SPEED MATRIX PLUS!! An Absolutely Ingenious Mathematical Combination of Speed & Class Matrixes That Result in Super Consistent Results! Act Soon & Save $61!


Speed Matrix Plus is a superbly accurate system that contains tons of other great features that will provide you with a huge handicapping edge over the vast majority of the no-nothing public. 


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SPEED is a big, big part of this game, but not the only part by any means — at least that was our opinion, until we saw:

Speed Matrix Plus!


Faster than, and able to dodge speeding bullets?  But that’s Superman, right?  Yes, but  Speed Matrix Plus qualifiers may not be that fast, but they will certainly help you dodge losing tickets!!



Note:  Speed Matrix Plus uses the brisnet.com $1 data files for your racetrack downloads.


It’s funny, but with all the programs we have created, we have never produced a software selection method that relies purely on speed.

    We have had many requests to do so.


    But we have always been of the mindset that a successful selection system requires more than just speed equations to be successful.



And then we got this letter from a long time customer, Steven Spiegal of Canton, Ohio:


Hi Len –


When we talked awhile ago I mentioned that I had developed a winning methodology using what I call a ‘speed matrix’. 


In the example below you will see rows and columns of numbers representing bris speed figures.


The other box, or ‘matrix’, represents various class levels – claiming and allowance – no stakes.


As it turns out I have discovered a way to combine these two matrices to accurately

prognosticate results of thoroughbred horseraces up to 1-1/6 mile.



It’s not as complicated as it may look – I have enclosed instructions on exactly how it works.


 The basic premise is that a certain level of speed number is required to win at certain class levels.

I have tested it (test results enclosed) over several thousand races at racetracks small and large.


You can see by the results that both overall win percentage and ROI are high, runouts are rare and a surprising

number of winners pay nice prices, despite the fact that they rate as standouts in my combined matrix methodology.


I don’t believe Speed Matrix Plus would be difficult to program and I know many,

many of your clients would find such a program exciting to use and profitable.


Let me know if you are interested. I would obviously love to have it on software myself.  Steve



As we’ve told you before, one of the luxuries of having been in this business for so long is that handicappers who believe they are onto something come to us first.

When they feel that a methodology they have developed is marketable, they come to us.


Now, most of the material we receive is not marketable.


While many may look promising to the developers of the systems based on small tests, once we run them through large database studies the results are seldom positive.


On the otherhand, some of our most effective and profitable programs have come to us in this manner, and

Steve’s Speed Matrix Plus will join that list.



What Steve has done is taken what he calls ‘raw speed’, which involves the first and second calls of a race,

and converted these fractions into ‘feet-per-second’ speed numbers using a chart he developed. 

The final fraction of each race is also incorporated in the software.


‘Seriously,’ Steve tells us, ‘I will go on record and say that there are no better speed numbers in existence

then the ones my chart and equations produce. 


I have been using them for a long time and even outside of the matrices, they produce wonderful results.


And when I apply the speed matrix to the class-level matrix, the results are even better. 


Bigger overall prices, higher win percentage, etc. 

And, while all of this may look intimidating, once you have this all wrapped up in a software program,

the user will be provided with the selections and never have to worry about what is going on ‘behind the scenes’.




Speed Matrix

71    75    79    84    91    97

66    69    77    81    88    99

58    64    71    76    83    96

61    65    72    78    85    92

55    59    68    73    80    94

Class Matrix

4.0    5.5    6.2    7.0    8.0    8.5

3.5    4.5    6.7    7.5    9.0    10.0

12.0    12.5    14.0    15.0    16.0    17.4

18.5    20.0    22.5    25.0    30.0    35.0

37.3    40.5    45.0    47.5    55.0    60.0

‘Above you’ll see two of my ‘matrices’. 

The matrix on top represents speed — the matrix on the bottom class. 

I use several different speed and class matrices like the above. 

Since I have a mathematics background and had these formulas in my head for a long time,

◊what I did was ‘overlay’ the speed matrices on top of the class matrices, so to speak.◊


What this action did was calculate, to a fine mathematical point, what kind of speed rating was necessary to win at each class level. 

Believe it or not, in all the handicapping literature I have read, I remember only one other author even conceiving

of this very important, I would say ‘critical’, factor.


    Understand that I did all my calculations longhand with the aid of a scientific calculator, so the average, or even well-above average,

racefan would find this extremely difficult to duplicate if I tried to explain the method on paper. 


For example, below is one of the critical equations used to come up with the selection results. 

And this is just one of many equations the software uses to arrive at winning selections, as well as winning exotics.


[\mathbf{AB}]_{i,j} = A_{i,1}B_{1,j} + A_{i,2}B_{2,j} + \cdots + A_{i,n}B_{n,j} = \sum_{r=1}^n A_{i,r}B_{r,j}

I won’t even try to explain it since it is not necessary for the user of the software.


But trust me when I tell you that the user will experience the kind of accuracy in his/her racetrack selections that

few in the game enjoy.

In playable races your win rate will hit the 36%+ range and your ROI will average @32%. 



In otherwords, for every $1 you wager,


you will  get back @$1.32 over the long run – – try getting that out of a slot machine,

or your local bank – good luck!!’



