NEW!! The MASTERMIND SPRINT FORMULA!! The Art of Matching Stable & Trainer Intentions to Pending BIG Efforts!





The Art of Matching Stable & Trainer Intentions to Pending BIG Efforts!




We quote from ‘A Trainer’s Conditioning Guide to Developing Winning Speed Horses’, by legendary trainer Buddy Fogelson, Chapter 3, entitled ‘SPEED WINS RACES – PERIOD!!’

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A racehorse without speed is not a racehorse!  In order to compete on North American racetracks, a horse must have at the very least ‘contending’ speed, i.e., the ability to lay close-up early, in sprints as well as routes.  If your horse can only come from off the pace you are very unlikely to earn much purse money since all US and Canadian tracks are biased towards speed.”

While much of the book would be ‘greek’ to anyone not intimately involved in the training game, Buddy provides conditioners with exact instructions on how to develop speed:

  1. Your trainee MUST be taught to break alertly from the gate (he presents several ways to do this by using various equipment and ‘treat’ incentives on the horse)

  2. You must have your exercise rider/jock hustle with all his/her might directly after the break — horses who are left in the second half of the field after a quarter mile seldom get up to win.

  3. It doesn’t matter if your horse fades late in early training — you want to instill the ‘habit’ of speed and once you do, your runner will do all of these things on his own, with very little prompting from the rider.

All successful Owners and Trainers know that their fortunes are tied to ‘SPEED’: Speed in the pedigree lines, speed in morning workouts, speed on raceday.  Regardless of the distance, the vast majority of races run in North America are won by horses capable of showing ‘contending’ speed, i.e., the ability to maintain a position either on or close to the early lead. 



While most successful stables also look for stamina in a pedigree, especially if they are looking for potential Stakes runners who are able to negotiate a distance of ground (One mile or longer), they are also very well aware that Sprint races (up to 7 furlongs) are much more predictable than route races.

Therefore, stables realize that sprint races will provide many more purse-money paydays than route races, so they will enter their sprint horses into races more frequently than their route horses.  Also, horses running in sprints normally need less rest between races than route horses, so stables often have the opportunity to collect twice as often, or more, than with their route horses.


How the Horseplayer can use this knowledge to rack up Consistent Wins

To be a successful handicapper, to rise above the crowd, one must take certain handicapping ‘truths’ as gospel and then design your play around these statistically proven facts:

1) The trainer is the number one most important factor in the outcome of a race – yes, at times, even more important than the horse.  Sharp, high % trainers, the kind we will be dealing with this system, know how to ‘spot’ their stock, i.e., know how to find races where he firmly believes his horse will have a very good chance to win or hit the board.  Correct ‘spotting’ is what separates the men from the boys and women from the girls in this game.

2) Horses that show ‘balanced’ speed will win more races than horses who show just early speed and hope to hang on.  ‘Balanced’ speed means that a horse is able to run each of the first two quarters within @1 to 1.2 seconds of the same time, and the final quarter within @2 to 2.2 seconds of the first quarter – these are the types of horses this system will concentrate on.

3) Stables (owners, trainers, grooms, etc.) often wager on their runners, and spotting significant betting action in previous recent races often signals that a big effort is at hand and this system has the ability to spot that ‘action’!



So Let Us Introduce to you the:

The MasterMind Sprint Formla!The Art of Matching Trainer & Stable Intentions to BIG Efforts!

“If I had it my way, from a handicappers viewpoint, that is, I would play nothing but sprint races, but when I play the gimmicks, Pick 3, 4, 6, etc., I have no choice but to handicap routes as well as there will be many of those races carded.  Sprints are by far more predictable and given the right mix of handicapping factors, can still offer great value.”  Steve Davidowitz from his book Betting Thoroughbreds


We, and most professional handicappers, totally agree.  There is so much less that can go that can go wrong in a sprint, as opposed to a two-turn race where crowding, traffic and wide trips are all too common, so naturally sprints are going to produce more ‘formful’ results.

So when handicapper Dan Roberts of Hot Springs, AR submitted his Mastermind Sprint Formula! to us, we immediately perked up.  >>In fact, this was one of the few systems of play sent to us that as soon as we looked at the factors invlolved and the rules, we instinctively ‘knew’ we were looking at a winner.



Points are awarded according to the submitted algorithms.  MMKEYSPD factors in several different speed equations as well as brisnet and drf speed.  FLASHSPD finds runners who exhibited a burst of speed between calls in a recent race.  CLSPACE measures early and late pace and also contains an Odds Pattern calculation.  CNCT are CONNECTIONS  — scoring is based on Trainer record in today’s type of race as well as Trainer/Owner hit rate.










Below is a sampling of a couple weeks at multiple tracks.  You can see that Mastermind is very capable of catching winners at tracks small and large and can deliver some boomer prices as well.

Specialization:  The beauty of Precision Large Database Research

While all of our programs are valuable for ‘general’ use, Len has designed his 355,000 race database to locate situations where the ROI is highest.  So if you ‘specialize’, or make larger wagers in these areas, your overall return will be greater.  Here are the areas where Mastermind showed the highest overall ROIs.

Claiming Races  from $5000 thru $80,000

6 Furlongs

7 Furlongs

Field sizes of 7, 8, and 10 and over

Morning Line of 5/2 thru 7/2  and Morning Line of 12/1, 15/1 and 20/1

P.S. – Mastermind also works very well in Quarter Horse races, with a win % of close to 39% (Thoroughbred win % for the Primary Contender is 34.7%  Average win mutuel  $8.61)


So Saddle Up and grab hold of a system/software that will dramatically increase your trips to the cashier’s windows, making ‘predictable’ sprint races even more predictable. 

We’ve priced it very fairly at $88 and, of course, there is a full money-back guarantee.

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from the website and, of course, call if you have any questions.    Thank You!



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