The $48 Winning Solution For Players at All Levels of The Game – Eight Super Methods from the Best in the Game ++ Dick Johnson’s Short-Calc Software!!!


Winning Methodology, a Whirlwind of Handicapping Knowledge,

a Super-Accurate Spot Play Software from a True Handicapping Legend

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Every once in awhile we are able to put together a Super Package from Super Handicappers at a Super Reasonable Price. 


This is one of those times! 

Here you have the opportunity to Learn & Earn from some of the Very Best Handicappers in the Game.

Cramer (2 Methods), Console, Beyer, Powers, Mitchell & Dick Johnson’s New Short-Calc Software thrown in to boot!


YOU Get:

Dick Johnson’s Short-Calc S0ftware!, a Super-Accurate Spot Play Software from a True Handicapping Legend — a $77 Retail Value!


You will also be getting a collection of some Remarkable Systems & Methods from the TOP NAMES in the Game:


>>Mark Cramer: Two, not just one, but TWO, Long-Term profitable Methods that strictly concentrate on Maidens!

>>The Late/Great Dick Mitchell, along with James Quinn:  A Mathematically proven way to Profit from The Pick 3!

>>The Best-Selling Publication The BEYER Methods! (includes Beyer Quick-Pick method as well)!

>>The MONSTER System-Pak – several methods, including David Powers famous The MOVING-UP Method!

>>Tom Console’s Instant-Analysis Method! – what Tom uses when no computer is available.

>>The NEW-CLAIMING LOW Method from Ron Sadowsky – a Proven winner for Decades – and we do mean Decades!


>>>Along with the Short-Calc Software, you are talking a retail value of close to $305!   But it’s ALL YOURS for Just $48!!

Winning Methodology, a Whirlwind of Handicapping Knowledge, Plus Dick Johnson’s Software!!


Anyway, read all about it today.  It’s the perfect present to yourself for the upcoming Holidays!

A couple screen shots from the extremely accurate Dick Johnson Short-Calc Software!


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Super 7(8)-Pack Paper Version (includes DJ’s Software)  $48.00

Super 7(8)-Pack Ebooks   $45.88

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