you will receive this Strategy, FREE!, with your purchase.


So this is your opportunity to acquire one of the cleverest and most profitable longshot methods every developed.  The price is just $88, an amount you will likely get back quickly after your first longshot hits.


Ebook   $45.88

Software   $88.00

Give us a call  1-800-696-0067 or order from our website.  You will have a lot of fun with this one!


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