NEW!! Ellery Hallowell’s Money-Per-Race, II!! His Personal, Incredibly Consistent Method. PLUS!! — An Amazing Array of FREE BONUS items!!


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Editor’s Note:  If only we could all look over the shoulder of a True Professional Handicapper and learn his winning techniques.  Well, that ‘if only’ is now a reality, as we now have Ellery Hallowell’s PERSONAL Racetrack Method in our hot little hands.  MPR, II is a proven consistency method that has made profits in every single year of our database testing (2001 – 2017).  Extremely easy to use, no runouts and when your choice is the morning line favorite, you can expect to win close to 50% of the time!

And, get this, when you purchase Money-Per-Race, II, you will also receive THREE (3) ABSOLUTELY FREE BONUS ITEMS!, including our Best Trifecta Box System, the Best ‘Workout’ related method in existence AND… Len’s Amazingly Profitable SuperStudy Cash-In Angle!





Available in Paper, Ebook & Software Versions.  This is not an offer you want to pass up!


Contains Six (6) TOTAL PROGRAMS!!

The Money-Per-Race Software is one of the most VERSATILE Programs on the Market.  Anchored by the main Money-Per-Race Program, the software also provides you with FIVE Additional Programs including:


The BIGGEST CLASS DROPa super accurate methodology that activates only in Maiden races – Win % close to 40%!


Walt Owen’s FORMULA ONEone of Walt’s Best — a spot-play method capable of getting BIG Prices!


MAIDEN PROFIT MACHINE – another very accurate method for straight Maiden races – 35%+ Win rate at an average mutuel of $8.51!


SECRET DROP PLAYclever trainers know how to ‘drop’ their horses in class without it being obvious in the past performance lines.  Super accurate across-the-board software for claiming races.


TOP NOTCH OVERLAYSanother great spot play that locates runners who have a morning line at least 50% higher than program deems appropriate, i.e., a 6/1 shot on the morning line may be a 5/2 shot according to the software.  Gets some great prices!


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In short:  Not only are you getting one of the most consistent methods in existence from a world-renown Professional, but you are also getting a slew of FREE! top-drawer winning methodologies as well.   

So give us a call at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website


MPR, II Paper Version  $48.00

MPR, II E-Version  $45.88

MPR, II Software  $77.77


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