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There are all kinds of different ways to play the horses.  But the fact is that the players who enjoy the most success are ‘Specialists’.

There are so many areas of the game that are potentially profitable, but the money-makers at this game know how to focus on certain situations — situations that are the most predictable.

Now, many successful players have several areas of ‘expertise’:  they may have a winning longshot system, a winning claiming race system, a winning pace system, etc., which they use when the right situations arise.

And one of the areas where true Expertise is definitely required is with some of the most commonly run races in the game:  Maidens 

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The Bizarre History of the Maiden Race from the Viewpoint of Even the most Seasoned Handicappers, by Bruce Markham

“There’s probably no two words in the English language that strike more fear into the

handicapper’s heart than: Maiden Race😱!

Racing lore, from the very beginning, has warned handicappers of the ‘unplayable’ Maiden race.

Many ‘systems’, both of the ‘junk’ and

‘legitimate’ variety, invariably contain a rule eliminating races for non-winners.

Well-known handicapping authors are not exempt; many of the earlier works from respected players

cautioned against getting too serious about Maiden affairs.

So why do so many horseplayers treat Maiden races like the Boogie Man?

What frightful👻 consequences do they expect to encounter when contemplating playing a race
full of non-winners?

The answer no doubt lies in the disinformation spread about races of this type in the past, in addition to the fact that when viewing a Maiden event in the Racing Form, the player often feels adequate decision-making data is lacking, especially in cases where several lightly-raced runners or first-time starters are present.

👉👉The truth of the matter is, however, that Maiden races are some of the most predictable events offered on the average daily race card. 

I found this out quite by accident several years ago. I, too, had initially bought into the myth that Maiden races were bad news – that

only an idiot would risk his money on these affairs confined to horses who have never won a race.


I’ll throw out some quick numbers to illustrate this point. We looked at 8,500 claiming races ($6,250 to $40,000 claiming range) at tracks all over the country and computed the average price of the winner. The result: $10.73.

Then we looked at 8,500 Maiden races.

The average price of the winner: $8.99.

👉What this tells us is that races carded for Maidens in our sample were considerably more formful than races carded for low-level claimers.

When we broke the data down further, we discovered that the average win mutuel in ‘straight’ Maiden races (straight Maiden races are the top-class races carded for non-winners) was $8.11, an even more formful result.  Bruce


👉👉Now, while it’s great to have this knowledge, it doesn’t actually help you pick a winner or in-the-money horse in a Maiden race.

But, no problem, we have now taken Bruce’s methodology (Bruce also produced the Best-Selling Mark III Super ROI Longshot System), added a few profitable twists and turns, and created


The Mark III Maiden Super Module Software!

>>>So now you can hire, or rather ‘buy’, a ‘Specialist’ that concentrates its efforts on locating viable profit situations in Maiden races.  Check out the Software screenshots below.

👉Len found a very interesting stat when doing his database study in that the horses with BONUS messages that say Higher % WIN, WIN-PLACE or PLACE — , the selected horse ran 1st or 2nd in the 55% to 66% range.  So tell a racetrack buddy that in Maiden races you can locate the win and or place horse over 55% of the time and he will very likely think you are nuts!  But …. you know better!

“The Maiden Module performed just as advertised.  I was floored by how often a Top Bonus message selection ran 1st or 2nd.  I looked at some smaller tracks like Belterra, Tampa, Golden Gate, etc., and found the win and place hit rate even higher than your overall study shows – – they were steadily in the 61% to 68% range.  This is the perfect tool for any player who wants to enjoy an edge, a BIG edge, in Maiden races.  Good work guys!”  Bob Shurig, author, The Safe & Sure System

“This is really great.  Since you did not tell me your results when you gave this to me to test, I thought my data must be flawed — I figured that showing such a high in-the-money hit rate (85%+ when you include show horses) was a glitch.  But the more I tested, the hit rates remained extraordinarily high, and when I talked to you and you told me your results were very similar, well, let’s just say that after decades in this game, I have found a Maiden method that exceeds every other one I have ever used (including Mark Cramer’s).  I used to dread Maiden races, and now I SO look forward to them!”  Dale Caprio, Miami, FL

Highlights from the Database StudyBest Profit Situations

The following Odds Ranges showed the overall Best Positive ROI betting to Win — These are horses who, in these odds ranges, received a BONUS Higher % Win or Win/Place not at the bottom of the screen.  As would be expected, because Maiden races are more formful than other races, the biggest hit rates were in the lower odds ranges (under 5/1).

