The Casino Edge!! Video Poker; Slots; Craps & Roulette; Baccarat and … Horses! Increase Your Casino Fun & Profits!



〈***The Casino Edge***〉 Video Poker; Slots; Craps; Roulette; Baccarat & and the author’s Favorite Horserace system!


One of the Best-Selling Casino Books of all Time!!!  Insider Secrets to Excel at ALL Casino Games!  (+ Horse Racing!)

The Casino Edge!

Side Note:  I seldom play slot machines but between races decided to take a swing at a ‘Cleopatra’ machine as suggested in The Casino Edge book.  Played for about five minutes with very few hits then …..  this happened!!  My bet was just $22.50!  Dave Powers


>>>>>Well, got to admit, this is something we really didn’t think we’d ever be getting into, but we discovered that many, many of our customers are regulars at a casino, be it racetrack, Vegas, or Indian, and it just so happens that a longtime customer,  who is a rather successful Casino regular, sent us a very intriguing and clear cut publication on Casino play.  Here’s the Lineup:

Video Poker: 

Did you know that there are three Video Poker games where the house has the tiniest of edges, giving you a much better chance of cashing in on some big payoffs and coming out a winner? 

The author tells you how to find these games (machines) and provides you with the % tables that tell the tale. 

Why would casinos offer video poker games that give them such a tiny edge?  Because, they know that most players 1) don’t have an idea of what their winning % is, and 2) even if they do, they do not play the game correctly, i.e., they make mistakes on which cards to hold.  The author clears all of this up for you so you will enjoy a distinct advantage over other players. 

Remember, the smaller the house edge, the longer you will be able to play on smaller amounts of money, and the longer you play, the bigger your chance of hitting big payoffs or jackpots.




And did you know that while the casino always has an edge in the area of slots, that of all the ‘slot’ machines available for play (see $16,000 real life casino hit above!), a handful offer the best value and likeliest Jackpot payoffs for the player due to these machine’s ‘Bonus Structure’?

Regular video slot machines can be a heckuva lot fun to play, but since the casino usually has a 6% or higher edge on these units, they can drain you in a hurry. 

The author has played/tested over 50 different ‘themed’ machines (‘themed’ meaning the title of the slot – Zeus II, Cleopatra, Pharaohs Fortune, etc. – there are literally thousands of different titled machines). 

→He has found that there are a handful of machines that actually reduce the house’s edge thanks to the ‘Bonus’ Structure they offer (a ‘bonus’ occurse when you get three or more certain symbols lined up on your screen). 

He shows you which machines to play and how to get a good indication of what the actual casino ‘take’ on these slots.  This information alone will allow more ‘longevity’ to your play while providing you a chance to earn some very nice Bonus payoffs/jackpots.



Craps & Roulette

Also included are systems for Craps & Roulette which the author claims to have paid several hundred dollars for years back from a ‘Dr. A’ and claims both continue to win as long as you have a measure of patience and stick to certain wheels and lower denomination craps tables.

We had no idea such things as ‘Dice Control’, or ‘Dice Setting’ existed, so this was a real eye-opener where playing Craps was concerned.  And while we always thought Roulette was a completely random game, the methodology presented here says otherwise.  The author claims Roulette can be beaten provided the player conducts play in ‘sessions’.  Fascinating stuff!

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Baccarat Made Easy

There is a perception, frankly probably due to the various baccarat exploits of James Bond in literature and movies, that the game is only for ‘rich’ folk.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Baccarat is a simple game and the house ‘edge’ is small.  You will be provided not only with the rules on how to play, but actual winning strategies that professional Baccarat players use.  Quite honestly, we didn’t have a clue as to how Baccarat is played, but one of our subscribers, who asked to preview this publication, said it is the best overall ‘primer’ on the game he has seen in one place.  So don’t be intimidated – Baccarat is a game for everyone, and one of the easiest to enjoy success at.



 The Author’s Favorite Handicapping System – and it Checks out as a Steady Winner!


The author, as we mentioned previously, is first a horse racing fan and then a casino guy. 

So he’s thrown in a very viable, easy to use and very effective handicapping system to boot. 

He says he has been using it as a spot-play system since the mid-1980’s and it has produced profits for him every year. 

We ran it through our database and while we wouldn’t call it a world-beater, it made a very consistent +19% ROI.  We may even put it on software one of these days!



Bottom Line:

Is that this book is a heckuva lot of FUN!


If you want to enhance your chances vs. the big-bad casino guys, this publication will help immensely! 

When you are losing less, winning more and extending your hours of play you are naturally going to enjoy yourself more.  And, you will be using techniques that virtually less than 2% of the casino bettors even know about! 

Chances are you will save the price of this book the first time you use a piece of the author’s excellent advice.

The Casino Edge Ebook  reg. 48.77   Now just $19.88!!

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