At this point let’s hear from Len:

‘When I first received Steve’s letter I was intrigued, to say the least.

I could tell that he was downright serious about his discovery and that he had put tons of time into its development.


While the text that he sent me did look a bit intimidating at first, I realized that what he was doing was similar to a job I used to perform

when writing programs to organize civil-engineering data for the City of Las Vegas.


Therefore, I knew immediately that I would be able to program his methodology.


‘My main question, which is always my main question when asked to program someone else’s data, is ‘will it all be worth it?’

In otherwords, if I am going to spend hundreds of hours programming for a client, I have to decide how I will be compensated for such.


  If I truly believe that a program will lead to more winners, and profit, of course, at the racetrack for me and RPM customers,

I won’t ask for a dime up front.  But if I have any real doubts, I will normally ask for payment before I start.


‘I made my decision the first time I picked up the phone to speak to Steve.


I could sense the genuine excitement in his voice — he knew, really knew, that he was on to something special.



So, I decided, as I often do after speaking at length with a client, that I would do the programming based on the promise of

Speed Matrix Plus being the real thing.


‘And, when it was finished, and Dave and I ironed out all the bugs, I was very happy with my decision,

as SMP delivered BIG TIME.


SPEED does indeed win races, but it wins even more races when the handicapper, or in this case the software,

knows what kind of speed number, and speed-style, is most likely to win at various class levels.


That is the main premise of SMP, and I have honestly never seen anything like this before.’


While Steve concentrated mostly on win/place wagers with his method, he worked with Len to develop exacta strategies that

not only hit at a high rate, but at times also paid triple digits.


‘I think that what we did with the exacta strategies is almost as exciting as the straight-betting part of the program,’ Steve says.

‘You can bet these exactas with confidence (the best ROIs were shown when the field comprised eight horse or more).

While you will get plenty of short payoffs, your hit rate is close to 35% and your average exacta mutuel is in the $64 range.

In testing, we recorded several $200+ payoffs, a good chunk of $300+ wins and a handful of $400+ combos.’


Speed Matrix Plus can be uncannily accurate.

The example below, from Santa Anita on Jan. 29, shows the winner, Mega Heat, comfortably on top.

Speed Matrix also has a longshot feature which will get you some great prices.

Here, Boxeur Des Rues, the Longshot selection, finished 2nd at nice odds with the resulting Exacta paying a nice $40.40


Here’s another recent example of a great SMP longshot play  — the program showed Wachacha as the second fastest horse in the race — but nobody else at the track seemed to be aware

of that fact, since she popped at $66.40



Below is another example of Speed Matrix’s Longshot power. 

Here we have a field where all but three horses were eliminated for various reasons.  The wagering guidelines for SMP suggest that under these type of  conditions (where only 5 or less horses in a large field remain eligible), any of the remaining horses over 5-to-1 should be played to win and place.

In this race, Speed Matrix made it easy for you, as it even picked Smoking G, who paid $20.20 to win and $9.00 to place, as the Longshot.

Chickie Charms, the top horse, just missed 2nd so we did not get the Exacta, but we’ll take a $20 winner, with or without the Exacta, any day, thank you!




Speed Matrix Plus will also get you plenty of nice-priced, overlayed horses picked right on top.

Note below that Imperial Strike, entered at Gulfstream 1/21, is designated as a ‘PLUS!’ horse. 

When a horse has a major advantage on points in the total column, its chances of running 1st or 2nd improve a bunch.

In this case, ‘Strike had almost a 400-point edge! 

Based on her score, she should have been an odds-on favorite, yet she returned $11.40 for the win!


Another great example of a nice-paying PLUS! horse, Home Sweet Aspen, who had solid advantage on numbers yet still paid $13.60 to win.

Below is another example where most of the horses in a large field were eliminated and the longshot, Change of Command, won and paid $22.20. 

PLUS! horse Get A Grip ran off the board, but ‘Command hooked up with the 2nd-rated horse, Ha Long Bay, for a $105.20 Exacta hit.


 Besides the superbly accurate selections you will realize from Speed Matrix Plus, this software package  contains tons of other great features that will provide you with a huge handicapping edge over the vast majority of the no-nothing public. 




Many of these features can help you cement your decisions when a SMP play comes up, or to expand on the exotic wagers you may want to make. 




Or, in races where there is no solid SMP play, these features can help you immensely in locating logical plays.




