Len Cz’s MONEY MAKING MOVES MACHINE!! Enter the New Age of ‘Micro’ Pace Handicapping! ‘Extremely Versatile, Prices + Consistency.’ Tom Console


Len Cz’s

Money Making ‘Moves’ Machine!!

A NEW, Innovative Software Program from the Sport’s #1 Handicapping Programmer!


Len Cz’s

Money Making ‘Moves’ Machine!!

A NEW, Innovative Software Program from the Sport’s #1 Handicapping Programmer!

☛This program analyzes ‘Mini-Moves’ using ‘Feet-Per-Second’ (measured in 100ths of seconds) Pace Analysis, moves that are all but invisible to the race or race-replay observer. 

This allows the program to spot runners who may appear to have run a poor race when looking at the pps, but actually made the kind of move that will result in major improvement in their next race.

We were actually going to introduce this software program last year, but Len wanted to do some fine tuning as well as add a couple additional angles.

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From Len:  ‘I noticed in my research that certain ‘moves’ during the course of a race were more significant than others.  At times these moves take place between calls and are mathematically discernible when making feet-per-second/100ths of seconds calculations.  My idea was to create an algorithm that would spot these moves in both sprint and route races, turf and dirt.  The results from both a win/place perspective and a profit perspective were very solid and the program, which I call the

Money Making ‘Moves’ Machine!,

also gets some great prices.’



The fact that only a sophisticated computer program can identify some of these runners results in some very solid consistency and nice overlays.


🤔So What Exactly is Between 22.2 and 45.3?

Most players, who have a basic knowledge of fractional times, would reply ‘Why, 23.1 seconds of course.’

And they would be right.

But so much more can go on between fractional calls, especially when the measurements entail feet-per-second and 100ths of seconds analysis.

👉Horses are gaining position, taking up, pulling to the outside, etc., and are either gaining or losing momentum and valuable time during these moves which can ultimately effect their finish in the race.


From Len:  ‘So I discovered that in the Brisnet datamap I use for most of my programs, I could get and analyze a breakdown of not only feet per second, but also the mini fractional times in hundreths that correspond with each step. 

‘So I wrote a simple algorithm that would allow me to view any 2, 3, 4, or 5 second segment during any point in a given race.  This way I could determine if a horse experienced any ‘mini moves’, either positive or negative, anytime during any race. 

👉My data in a 6 furlong race would look something like this:  #1/1545/2/+78/0/4th/3.       It gets a bit more complex than this, but it is basically saying that horse saddle cloth #1, at 1545 feet into the race (which is about 2.5 furlongs into the race), showed a 2 second move forward of 78 feet, showed no other moves, finished 4th, 3 lengths behind the winner.

So if the data sees a 2 second burst of energy, or speed going into the far turn, I can look at hundreds of these situations and then break down the data to see if these moves were significant to the horse’s performance today and, most importantly, to its next race finish.  👉I say ‘most importantly’, because I have found that often horses will show these bursts and then flatten out but come back and run big in their next starts, especially if a drop in class is involved.

‘Also, I discovered that this analysis can be a ‘backdoor’ to discovering potential trouble in a race.  If a horse shows negative energy where ground is lost over a few second period, which often means a horse takes up, has a case of the wides or is on another horse’s heels, and this occurs prior to the 1/2 or 3/4, and then finishes in contention or does not continue the negative energy pattern, that horse is likely in fine fettle and if he returns to the races relatively quickly, a strong effort is likely.

‘After running virtually thousands of data samples through my compiler, I had absolutely no doubt that these ‘mini moves’ held great significance for future performance.  I did find that the most significant moves took place on or before the far turn in sprints, and on or before a horse reached the deep backstretch in routes. 

The horses who fit these scenarios are initially considered as contenders by the software, but each must pass some pretty strict requirements involving current form, win/place %, average speed, speed points, trainer angles, etc., etc.  So when you have a play, you know it has a lot going for it.

👉Now, in any given race, there can be several horses who show mini-moves, 😀so I have designed the software to also point out horses who may not be full contenders, but are so darned close that I really want you to know about it, and it is these horses who often pay off at big mutuels.’


‘While, of course, every mini-move horse does not necessarily explode in their next starts, at times the results can be startling. 

Like when CF Congress, who showed a +96 foot gain in 2 seconds prior to the turn at Houston February 26, came back at Fairgrounds on March 24 and just missed 2nd at 98-to-1!   Or RT’s Cajun Lady, who showed a rather remarkable +141 foot 3-second gain (for her class) on the backstretch in her last at Delta, almost wired the crew in a Maiden race March 25 at Fairgrounds, fading a bit late to run 2nd and returning $67.80 to place!  

