Dick Johnson’s Power-Pak Software Super Bundle + Master Consensus Platinum Upgrade


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Dick Johnson’s Power-Pak Software Super Bundle!



+ The Master Consensus, Platinum Upgrade!!!


We are super excited about two new software products that we are just about ready to roll out.



Dick Johnson’s Power-Pak Software Super Bundle!


Many of you have the paper & pencil versions of Dick Johnson’s top-selling methods.  And many of you know Dick’s ‘m.o.’ described in a meeting with Tom Console:


Dick told me he had been earning a nice living for years strictly off playing this system (The Horseplayer’s Money Machine).


He actually supplements his income from this system with his other methods, The 20/20 Sureshot, True Horsepower, Profit Master, etc.,

all of which he developed and improved upon over the last few years.


And get this: since he lives in ‘Vegas, he goes to the Orleans Hotel every morning, puts in all his bets ahead of time, and then hits the golf course!

I jokingly asked him: ‘What exactly are you retiring ‘from’, Dick!  Sounds like you are already there!’


And he told me he was basically retiring from the system-writing business, which was very time consuming.  From now on it would be just betting the horses and golf!

And now, Dick has given us permission to put four of his top profit-makers into one Software Program. 

The great thing about Dick’s methods is that each one is profitable in its own right, but when taken together the results are even more accurate! 

In this program you get:


1) The Horseplayer’s Money Machine

2) True HorsePower

3) The Trainer/Speed Equation

4) Wildcards & Longshots



Screen Shot Below:  Fort Larned, $20.80 Winner of the 2012 Breeders’ Cup Classic,

brought to you courtesy of Dick Johnson’s Power-Pak Super Bundle!!




Below, a race at Mountaineer Nov. 26, a $5,ooo claimer, about as ‘opposite’ of the Breeders’ Cup Classic as one can get. 

Here three of Dick’s programs picked Senor Rutledge on top, giving him a big Consensus edge.  But he was totally ignored by the public an returned a dandy $22.80 for the win.




Senor Rutledge    $22.80   $10.00   $5.00

Bakers Woods  $7.00   $4.80

Good Family    $4.00


Below find the 2nd race 11/29 at Charlestown, another great example of the price-getting power of Dick’s Software. 

Play Like A Raven was the Consensus choice (as well as the Horseplayer’s Money Machine Choice), and won by four lengths, burying the two race favorites, to pay $23.40. 

These are not ‘flukes’, folks — prices like these are literally a daily occurrence with the Power-Pak.


11  Play Like a Raven  $22.80  $8.60  $4.40

1  Midnight Star  $4.40  $2.80

2  Tres Rios  $2.60


Testimonial from Andy Pincince in Rhode Island:

Hi Dave…Looks like we have something good here with the new Dick Johnston “Power Pac”…Check this out…I only looked at 2 cards today, Woodbine and Laurel…

At Woodbine, the software picked the winner in the 2nd race for 14.00..it was a consensus and tr.sp.eq. pick..in the 3rd race, the Consensus picked the 30.10 winner…

in the 6th, True Horsepower picked the 12.00 winner…In the 7th, the consensus and the Tr. Sp. Eq. picked the 7.20 winner…last but certainly not least, the True Horsepower

picked the 24.00 winer in the 9th…now I’m thinking of running seperate bankrolls to cover the 3 angles..what do you think?..Andy..

ps..you can use the above for any promo you might be planning…

The beauty of a program like Dick’s PPSM is that it is very ‘diverse’.  In otherwords, when you mingle several winning programs together, the result is that you get selections,

and winners, in every type of race, from Maiden-Claimers to Stakes races.  

In fact, PPSM is one of the very few  programs that nailed the 2012 Breeders’ Cup Winner, Fort Larned, at $20.80.


Note that there are two screens for every race.  The above is the first screen you will see, and then you can scroll over to see the second screen.

Complete scores and message (why a horse may not qualify, or what angle he qualifies on) is displayed for every method/program.

