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Coming Out of the Gate @Ready to Roll!!

Pricing is In!!  Get Your Order In ASAP to Take Advantage of these Initial Off the Press Publication Prices.  And, Take a Look at the Package Price for the BIG BUNDLE!!

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Coming Out of the Gate @Ready to Roll!!

Pricing is In!!  Get Your Order In ASAP to Take Advantage of these Initial Off the Press Publication Prices.  And, Take a Look at the Package Price for the BIG BUNDLE!!


Denny Nashs’ Best Selling Watch & Win! is NOW on Software! 

This took some doing, as our programmer Len and Denny had to work together to convert Denny’s ‘Intuitive’ masterpiece into some hard, fast rules that produced the same or better results than the original manuscript does.

And, after a couple of weeks of intense back and forth analysis, Mission Accomplished!

As most of you know, Denny is one of the top handicappers, and top authors, of all time.  His Bet to Win for a Living! was a great success, and thousands of race fans are still beating the bottom line with the original book/software. He also authored Handicapping Supremacy & The Rebound Method

The Watch & Win Software! borrows from Bet To Win and then adds some unique twists that makes it a solid winner on its own.


Denny’s Philosophy:


“When you are betting horse racing, you must treat it like a business, even if it is only a hobby. Why? Because the goal is to have fun and make money.  Why would you commit yourself to a hobby that can never show a profit? Where I come from it’s called pissing your money away.  If that’s what you want to do, just send me a check every week. I’ll save you the time of going to the race track.

“That said, you have to always bet value. And my friend there is value in each and every race that’s run, to some degree.  Is every race worth betting? No. Should you bet every race? No. How can you know which races to bet? Easy. Only bet races where you can make a nice score.  I’ll show you how.”


Ray Taulbot’s SlideRule Pace Calculator NOW on SOFTWARE!!

Does this jog anyone’s memory?! 

Most of us have been around long enough to have seen, and likely owned, Ray’s original plastic slide rule Pace Calculator. 

And while this plastic gizmo of old is no longer available (except on Ebay or Amazon where it often sells for hundreds of dollars),

👉👉Len, along with his Professional Handicappers Research Lab buddies, has now converted the original Ray Taulbot’s Pace Calculator into a nifty Software Program!

😊And, while the original Pace Calculator was designed to work best in sprints, the Software version works just as well in routes, including longer turf routes, and is just fine for Maiden races.


And just in case you are not familiar with the work of Ray Taulbot, here:

Ray Taulbot was the longtime managing editor of American Turf Monthly, a magazine for horse racing enthusiasts published by the Amerpub Company. He is credited with several innovations in handicapping races, particularly by rating a horse in comparison to the overall pace of a race. He believed horses must be judged by their own speed and by how close they were to the winner. A chart on the back of the calculator allowed bettors to combine the results of the Pace Calculator with the Amer-Var rating, which took into account the horse’s age, the length of the race, the amount of the purse, the time of year, and the type of race. Taulbot’s methods dated at least to the 1940s, but this device was made in 1979. American Turf Monthly continues to reprint Taulbot’s articles. 

The Pace Calculator has also been placed in the Smithsonian Museum of American History.

Here’s an interesting quote (and fairly recent, 2016) from thoroughbred racing researcher Donald Brodt:

“Mr. Taulbot was one of the pioneers in explaining the basics of thoroughbred handicapping. His book; ‘Thoroughbred Racing, Playing for Profit’; ” and the Pace Calculator were well conceived and expressed the idea–alien to almost all at the time–that it involved much more than the quaint notion that class was the determining factor in picking winners. His writing was eloquent on the subject. Andrew Beyer gets too much of the credit–with his ‘variant’ contrived speed figures.  All of my research data shows that Taulbot would have buried him.”


This column is the Pace Calculator Morning Line Creator, which is different from the M/L (morning line). What this algorithm does is calculate a morning line based on the ratings in PTOT column. You will often find nice overlays if say, the PC/ML is significantly lower than the M/L. Now, because the values in the PTOT column are often very close, you will often see that the odds bunch together with, say, a lot of 5/1s, 6/1s, etc., in the same race. In races like these those odds are relatively meaningless. In races where you see significant differences between M/L and PC/ML, where a wide range of odds show up in the latter column, the calculations become much more significant.