I don’t site these examples because they are common, they are not, but they do happen often enough to tell me that my mini-move theory holds lots of water when horses totally ignored by the public and most professionals can get close at these huge odds.  And just think if you are running a place or show parlay and one of these monsters rolls in – you will never forget that day!’

Screen Shots

👉👉One thing I want to emphasize again is that the plays that come up in MMMM are anything but ‘random’.  The fact that the program is not only consistent but can, over and over again, bring you huge price plays that frequently hit the board, clearly shows that my theory is very, very sound.  Let’s take a look:


I love this one, especially since I played it across the board and on top of all the other contenders ($673 Exacta & $3800 Tri).  Do prices like this hit often?  No, but they do hit, and I am totally convinced that the mini-moves point these runners out, as no other program or handicapper came close to picking this horse.



Here’s a much more ‘normal’ hit.  NOTE:  the top pick MMMM Master Play is considered the most speculative play when there are three contenders.  The key in races like this is to play the ‘value’ horse, i.e., the horse with the best odds of the three,




Example below:

Again, things like the below don’t just happen in a vacuum.  The #2’s odds was 20 points higher than the next highest odds horse in the race.  Mini Moves produce these big prices that hit the board often.  Always use them underneath in your Exactas, Tris and Supers.

You will see from the following examples that MMMM is great for straight betting & across the board betting (I recommend playing 2 units win    5 units place and      9 units show on all value plays – they will run at least 3rd close to 82% of the time and often at nice prices).  Also great for 3 -horse Exacta boxes when at least two of the runners are 7/2 or higher on the morning line.


Dutching also makes sense if there are two contenders and both are at least 4/1 or higher, and modified show parlays using a methodology like Dr. Anthony’s Parlay Power Match can also be lucrative.

Here’s another horse that looked totally out of form in the pps and was totally ignored by the public, but…….



Again, MMMM produces strong price plays to use in your Exotics, bet to place and show or run a modified place or show parlay.



Value plays are designated at 1) Horses with a morning line of 8/1 or higher, or 2) The horse among the contenders that is the highest price.




The Playbook

So you can clearly see the versatility of this program and the fact that you will be cashing often.  The fact that my Mini-Move theory panned out so well is very satisfying.  Most of my initial theories fall short of expectations and have to be discarded, but every once in awhile an MMMM type of strategy exceeds even my normally optimistic expectations.

👉👉In the user’s manual I will spell out exactly how I play, which is very straight forward and simple, and has kept me in the black for many consecutive months now. 

Also explained is a very conservative strategy that will have you cashing close to 68% of the time (combination of win, place and show) as well as an aggressive strategy which involves a bit of a progression but can get land you a bucket of cash.

Or, you can just go with it as you see fit.  As you can see from the above, price opportunities present themselves daily,  as do consistent results on runners in the 8/5 to 8/1 range.



From Dave Foster, Springbrook, IL

‘There’s definitely something happening here.’

‘I have many of your software programs and find great value with all of them.  But MMMM seems like a different animal, and I love it!  Like you said, this has to be more than a coincidence when horses picked by the program who look awful on paper, suddenly jump up with huge efforts.  I like the value angle as well, but thus far I have cashed on several Trifectas and Superfectas using the price plays when they come up.  While they don’t win that often, they run 2nd, 3rd or 4th all of the time.  Don’t know what it is, but there’s definitely something happening here!’  Thanks, Dave


From Martin Goldman, Bronx, NY

‘I’m not easily impressed, and I keep rooting for this program to fail, but it just keeps on producing these bizarre results.’

‘I’m basically a ‘glass half-empty’ kind of guy.  I do like what you guys do – I have been a customer for over 32 years, and I am sure I am much better off using your stuff than mine, but I still complain a lot!  The first day I tried MMMM I saw two horses picked who were at 26/1 and 33/1 run 2nd and 3rd in the same race.  I didn’t bet them, of course.  The next day a 62/1 shot runs 4th, just missing 3rd, an 18/1 shot wins and a 14/1 shot runs 2nd.  Looking at the pps, I could not make a case for any of them and would never have bet them.  So it looks like you’ve got something here.  There are plenty of shorter priced winners and Exactas so the program is consistent to boot.  I’m not easily impressed, and I keep rooting for this program to fail, but it just keeps producing these bizarre results.’  MG

😎You’ve just got to try this one!  I am truly excited about the results and am certain that you will be, too. 

A couple of my testers suggested I should charge $200+, but I know that is a bit steep for most of my audience so, I am pricing it at just $118.00, and of course there is a full money-back guarantee.

So give us a call at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website.

😊And thanks for listening to my long-winded story, but I wanted to provide you with as much info as possible.  And of course do call if you have any questions.   Thanks, Len