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Most of you likely recall the Robert Redford movie called ‘The Natural’, about a man who was simply ’born’ with the skills to become a superstar baseball player.

History is replete with men and women who seemed to already possess amazing skills at birth, from Mozart, to Da Vinci, to Einstein, etc.  Some of these folks exhibited their prowess at a very young age; others in their early adulthood. 

In our game, becoming a winning handicapper normally requires years and years of practice, education and training.

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But, there are also those who seem to be born with advanced handicapping skills.

While the art of playing at a professional level doesn’t usually begin until their early twenties or so, prior to that they usually exhibit advanced skills of logic, mathematical expertise, the ability to solve tough puzzles, etc.

All one has to do is look at the prolific system-creating, winning system creating, abilities of the likes of Robert Saunders Dowst, Ray Taulbot, EW Donaldson, Lou Holloway, Bert Norman, etc.

And there have been many others. These players simply seem to have the knack of identifying critical handicapping factors and then organizing those factors into a systematic approach that separates contenders from pretenders.

In recent decades we would point to two that we would describe as ‘naturals’ in this game.

One is the late, great Tim Osterman, who was literally the best handicapper we have ever known.  He made his living at this game from the time he was 18.  He never really needed a salaried job. 

And then there’s our overall vote-getter for current day ‘Natural’: Tom Console.

Tom actually paid his way through college playing the horses. And in his late twenties created his first software program, The Thoroughbred Investor, which sold several hundred copies and established Tom as one of the premier software creators in the thoroughbred industry, along with the likes of Dave Schwartz, Dick Mitchell and Howard Sartin.

He then, along with his friend and fellow system/software creator, Dr. Robert Anthony, created the first version of the Race Profit Generator (RPG Premier), which combined literally hundreds of factors to provide players with a multi-dimensional approach to the game.

And that was just the beginning. 

Tom has created dozens of solid handicapping systems and software programs over the years.  And while Tom has been ‘semi-retired’ for awhile now, his inventive mind still can’t stop his almost daily research of trends and patterns.

👉👉And when his database produces outsized results for an angle(s) he is studying, he will often convert that research into a new software program.

And, Just Recently, Tom did just that. 

He discovered a high % selection methodology that borrowed from some of his other top programs, and added some new, truly exciting and accurate features to create a Super Solid Consistency Program he calls:

Tom Console’s Thoroughbred ‘Enhanced’ Auto-Capper Software Program!!




Auto-Capper! owes its Accuracy to Several Crucial and Inventive Handicapping Factors.

While amateur system creators may just take a few obvious factors and add them up, which is usually better than nothing, Professional System Creators, like Tom, go so, so much deeper in factor analysis.

Look at the sheer ‘genius’ in the columns/factors below.  Most of these can be spot play systems all on their own, but when combined are much more powerful!

From Tom

“I called it ‘Auto-Capper’, Tom tells us, ‘because I took several of my ‘automatic’ spot plays, spot plays that have shown a consistent positive ROI for me over the years, ‘weighted’ them for point awards, and then combined them into this one comprehensive program.  I’m normally pretty humble, as this game can kick you in the butt pretty quickly if you get overconfident, but I really think that this is one of my best.”


Column explanations:


days…days since last race; #of works since last race in parenthesis ( )

LTW.. like to win.  …👉this column is a separate system all on its own.  👉👉Horses appearing here have a 32% or better overall win rate and hit the board 88% of the time.  Great for straight wagers and even better for show parlays, etc.

raw speed…just the facts, ma’am, unadulterated speed ratings (😃dynamite in sprints, especially at lower class levels😃)

speed increaseimproved speed rating last out.  👉👉68% of all winners showed an improved speed rating of 2 points of more in their last start.

odds droplower odds in most recent start which may suggest betting action

won 2of3horse won two of its last three races.  Powerful indicator.  👉These horses run at least 2nd 66% of the time in their next start

j%points given for 11% or better jockey win %

w/o 5workout in past 5 days.  👉Horses with a workout in the past 5 days, who also have one of the top three speed ratings in a race, finish 1st or 2nd 59% in their next start.

jitmtoday’s jockey finished in the money with this horse in past.  🏇🏻A rider who ‘knows’ his/her horse increases a runner’s chances of hitting the board by @31%🏇🏻

earlynumbers will show up in this column if horse has a 1.5 length or greater edge on early speed 2nd call.  👉👉Very powerful, especially in sprints.

closernumbers will show up in this column if horse has closed 3 lengths or more from 2nd call to finish in one of last two races.  Horses fitting this rule often rally late into the Exacta/Trifecta.

big winwon last race big (won by 7 or more lengths).  Big win qualifiers finish 1st or 2nd 67% of the time in their next start, providing that start is within 40 days.

30% winhorse wins 30%+…falls just below the lower parameter for LTW (above) horse.  These horses will run at least 3rd close to 81% of the time.

+classwin ….won at a higher class than today (within last 90 days)

 w2w winshows a wire to wire win in last 90 days.  Big factor in sprints.

  w2wclassshows a wire to wire win at a higher class.  👉👉Super powerful angle if horse is coming back within 60 days.

  t%points for 11% or better trainer win %

oddslower odds, more likely to win horses, get the higher numbers in this column

WonLastgets points if won last race by 2.5 lengths or more

Performs extremely well at all tracks, at all Class Levels, even Big Time Stakes races!

We have a general rule of thumb when when evaluating Systems/Software:

If a system works well in the toughest to handicap races carded nationally, like the Triple Crown, $150,000+ purse races and, of course, The Breeder’s Cup, then we know, for certain, that it will perform even better in your ‘average’ races, which comprise 90%+ of all racecards.

👉👉Auto-Capper! passed that test with flying colors!  Look at some of the results from the 2023 BC races, and there were other shorter priced winners as well not listed here:



Notes on Win% + ROI

**The Sc (Score) Column is the primary selector.  You will find that the top score in that column will win close to 34% of the time and run at least 3rd 77% of the time.  Average win mutuel on horses who have at least a +15 point advantage over the second highest scorer is $8.91, resulting in a solid positive ROI.  Where there is a gap of 15 points or more between the 3rd and 4th scorer, an Exacta box will produce a winning payoff close to 39% of the time.  The ‘Raw Speed’ column is very effective to pick in the money runners in low level Allowance, Claiming & Maiden Races.


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