Selectrix Key-Speed & BIG 5 SECRET Longshot Software!


The Selectrix Key-Speed Software!

Extremely accurate — very high win/place %


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Two New, Very Exciting Software Programs — on the same disk!!


The Selectrix Key-Speed Software!

Extremely accurate — very high win/place %



BIG 5 SECRET Longshot Software!

A Longshot Player’s Dream Come True!


***♦And, Introducing a GREAT NEW FEATURE:  The SUMMARY PAGE!  

Just one click of your mouse and view/print all of the day’s selections!!




 Examples:  A 5-horse field — BIG 5 selects the 2nd highest price on the board, Sister Kate at $18.40, and hits the Exacta and Trifecta — $99 and $318.20 — again, in a 5-horse field!















1 Sister Kate C. Nakatani $18.40 $6.00 $4.00
2 Candrea D. Flores $6.40 $4.60
3 Sister Glady Oh La J. Talamo $3.80

$ Exacta (1-2) Paid: $99.00, $2 Trifecta (1-2-3) Paid: $318.20

 While the Selectrix horse didn’t do much running here, BIG 5 screams out Trucial State!, who pops at $26.80!
















6 Trucial State J. Talamo $26.80 $7.80 $3.80
4 Morganouska R. Bejarano $3.80 $3.00
1 Scorpion Time E. Maldonado $2.80















Selectrix, while usually coming up with horses in the 8/5 to 5/1 range, does occasionally pop with a biggie, like Ernie Owl at $28.60 below (as well as the Exacta).  The ‘Key’ speed component is great at uncovering ‘hidden’ speed, as was the case here.

4 Ernie Owl S. Gonzalez, Jr. $28.60 $7.20 $3.40
2 Courtside M. Pedroza $3.00 $2.60
7 Gutshot Straight T. Baze $3.80

$2 Exacta (4-2) Paid: $48.80


 BIG 5 is an awesome price-getting program — here it tabs Royal FJ, at 27/1, who runs 2nd and keys a $58.40 Exacta.















6 6 Sweet Swap R. Bejarano $6.20   $4.00   $3.20
5 5 Royal F J M. Pedroza $12.40   $7.00
 9 Starspangled Heat   E. Maldonado $3.80

$2 Exacta (6-5) Paid: $58.40


Below is a great example of Selectrix/Big 5 working in tandem — One Fast Frog picked by Big 5, 2nd-placer Cherry On The Cake, at 8/1 picked by Selectrix.  $52.2o Exacta in a small field.

7 One Fast Frog M. Pedroza $4.20 $3.20 $2.80
2 Cherry On the Cake J. Carreno $8.60 $5.60
5 Arinyes Love A. Quinonez $5.00

 $2 Exacta (7-2) Paid: $52.20
















NEW!! Summary Page Feature


Oh, and this is nice.  The Selectrix Key-Speed/BIG 5 Secret Software boasts a great new feature, a Summary Page! 

All you do is click on the ‘Show Summary Bets’ button, and, voila!, all the day’s picks for both methods pop up in front of you! 

This is a great time-saver — you can also print the Summary Page and take it to the track with you!





Below is the printed Summary Sheet from 4/28 at Belmont – this day is not untypical of what you can expect with this software>





How do these methods work, and why are they so successful?  Read on:


Selectrix Key-Speed Method


Isolating High-Percentage Win Candidates Via The Speed Factor

by Jonathan Drake



About two years ago I authored a speed-based method entitled ‘Catch ‘Em If You Can’.


It proved a very accurate contender selector and received favorable reviews.


Since then I have experimented with many additions to the method, and about six months ago landed on a factor that improved the hit rate considerably.


I fine-tuned a couple of the qualifying rules as well, and the result is a system I call The Selectrix Speed Method.


We’ll first proceed with the same discussion provided in Catch ‘Em If You Can, since it is important, and then lay out the rules for the new Selectrix Method.



Speed Wins Races


If you were to ask horsesplayers what the single most important winner-producing factor in thoroughbred racing is, chances are many of them would come up with the correct answer:


Speed.  But when asked how to utilize that factor successfully in their handicapping, most would simply scratch their heads.


The fact is that the vast majority of main-track races on this continent are won by horses who are either a) Frontrunners, or b) Possess tactical speed.

 ‘Tactical’, in this case, means being able to lay within 2-1/2 lengths or less of the leader at the 2nd call of the race.


With this knowledge alone in hand, it would make sense to simply concentrate on speed horses in our handicapping,

since we know that this all-important trait will be a winning factor in over 80% of main-track races.


But we nonetheless find millions of dollars thrown away daily on horses whose lack of speed gives them little or no chance of winning.


It’s also a fact that speed horses win a higher percentage of sprint races than route races.


And it’s important to note that a lot less can go wrong in a sprint race, as far as ‘trouble’ is concerned, because there is only one turn to negotiate.


Also, it doesn’t take a whole lot of racing ‘savvy’ on the jockey’s part to win a sprint race, whereby ‘tactics’ and ‘strategy’ come into play at the longer distances.


So what we’re going to do here is show you a very simple method to isolate speed horses who have a very good chance to finish 1st or 2nd in sprint races.


Now I’ll tell you up front that I am not a professional horseplayer.

I work a 40-hour week in the retail service industry and get to the track only on weekends, holidays and during my vacation.

I have used this method for years during my casual visits to the track, and have been able to pay my way and then some.

I’ve had days with six winners, and a few weekends where I didn’t cash a bet.

Overall this method has been very good to me, however, and it has proven an excellent vehicle to isolate Exacta ‘key’ horses.



The Software, of course, does all the work for you, including figuring the Selectrix Speed formulation and adding in all pertinent factors.

Try it out for a five to 10 day period – you will find that your top qualifier will win close to 37% of the time and hit the Exacta close to 64% of the time.  

The average win mutuel over a study of  61,000+ races was $6.71, which resulted in a +31% ROI.

***I will also, of course, send you my Exotic wagering strategies, which will add to your fun and profit using Selectrix.



AND>>>>>Also included:



The BIG 5 Secret To Picking A Winner!  – Extremely High win/place percentage!!



And now that The BIG 5 Secret is on Software, you are spared any figuring on your own, and as you can see from the above results, the payoffs are often BIG, often very BIG!!


Order soon and you can get the Selectrix Key-Speed/BIG 5 Secret Software for a $40 discount! 

You will enjoy both the consistency and price-getting ability of this state-of-the-art Software Package!

And you are also going to love the NEW SUMMARY PAGE, trust me!


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