NEW!! Denny Nash’s The 6-to-1+ DRF-Driven Longshot System! A Simple Concept that Produces Great Longterm Results! Profits on Both the Win & Place!


Form Denny Nash!

An Innovative Longshot Program that is Tailor Made for Win & Place Betting!


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An Innovative Longshot Program that is Tailor Made for Win & Place Betting

(Holds its own on Quarter Horse races as well!)

As we have said often in the past, one of the great things about being the largest distributor of handicapping products in North America is that just about everyone who has a system they want to sell or have evaluated come to us first.

So we get the privilege of reviewing all kinds of different angles sent to us from novices as well as pros.  Now, the vast, vast majority simply don’t make the grade and will never be published, at least by us.  But every once in awhile we come across a real gemone that we can confidently recommend after our testing shows positive results.

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George Querio, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, recently sent us a system from the amazing Denny Nash that he has been using with success for years.  “I would like you to test this method out for me”, George wrote.  “I have been using it for over a decade now and always end up with a positive ROI, year after year.  I bet mostly to win and place, but you get some good show prices as well and using the selections in your Exactas and Trifectas can land you some giant payoffs. 

It is simple –  it uses the DRF speed ratings but it would probably work well with any speed number.  Let me know what you find.  I follow the rules to the letter and consistently get big win and place payoffs (minimum morning odds for a play is 6-to-1).  Thanks!”


And our results closely mirrored those of George’s.

The DRF-Driven 6-to-1+ Longshot System! showed solid long-term profits to both win and place. 

We call it ‘DRF-Driven’ since it uses the Daily Racing Form Speed Ratings (which are derived from the Brisnet Single Data File) as its ‘Base’ to qualify horses, then employs a unique Class Rating System to insure that the horse today is racing at a class level where he has recently shown competence, and then weaves in finish positions and distance considerations.


👉This angle was originally published in Denny Nash’s Thoro-Profits book.  We added in the speed (the DRF speed qualifier) and some pace enhancements to make the method ‘tighter’, so you won’t get as many plays as with the original, but the hit rate will be higher and the average win and place mutuels ($23.10 and $11.60) are virtually the same.


🤔Why Playing Price Horses is One of the Easiest Way to Make Money at the Track

“Though requiring patience, a solid longshot system is the best way to show long term profits from the races.  For example, one $34 horse makes up for 16 losing $2 wagers, whereas betting 3/1 and below horses takes a very high hit rate to come out ahead.  It’s fine to play that way, but the smart player is also using a proven profit longshot system on the side because he knows that despite the low hit rate, he will show solid returns over any given period of time.”  Tom Ainslie, The Compleat Horseplayer

” ‘Price’ is the name of the game, pure and simple.  One jackpot payoff can turn several months of losses into a nice profit.  If cashing tickets is your main desire, then stick with favorites — you won’t profit but you will have a lot of fun — if profit is your motive, however, then go for the gold — the most successful players I know are price players.”  Andy Beyer, My $50,000 Year at the Races.


Quiz:  My win rate is in the 15% range, my average win mutuel is $22.  Can I make a profit with these numbers?

Answer:  Oh boy, can you!  With these numbers, your overall ROI would be +65%!  Or, for every $200 you put thru the windows, you would collect $330.  Not bad for exercising a bit of patience!”


Granted, most players want consistency and to cash often, even if the prices are low.  Most players are ‘hobbiests’.  They enjoy the races and are out there for fun.  They know they will never make any serious money at the track, but the game provides them with thrills and excitement. 

But there are ways to make money and cash tickets regularly even when you are dealing with lower priced horses, but your hit rate has to be high – 34%+.  And we have several software programs that do that with their Best Bet suggested wagers.

But the easiest way is to make a profit at the track is to stick with a proven longshot system, one that will result in high returns even with a low % of hits.  For example, in the ‘Quiz’ above, even if his hit rate dropped to 11%, he would still make a +21% ROI.  And using the selected horses strategically in just small exotic wagers could increase that number dramatically.

Look at the results of a 7-month test on Denny’s 6-to-1+ Method.  We looked at 16 tracks over a 7-month period between December 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.  We based our results on a $10 win and $10 place wager.


The overall $$ profit on Win was +$2,120 and on Place +$1,170.  Those are very nice, solid numbers simply for placing a $10 win and place wager on every recommended selection that the software produced.

Doing Best in this study were horses with Morning Lines between 6/1 and 12/1.  Morning Lines of 15/1 to 20/1 returned a smaller profit overall, but there were also several winners in the $45 to $71 range at these odds.  Morning Lines of 30/1 and up did not show a profit, albeit there were a handful of winners in the $59 to $101 range.


👉And here’s something we did not expect.  You know how often the chalk wins in Quarter Horse races — very often, right?? But DRF Driven 6-to-1+ actually showed a +10.2% Positive ROI on the Quarters!  There was a loss on the place end, but this is the first longshot system we have seen that is Positive on Quarter Horse Races!



Below you can view some screen shots from the 6-to-1+ Program. 

There were just four plays on the Del Mar 7/31 Card –  Two BIG winners at Double Digits and one other ran 3rd at 9/1!






“I was having a terrible day at Del Mar when I remembered that I had advance-bet three horses from the 6-to-1+ program and pretty much forgot about them.  When I looked I saw that I caught a $39.40 winner ($17.80 to place).  Only bet 10 and 10 on those horses, but this one winner almost erased my losses up thru the 8th race.  Thanks for this –  it’s really fun!”  Dale MacIntosh, Baltimore, MD


So here’s the deal: 

You can own a program that insures a Positive ROI over most 30 to 60 day periods.  You don’t have to devote a lot of time to it – just make the plays as they come up while you are employing your other wagering activities/methodologies.  If you are an Exotic bettor, you definitely want to include the plays in Exactas, Trifectas, etc.  The wins will take care of themselves. 



😀👉And, you can get the 6-to-1+ Software for the very, very fair price of just $59.90


So Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website.  Thanks so much! Dave & Len

The DRF-Driven 6-to-1+ Longshot System Software  —  $59.90

Ebook   —  $44.88

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