PPSM is the best of all worlds for the serious player — play each profitable method individually, or concentrate on the Consensus – however you do it, you’ll be ahead of the game!



Each Methodology is Highly Profitable on its own.  And Now:

Dick Johnson’s Software Power-Pak provides users with a ‘Power Consensus’, which ‘weighs’ each horse’s positives and provides even more accurate selections!


So, yes, an already accurate, consistent and profitable method can be made even more so by combining it with other similar high-return methods.


With Dick’s new Power-Pak, you can play each method individually if you want, or focus on the Consensus, or use separate bankrolls and play them all.

Displayed below find


1) The results Dick Johnson realized in his personal studies;

2) The results from the huge RPM database study and,


3) the results using the Consensus column and Exacta suggestions.




The HorsePlayer’s Money Machine:


Dick Johnson’s Results:  53% Winners; 80% Win/Place   +107% ROI


RPM Database Results:  47.7% Winners; 76.3% Win/Place   +79% ROI


The HorsePlayer’s Money Machine is a spot-play system focusing on claiming races.


Our database study was much bigger than Dick’s but the numbers held up well, making HPMM one of the most profitable methods we have ever tested.


This is the method we ran the test where we started with a $200 bankroll and ran it up to $5,688 over 6 months of play.



True HorsePower:


Dick Johnson’s Results:  34.4% Winners  55.7% Win/Place   +62.1% ROI


RPM Database Results:  34.7% Winners  56.1% Win/Place   +64.4% ROI


True HorsePower gets more action than HPMM and has a much higher average win mutuel: @$9.50.


I actually prefer this method for keying Exactas and Trifectas as the payoffs are often huge thanks to the fact that a TH horse is seldom a favorite.



The Trainer/Speed Equation:


Dick Johnson’s Results: 33.6% Winners  59.4% Win/Place   +38.7% ROI


RPM Database Results:  34.4% Winners  58.7% Win/Place  +36.9% ROI


TSE is an extremely simple way to locate win and place horses who are ‘live’ based on Dick’s formula for spotting a properly placed runner by his trainer.


This angle gets a lot of action, and is also very effective for Exacta boxes — simply boxing the top three TSE scorers in otherwords.



Wildcards & Longshots:


Dick Johnson’s Results:  15.2% Winners  24.5% Win/Place  +81.3% ROI


RPM Database Study:  14.1% Winners  23.1% Win/Place  +92.2% ROI


Wildcards & Longshots is, obviously, Dick’s longshot methodology.  It consists of three angles: The Monster Workout,

The Horse from Upper Classes and The New Trainer’s Surprise, all of which, the software spots for you.


As most of you know, it takes patience to play a longshot system as the runouts can be lengthy.


However, as with most top-notch price-getting methods, the ROI is over huge.  Our database study showed a much higher positive ROI than did Dick’s smaller test.



The Consensus:


The purpose of creating a ‘consensus’ of the selections is, as mentioned above, to strengthen the overall consistency and reliablility of the software.


Len has constructed this feature like other consensus lists, in that the top three scorers in each method receive a certain number of ‘points’ (5 for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd).


**Since the conditions for play vary greatly among the four methods, a Consensus pick can have points from all four methods, or just three or only two,

depending on whether or not the race qualifies for play under the system’s rules.


We have found that the Consensus is most accurate when at least three of the four programs award points to the Consensus winner.



The Consensus Database Study:

When at least three programs contribute to the Consensus top pick:


37.2% Winners  +41.2% ROI


Two contributing programs:  34.4% Winners  +31.8% ROI

One contributing program:  29.6% Winners   +18.7% ROI



Of course, there’s nothing wrong with any of those numbers — they are all long-term profitable.


But the best Consensus picks have point contributions from three or more programs.


I have no doubt that you will agree that what we have produced here is a software program that provides you with several different profit options.