The Colonel Bradley Powerline Class/Speed Equation!!

Col. E. R. Bradley leads Helen Black to the winner’s circle. (Photo courtesy of Keeneland-Cook)

At the end of the 19th Century, Col. Edward Riley Bradley — a self-proclaimed gambler, bookmaker, and owner/manager of several casinos — was informed by his doctor that a more outdoor lifestyle might be beneficial to his health.

Something as simple as taking walks or hikes might have done the trick, but this was much too slow-paced for Bradley. In his mind, the most sensible thing to do was start a racing stable, where he could benefit from outdoor living while simultaneously building an empire in a sport deeply intertwined with gambling. What a picture-perfect scenario!

Born on Dec. 12, 1859, Colonel Bradley wasn’t really a colonel. Although he partook in many different enterprises and activities during his younger days, military life was not among them. The “colonel” part of his name was actually an honorary title; he was a classic “Kentucky Colonel.” Thanks to his achievements in horse racing, he soon became a Kentucky legend.

Having made the decision to delve into horse racing, Bradley — like many other successful sportsmen of the time — wasted little time buying up talented horses, hundreds of acres of land, and some quality broodmares to establish a racing stable and breeding farm. Forty years later, he had irrevocably changed the sport of horse racing for the better, and the legacy of his breeding farm extends to this day.

 Under the name of Idle Hour Stock Farm, Bradley bred more than 125 stakes winners from 1906 through 1946, but it was the quality of these horses — and the quality of one broodmare in particular — that had a lasting impact on the sport.

The Colonel E.R. Bradley Stakes, run annually at The Fairgrounds, was named in his honor.

But to horseplayers, Bradley was also known as one of the cleverest handicappers in the game and he established many winning handicapping angles and ‘truisms’ that stand until this day. 

While to most he is known as the gambler who cashed tons of wagers on horses who ran final fractions of :24/5ths of a second or faster, he established many other winning precedents, many included in his very rare publication (1944) titled You Can Beat The Races.  The only reason we have a copy is because a great granddaughter of the Colonel contacted us to see if we could use any of the material she found stored in her attic, and the book was among that trove.  Most of the other items were simple keepsakes, racing programs and trinkets, but we latched onto the book.

While much of the book covered getting a psychological edge over the crowd, he also presented several workable system-like theories he had employed over the years.

He admitted that his :24 final fraction angle stopped becoming profitable once racetracks hired professional clockers and the info became public.  Previously he had employed a private clocker who observed and timed the races and then reported on the runners who met that criteria to him.

But the other material was fascinating, and Len was able to take a ton of this information and break it down into four critical categories, weighting each and then combining them into a software program.



The methodology has a high hit rate, win, place and show, and gets some great prices as well.  So basically, with this software, you are using a winning handicapping part of history, as these strategies work as well today as they did back then.




Take a Look at This:

Looks like an aged mimeographed document, typewritten obviously.  When we first saw it we also noticed that is was stained with what looked like coffee rings and other ‘stuff’.    BUT….

A longtime customer of ours sent this to us and said that he had been making money with this since the mid-80s.  A friend of his had passed it on.  And while we seldom have high hopes for this kind of submission, we were more than very pleasantly surprised and how well this relatively simple system performed, in races from the lowest class all the way up to Breeders’ Cup level events.


It’s called The Mystery Man’s Method! (not related to another product of ours called ‘Mystery Man Ivan’s Formula’), and after studying the results we sure wish we knew who this ‘Mystery Man’ is/was to see if he had any further systems of play to offer.

Here, for instance, only a few of our programs had the Breeders’ Cup Classic winner, White Abario, on top, but Mystery Man got it right:


And, again, The Mystery Man Software! is a great performer at all Class Levels and at all Tracks.  We have seen a lot of good, solid material that was written years ago, but this is definitely one of the most consistent, that also can pop with pricesDefinitely on the ‘must-have’ List.



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