    We’ll now summarize the rest of the buttons on the screen.  Some are brand new, others have become standard with my packages.  All are there to help aid you in your race research:


o    Print All races – Gives you a paper report of all the essential information that appears on the screen.  Quite handy for taking to the track if you don’t have a laptop, or don’t want to take a laptop.


o     Print All stats – talk about a wealth of information at your fingertips!  You’ll see the screen version of this a few buttons down, but press this button and you get the the full helping of various trainer stats that brisnet supplies.  These are different for each race, but Brisnet tries to customize each batch to fit the race at hand.  Nice addition to the worksheets, and this button prints the entire card.  It also prints the equivalent of both trainer stats buttons described below on one sheet.


o     Print PP – those paper daily racing forms are getting expensive.  My design comes with the program, and once you get the hang of the layout, you might not need to fork out the extra dollars quite so often.  Just click the “print pp” button, and choose the horse you wish, in the line which is usually for scratches.  Please trust me that the printed version is very identical to the “show pp” illustration below.


o     Print selected races  – this is a pretty neat feature.  Say you only like two races on the card.  Or say you want to go to the otb with an average of three races over five tracks.  Using the “print all” buttons will use up a lot of time, paper, and ink you may not need.  When you press the “selected” buttons, only races you looked at since selecting the card will print.  Now this does mean you have to record the races you like, get out of the card, get back in, select those races, and then print this button, but this is the method I use all the time.


o     Print selected stats – same as “print selected races”, but for the stats report described below.  You can get the worksheets and stats reports for only the races you desire If you use the method described just above, and press these two buttons, just once each.


o     Print daily program – this is a simple (usually) one page sheet showing all the races and horses for the card.  The casinos call these “overnights” and they are yours at a click of your mouse!


o     Show pp – here’s the screen version of “print pp”, and frankly, you will use the screen version much more often than the print version of this.  Just click “Show PP”, then the horse number directly under the races (where the scratches usually are), and you will see all of the horse’s past performances, in detail, just like the Racing Form!


o     Select new card – self explanatory.


The Charts


All of our software provide you with graphic chartings

o     Early speed chart – a charting that shows you who the likely lone speed is.  A veryreliable way to spot the frontrunners.  Below is an example of how all the chartings will appear on-screen.




o     Pace  chart – what is it that they say “makes the race“ ? This chart will show you which horses have advantages on overall pace.



o     j/t team chart – this is a bit different from the stat described in “trainer stats” below.  The one below shows jockey/trainer team wins.   Teams that rate high on this list are always worth a look, especially on a price horse.



o     last race Kelly # – My own home-grown measurement of class, in this case for the last race.  Shows which horses have recently been racing successfully at this level or higher levels


o     Earnings – Average earnings per race.  The higher, the better, especially for younger horses (2 and 3 year olds).


o     trainer stats 1 – The first part of this report shows how the trainer and jockey have performed as a team in the past. It also shows how the trainer has performed at this class, distance, and surface.

        Very useful information here for those that look for every edge.  This screen has information common to all horses in the race.  There are four categories:  the jockey/trainer relationship, class (allowance, claim, etc.), distance (route or sprint) and surface (dirt, turf, or synthetic), depending on what the current race is.  For each one you get number of races, win percent, in the money percent, and ROI.


o     trainer stats 2 – the pp files you download contain three more buckets of information other than class, distance and surface mentioned directly above.  Sometimes zero are filled, sometimes all three.  They describe other statistics that are relevant for that trainer in this particular situation, and the categories will usually differ from the other trainers.  This detailed info is important.  Let’s say a horse is making his first start in over 90 days.  You look at the trainer stats and see that the trainer for this horse wins with 20% of 90+ layoff horses – he has to be seriously considered.  On the otherhand, if the trainer shows a poor win % with this kind of horse, under 10%, you can usually dismiss this runner.


o     race conditions – and with the click of this button, added to all the other buttons, you now get almost every piece of information that comes in on the data download.


Speed Matrix Plus – User’s Voices


“This is the program I’ve been looking for.  Thanks for putting it all together and providing us with a ‘true’ speed program that doesn’t pick only chalk.  SMP had 8 winners out of 15 qualifying races last weekend at Gulfstream — two of the horses paid over $12 and five of the Exactas hit as well, including a $147 payoff.”  Dave Cheltham, Hollywood, FL



“I actually understand mathematics quite well and understand exactly what you have done here.  It would be a nightmare on paper and pencil but your programmer’s skills make using this software a walk in the park.  I’m sure you have noticed, but when a SMP horse is a ‘plus’ horse, and is at odds of 6/5 or under, it wins close to 64% of the time, and I’m basing that on over 700 plays of that type over the last 18 months.  Really like this program — a lot.”  Daniel Spencer, Little Rock, AR



“It’s funny.  The first day I used Speed Matrix at Santa Anita I did not have a winner from five qualifying races.  But rather than overreacting and calling it ‘junk’, I stuck with if for the next two weeks.  Got 37.6% winners, including a $23 and $18 horse, and while close to 40% of the winners were short prices, I still realized a positive win ROI of +34%.  I didn’t play the Exactas, but several of them hit, with at least four paying over $120.  Glad I gave SMP a chance after the slow start.  Thanks, Jim Nadle, Arcadia, CA.


“Not only am I surprised at the high win percentage, but I just love the prices.  Since so many players key in on speed you would think that the program would choose mostly short prices.  Well, after seeing several $15+ (including a $41 winner) horses in the first two weeks I used the program, I can say you have a real winner here.  That longshot box gets a good share of in-the-money horses at big prices, too.  This is really fun.”  Stan Levine, Columbus, Ohio


Order today at a big Discount  Just $97  — a full $61 Savings off the regular retail price!  1-800-696-0067


 Speed Matrix Plus Software   $97





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