Bert Norman’s QUICK FIGURE PLUS! Amazing Consistency! Virtually No Runouts! PRN has Awarded Consistently High Ratings to Legendary Bert Norman’s Methods! Watch the Video.


Most of you are no doubt aware that Bert Norman is one of the most prolific creators of Profitable Handicapping Systems in the country. 

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He boasts a string of high ratings from Phillips Racing Newsletter, the ‘consumer reports’ of the horse racing system/software industry.

His Winning Quick Figure Plus! is the definitive study of CONSISTENCY and longterm PROFITABILITY.  It’s a great method if you’re in a hurry and need some quick picks if you are doing it by hand and, of course, even quicker — much quicker — with the Software!



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>>QF+ is also excellent for Exotic Wagering.  Great for ‘singles’ in Pick 3s, 4s, etc., and you never, ever want to leave a QF+ Prime Play or ‘Best’ play out of your Exacta, Trifecta or Superfecta!  Excellent for Show Parlays as well!

>>AND – We are also going to include, absolutely FREE! One of the Best Bankroll Management Strategies ever published:  Tom Console’s Professional Handicappers’ Investment Fund! a Remarkable Bankroll Strategy that Guarantees Steady Profits!  A $55 Value – Yours FREEE!!!


The Software

The Winning Quick Figure Plus Software makes an already quick selection process basically Instant!  Check out the screenshots below along with the Summary Super Consistent Results as well as the Big Prices, which come up frequently with QF+:

Note that the Columns all have an important function:   EFF = Efficiency which measures a horse’s lifetime consistency;   J/T = the strength of today’s Jockey/Trainer team as far as wins go; Suckiest (one of Len’s favorite words) is each horse’ s lowest combined speed figure  — Bert uses this to find the horse with the Best ‘worst’ rating, and that is added into the total.  AVE = Average of the best 3 of the last 5 race combined speed figures, and those figures are shown in the QF1 thru QF 5 columns.

>>>Most cards will produce several winners  —  the card below, from Parx, 6 wins from 9 races  — while that won’t happen everyday, it happens often enough to insure that with the proper betting strategy, like the Tom Console Professional Handicappers’ Investment Fund (that comes FREE with the purchase of QF+), you can run your racetrack dealings like a business.  While the card below produces mostly moderate prices, many, many cards will also produce prices as illustrated above.

So, Seriously, If Consistency is your bag — and by consistency we mean NO LONG Runouts, plus profits shown even playing to SHOWWINNING QF+ is your baby!


And, of course, as with all of our products, QF+ comes with a full money-back guarantee!




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QF Software  $68.75

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