  1.4 (7/5)  +70% ROI

  2/1   +90%

  5/2  +8.18%


  7/2  +37%


  4/1  +25.56%

Distance – The most profitable distances, by far, were also the most commonly run distances for Maiden races, 6 and 6-1/2 Furlongs, with 6 Furlongs by far the best

  6-furlong races where top pick is a BONUS Higher % Win or Win/Place Horse –  +56.50%     6.5 Furlongs = +5%

Flash Scans & Their Value in Data Studies

Take a look at the following chart — In the blue column is listed the morning line    next column is the saddle cloth #   next column is where the horse finished.   This is called a ‘Flash Data’ Scan.  The database is instructed to look at a random # of races, usually between 50 and 100.  Dozens of these scans are run, then an ‘average’ of the scans is computed and scans that fit closest to this average are shown.  Below is one of the average scans from a Flash series of 86 scans.  Len believes doing these scans can be as accurate in determining overall results as a multi-thousand single data run.

This is a fascinating study that shows how frequently horses in these odds ranges finish 1st or 2nd.  In this run of 87 races (not all are shown), if you take the odds of 4/5 thru 9/2, which comprises 52 races —  >>33 of the runners ran 1st or 2nd (two others ran 3rd)!  That’s 33 wins or places out of 52 races, or 63.4%! 

We made the cutoff at 9/2 on these studies because, as you can see, as the odds rise the third column shows more frequent blank spots, meaning the horse did not hit the board.  You will still get hits in the higher ranges, of course, but logically, the overall win/place % will drop.

So, if you are given a tool that will steadily produce win/place hits in the 60% range, you would have a huge advantage at the track.  You can bet these horses flat in the profit areas shown above, key them in Exactas, Trifectas, etc., ‘Single’ them in horizontal exotic wagers, use a modified Parlay Strategy, etc, etc.


Let’s look at a screenshot again – How the Software works


The Mark III Maiden Module works by putting heavy emphasis on Recent Races (Maiden runners normally require more recent activity than non-Maidens).  Under the column called ‘LAST’ you will see how many days ago each horse ran its last race.  So you can see that Keanu ran his last race 36 days ago.  Overwhelmingly, you will see that the vast majority of Maiden Win & Place horses ran their last race no more than 60 days ago.  Also, the ML (Morning Line) column shows the official morning line you would see on the Program at the track — we have found that the overwhelming number of win/place/show horses are at ML odds of 8/1 or under, so those are the only runners that will be considered for play. 

The program also judges a horse’s readiness and potential by focusing on the two most recent workouts (WO1 and WO2).  WO1D shows the days since the horse’s last workout, then WO1F shows the number of furlongs the horse worked.  WO1T shows the time of that workout.  This process is repeated for the second most recent workout as well.  These columns are woven together by an algorithm developed by Len that basically highlights the horse the program feels is most Fit & Ready to run big today.

In the box near the bottom of the screen you will see the BONUS!! %Higher Win-Place Situation.  It may also say Bonus% Win, or Bonus% Place, meaning that WIN designates a more likely win, where PLACE designates a more likely place or show finishThis message is seen when the top selection in this type of race (class, distance, speed) has shown a longterm profit in the database study.

We have no doubt that the The Mark III Maiden Super Module Software! will provide an enormous advantage for players at every level of the game.  On most racecards these days, you will see 40% or more of the races carded for Maidens.  And now you have a precision tool that will provide you several different way to profit in these affairs.

Because of the advantages and accuracy of this program, we will retail it for $149 to the general horse playing public, but the price for RPM customers will be just $97.50 providing you order within the next 14 days.

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 to order, or go to our website.

Thanks and, of course, call us with any questions you may have.