The Colonel Bradley PowerLine Class/Speed Equation!! Powerful Knowledge, Powerful Formulas, that Have Stood the Test of Time!


Timeless Handicapping Knowledge that Literally Allowed One Man, Colonel ER Bradley, to Reap a Fortune from Wagering on Thoroughbreds.  His Secrets Were Many, But All Were Revealed in His Book, You CAN Win at the Races!,

and NOW all of the Legendary Handicapper’s Know-How has been Translated into A Super Accurate Software Program!



Timeless Handicapping Knowledge that Literally Allowed One Man, Colonel ER Bradley, to Reap a Fortune from Wagering on Thoroughbreds.  His Secrets Were Many, But All Were Revealed in His Book, You CAN Win at the Races!

and NOW all of the Legendary Handicapper’s Know-How has been Translated into A Super Accurate Software Program!

😀👉++ While already programmed into the Software, The User’s Manual contains all of his most potent theories spelled out neatly so you can see exactly what Handicapping ‘Genius’ Really is!


Col. E. R. Bradley leads Helen Black to the winner’s circle. (Photo courtesy of Keeneland-Cook)

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At the end of the 19th Century, Col. Edward Riley Bradleya self-proclaimed gambler, bookmaker, and owner/manager of several casinos — was informed by his doctor that a more outdoor lifestyle might be beneficial to his health.


Something as simple as taking walks or hikes might have done the trick, but this was much too slow-paced for Bradley. In his mind, the most sensible thing to do was start a racing stable, where he could benefit from outdoor living while simultaneously building an empire in a sport deeply intertwined with gambling. What a picture-perfect scenario!

Born on Dec. 12, 1859, Colonel Bradley wasn’t really a colonel. Although he partook in many different enterprises and activities during his younger days, military life was not among them. The “colonel” part of his name was actually an honorary title; he was a classic “Kentucky Colonel.” Thanks to his achievements in horse racing, he soon became a Kentucky legend.

Having made the decision to delve into horse racing, Bradley — like many other successful sportsmen of the time — wasted little time buying up talented horses, hundreds of acres of land, and some quality broodmares to establish a racing stable and breeding farm. Forty years later, he had irrevocably changed the sport of horse racing for the better, and the legacy of his breeding farm extends to this day.

 Under the name of Idle Hour Stock Farm, Bradley bred more than 125 stakes winners from 1906 through 1946, but it was the quality of these horses — and the quality of one broodmare in particular — that had a lasting impact on the sport.

The Colonel E.R. Bradley Stakes, run annually at The Fairgrounds, was named in his honor.



👉👉But to horseplayers, Bradley was also known as one of the cleverest handicappers in the game and he established many winning handicapping angles and ‘truisms’ that stand until this day.

While to most he is known as the gambler who cashed tons of wagers on horses who ran final fractions of :24/5ths of a second or faster, he established many other winning precedents, many included in his very rare publication (1944) titled You CAN Beat The Races!’

The only reason we have a copy is because a great granddaughter of the Colonel contacted us to see if we could use any of the material she found stored in her attic, and the book was among that trove.  Most of the other items were simple keepsakes, racing programs and trinkets,

BUT we latched onto the book!

While much of the book covered getting a psychological edge over the crowd, he also presented several workable system-like theories he had employed over the years.  Eye-Opening Concepts/Chapters like (👉the exact formulations for all of these are included in the User’s Manual):


👉Gains on the FIRST turn in Routes that can translate into Gold!

🏋️‍♀️Weight DOES Matter in Dirt and Turf Routes!

👬The Trainer/Jockey/+Win-Place % Theory that is One of the Surest Things in Racing in Dirt Sprints! (this is a really neat shortcut that works at all tracks)

😳Are You Kidding Me!  Why Do Only a Small Percentage of Handicappers Know This Winning Secret?! (relates to Overall Win/Place/Show % + Earnings Measurements – another Nifty Shortcut to spot Hi-% in the money horses)

🚴‍♀️Speed Isn’t Everything, But a Proven Speed % Advantage Can Make All the Difference!


The Colonel admitted that his :24 final fraction angle stopped becoming as viable once racetracks started hiring professional clockers and that info became public.  Previously he had employed a private clocker who observed and timed the races and then reported on the runners who met that criteria to him.

But the other material was absolutely fascinating, and Len was able to take a ton of this information and break it down into four critical categories, weighting each and then combining them into a software program.

Len tells us: “While there were several critical factors in the methodology, I was able to ‘group’ several into each of four categories.  I did a lot of experimenting to determine which combos worked best, and I am very satisfied with the results, and am confident the software user will be too.”



Breeders Cup Day.  Seal Team pops at $17.

👉👉The methodology has a very high win, place and show hit rate, and it gets some great prices as well.  It also does very well with Exacta Boxes.

  So basically, with this software, you are using a winning handicapping part of history, as these strategies work as well today as they did back then.  In fact, they may work even better, as a very small % of players possess any of this knowledge today.


Results are very steady, with a high on the board hit rate, in addition to some big odds horses winning and finishing in the exotics.  Single qualifier win rate @35% at $8.60 average mutuel.








Q. What do the Column Headings stand for?

A.  Len took the 17 main Power Factors from the Colonel’s book and grouped them based on commonalities, i.e., factors that were similar, like speed, form, earnings, etc., into four categories:


RAWSPEED = the various speed concepts: Advantage speed, raw speed, speed from the blocks, etc.

COMPPERF = Early Gains (first turn), turn time, weight considerations, Class equation, etc.

EARNPOWER = A few different measurements relating to overall earnings, money per race average, etc.

TJSUPERIORITY = Trainer %, Jockey %, Jockey/Trainer Team %, J/T competency at today’s distance.


Q.  What is considered the strongest play(s)?

A. Single qualifiers (the only horse with a score under the TOT column) tend to be high in the money prospects.  Horses who score highest in three or all four columns (12 points is the max) are also very good wagers, especially in the 8/5 to 9/2 morning line odds range.


Q. How about Exactas?

A. Overall, the best Exacta situations occur in fields of 8 horses or more where four horses are listed in the Exacta category at the bottom of the screen (@39% hit rate).  Three horse boxes can be played in fields of 7 horses or more, providing at least one of the horses has to be 6/1 or higher on the morning line to make it viable.

Q.  The theories laid out on your web page, speed advantage, first turn gains, etc., are they available to the purchaser?

A.  Yes, they are included in the user’s manual.  While they are built into the software, they are all very simple to understand and you can apply them to any race manually if you wish.  A couple of them are great shortcuts to locate the main contenders.


The Colonel Bradley PowerLine Class/Speed Equation!! will shed a New Light onto your handicapping adventures.

It’s funny, many folks in this game think for a system or methodology to be valid, it has to be ‘new’.  Turns out that many of these ‘seat of the pants’ experts from days of old, Taulbot, Holloway, Dowst, EW Donaldson, etc., were using what many would consider modern day theories way back then. In fact, Donaldson introduced the ‘Sheets’ in 1936!  Colonel Bradley’s Speed Theories, in fact, look very much like Andy Beyer’s work, only it was done many years before.


And while we initially put a $128 price on the software, we are offering it for just $97.50 for a limited time.  So we’d highly suggest that you lock onto a copy at this price while you can.

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And, of course, call us with any questions.  And being that we are just a week into 2024, we wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year and thank you so much for your patronage.  Dave & Len.