Most of our testers decided to focus on just one or two of the programs (HPMM and THP were the most popular), though all loved the Consensus as well.


So, not only will the software enable you to play each system individually if you wish, but it also creates a ‘Consensus’ column for all four methodologies that has proven exceptionally accurate!


Here’s what was accomplished with The Horseplayer’s Money Machine alone:



**6-months of play:   A starting bankroll of $200 grows into $5,688!


(using percentage-of-bankroll money-management plan)

You hear about people getting rich in the stock market by holding onto stocks that increase 1,000% or more in just a few months.

Well, you don’t need the stock market when you can get returns like this!


The starting $200 bankroll grew to $515 by June 1, then to $1,160 by July 1, $1,940 (Aug. 1), $3,797 (Sept. 1), and by the middle of October, the bankroll stood at $5,688!

Each and every track tested showed good, solid, consistent profits.  The Money Machine is very aptly named!  We used a 3%-of-bankroll money-management plan.

Super-Bundle Pricing (below)



And……  The Master Consensus Platinum UPGRADE!!



The Master Consensus has been one of our most popular software programs of all time. 


Voted #1 in our ‘If you were stuck on a desert island that has horse racing, and could only have in your possession one software program, which would it be?’ survey, The Master Consensus is a proven

win-machine, and spells out in detail exactly how to play every profitable betting situation.


Our new Master Consensus Platinum UPGRADE not only improves on the program’s already super-accurate features, but we’ve included several other dynamite additions to make MC Platinum totally state-of-the-art. 

The Master Consensus’ for example, constructs its own Value Wagering Line, and it is the most accurate we have ever seen.  Read:


The Master Consensus Odds Line:


One trait that separates the professional player from the average player is his/her ability to create an accurate ‘fair betting line’.

By a ‘fair’ betting line, we mean an odds line that closely estimates each runner’s fair chance of winning the race.

Understand that the morning line odds you see in the program are often more of a ‘guesstimate’ than a true estimate.

One reason for this is the morning line odds maker often has to make up the line 48 hours or so before raceday, often before scratches.

Also, the plain fact of the matter is that most line makers are not all that skilled at their jobs, or are guys who have several other racetrack duties and just kind of throw a number on the runners.

But a fair value odds line is very, very critical to your game.

If you are a good line maker, in otherwords, and you figure a horse has a 3-to-1 chance of winning, but he is 8-to-1 on the board, then you may be looking at a very juicy overlay.


The Master Consensus Software program creates its own fair value betting line based on the strength of each contender via the 23 different handicapping methodologies incorporated in the software. 

This betting line has proven to be much, much more accurate than any other line, constructed manually or by computer, we have seen. 

As an example, we had a horse named Shy Patada at Del Mar  who was 5-to-2 on the MC Odds Line.


He was 15-to-1 in the program and 25-to-1 when the horses left the gate.  He lost by a short nose and paid a huge place price.  And you will find occurences of this kind frequently at every racetrack in the country.


The best way to use the MC Odds Line is very much as described above.

When you see the program making a horse a short price, yet he is four, five or more points in odds higher on the morning line or nearing post time, you could very well be looking at a prime overlay.

And overlays are the key to making money at the game for the vast majority of professionals.


With the New Upgrade we have made the MC Odds Line even more accurate, which will allow the user to cash in on even more Overlay situations.

We have also improved on the already deadly-accurate Master Consensus Speed Rating and you can now expect 35.4%+ winners in sprint races from top MC horses in this category.


If you loved The Master Consensus before, you are going to fall head over heels for the NEW UPGRADE!!! 

More winners, more profits, more winning wagering strategies!
















Dick Johnson’s Power-Pak Bundle will retail for $249 — BUT order Now and your price is just $188!


The Master Consensus Platinum Upgrade will retail for $149 — Order now — just $127!


Best  Deal:  Get Johnson’s Power-Pak Software Super Bundle + The Master Consensus Platinum Upgrade – just $288!!


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