William Beale’s ALMOST PERFECT Method! An Extremely Versatile Money-Maker that Boasts both Big Prices and Super, Super Consistency with Lower Odds Horses!


William Beale’s ALMOST PERFECT System! 

A Time-Proven Gem of Consistency –  A Super High ROI Producer with Price Plays! as Well as a High % Feast for ‘Favorite’ Players!

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William Beale’s ALMOST PERFECT System! 

A Time-Proven Gem of Consistency –  A Super High ROI Producer with Price Plays! as Well as a High % Feast for ‘Favorite’ Players!


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This one just recently came to us from a long, long time customer who has had excellent success running the system by hand which, given the number of rules, is a very tedious task.

So Len took a look and made some 💡GENIUS modifications when he programmed the method, making it even more solid than it was in its original form, and added factors to make it more than just a ‘Consistency’ program with the addition of several price-getting algorithms.

The Almost Perfect Method Software! has Something for Everyone  –  Consistency for the Conservative Player and Options for Steady, High % Returns in Many Price Ranges.  Also great for Quarter Horse Races.


The Method is named ‘Almost Perfect’ because it provides high % hit rate and high % Profit opportunities regardless of what your playing preferences/styles may be. 

In otherwords, the methodology is the ‘perfect’ fit for just about any player. 

>>It has the ability to get some great prices, and is also super accurate with favorites and lower priced horses.

Almost Perfect is a high % win/place/show program that affords the conservative player the ability to cash in on 70%+ of his plays in the lower odds ranges.

>>However, even the conservative player can enjoy outsized returns by wagering on any of the following situations, as Almost Perfect:

is also a spot play with Best Bets, that boasts a high average win mutuel with, for example, horses with morning lines of 6/1 to 15/1 that generated at +73.30% Positive ROI in our extensive tests.  Take a look at all of the results:



👉Top Picks* with a Morning Line of 6/1 to 15/1 showed a +73.3% Positive ROI

*Note:  ‘Top Picks’ include horses listed as either a First Choice or Second Chancer (see examples below)

👉Top Picks at greater than a 10/1 Morning Line showed a +103.06% Positive ROI (these plays don’t come up that often, but definitely play when they do!)


👉Quarter Horse Races –  All, regardless of Morning Line, showed a +43.84% Positive ROI – the win/place rate for Quarters was 53.84%


👉Thoroughbred All Dirt Races Regardless of Morning Line showed a +17.08% Positive ROI


👉First Choice Horses, regardless of Morning Line, showed a +26.67% Positive ROI


👉Second Choice Horses, regardless of Morning Line, showed a +13.37% Positive ROI (this category combines both thoroughbred and quarters)


👉Playing all Races regardless of odds showed a +13.89% Positive ROI


👉Playing Only Horses with a Morning Line of Less than 8/1 showed a +11.78% ROI


👉Playing Only Horses with a Morning Line of Less than 5/1 showed a +2.31% Positive ROI


👉Selections that are Morning Line Favorites at 9/5 or below won at a 44.6% Rate.   

👉Selections that are Morning Line Favorites who went postward at even money or less won 56% of the time.



Negative Returns (situations to avoid):

Turf Races, regardless of Morning Line, showed a 11.67% Negative ROI

Horses with a morning line of 20/1 or higher showed a Negative 9.9% ROI



So, as you can see from the above, the higher odds ranges overall had the best overall ROIs.  So if you wanted to do nothing other than play the 6/1 to 15/1 horses, or the over 10/1 horses, your win % won’t be high but your overall ROI will really shine.

>>Or, if you wanted to just play First or Second choices Thoroughbred horses on dirt, your long term ROI will be about five times what the bank pays you.

Or, you can play all of the positive categories and know that you are virtually assured of a long term positive ROI.


So, as we said above, the Almost Perfect Software! has something for virtually everyone.

As far as turf races go, we can’t put our finger on it, but the overall results were underwater, so it is would be best to avoid win wagers, though a good percentage of these plays (close to 55%), finished 2nd or 3rd, so using them in your Exactas and Trifectas would make sense.


“Just got finished doing a thorough test with your Almost Perfect Software and I am very impressed.  For a spot player like me I love to just wait on the prices, and they do come, sometimes in bunches.  And the overall accuracy of the shorter prices will make any chalk player smile.  I actually did not have as bad of results on turf as you did.  I limited my play to turf sprints and actually showed a bit of a positive ROI, though the overall results were, as you stated, much better on the dirt.  This one is definitely a keeper.  Thanks for letting me test it.”  Take care, Louis Martin, St. Louis


“The Almost Perfect Software really comes together nicely with so many different ways to win and show profits.  I’m a bit impatient so while I play the price horses, I want some other action and I just focused on the first and second choices regardless of odds (I did cut off win bets if the price was below 3/1) and, after looking at over 450 races, came up with an ROI very close to what you got in your tests – mine was just a hair under +15%, which is just fine by me.  This is a good one – so well thought out and it almost totally eliminates the decision process – just play the horses in the profit categories you have listed and you will do fine.  Thanks!”  Roy Donaldson, New Orleans


And the Price-Getting Ability of Almost Perfect seems to remain very steady month after month As a test I asked Len to look at Sept./Oct. 2022 just to see if any random sampling had equally good results.  Here they are (oops, just noticed that a few Sept. 2020 races got pulled in here by mistake too, but that just offers further proof of Almost Perfect’s price-getting longevity) and we looked at several other two month periods with very similar results, so the prices will come – all you have to do is wait on them. Note: The price paid is based on a $2 win wager, so when that is subtracted you get the ‘NET’.


And, as you can see by the above stats on Favorites, Almost Perfect! is also Excellent for finding ‘singles’ in your Pick 3s, 4s, etc., and great for place and show parlay players.  One thing for sure, you never, ever want to leave a prime play off of your Exacta or Trifecta ticket!


Centavo, below, was 15/1 on the morning line.  Horses over 10/1 on the morning line showed a huge positive ROI in our database, even though they don’t come up that frequently.  He paid a nice $37.60 for the win.


Below: A Nice day to be playing Louisiana Downs, February 11.  Hes Righteous Man got there at $12.40 and in the very next race One Sweet Rouge won at $19.60.  Almost Perfect does very well with Quarter horses boasting a high win/place rate.



Likeable, below was 8/1 on the morning line but popped at $28.20.  Often these Almost Perfect Price Plays go off at odds double or more the morning line.


Forty Flash was 6/1 on the morning line but paid an overlayed $21.20.  Again, often Almost Perfect selections pay over their Morning Line odds.


A Nice ‘twofer’ at Tampa Bay Feb.11.  There were three total plays with Assert Dominance winning the 2nd at $15.60 and then Drifarios taking the 7th at $17.80! (experimented with a  screen color change on these, but think we are going to stay with the above which appears more readable)



Here’s a more ‘normal’ winner at Parx, and you will get lots in the 2/1 to 6/1 price range.  IfIhadachance won smartly at $9.00.


So come one, come all!  Regardless of your style of play, you will find one or more ‘niches’ that suit your fancy with Almost Perfect!

This may be one of the most ‘versatile’ programs we have ever offered and it is very reasonably priced at just $111.00

So Call Us at 1-800-696-0067 or order on our website and, as always, please call us with any questions you may have.