Spring Has ‘Almost’ Sprung & With It a Bevy of NEW Exciting Handicapping Products!! Banner, Czyzniejewski,Stanley, Console. Check ’em Out!

NEW, EXCITING HANDICAPPING PRODUCTS on the Way!!  From Super Consistency to Big-Priced Exotics  —  We’ve Got Em!




Well, we may be jumping the gun just a bit, as some frigid weather is still around (it even got down to 48 degrees in Southern Cal the other night!), but the fact is that in just a few short weeks we will all be greeting Spring, 2023 and, not too long after that, we are back into Triple Crown season again!  And as the weather begins to warm up, racing becomes more formful and field sizes grow, resulting in heftier average mutuels both in the straight betting pools and the exotics.

Spring normally also brings forth our biggest annual offering of New Handicapping Products.  During the late Fall and early Winter days we seem to receive more submissions for potential products than at any other time during the year, likely because so many budding handicapping authors are housebound during the colder months and have time to research new methodologies, etc.  Take a look:

Our New Spring Collection!



POWER-LYNK!  Translating HIDDEN CLASS Into Consistency & High Average Mutuels!

We’ve always wanted to program some of Al Stanley’s excellent work.  We chose what we think is one of his very best to do first.




WHAT IS POWER LYNK? POWER LYNK is the unique blending of two fundamental power handicapping parameters resulting in a strong selection methodology. Simple and easy to use – POWER LYNK FULLY EXPLOITS HIDDEN CLASS! With POWER LYNK and its strength of selection, your money will always be on a ‘live’ horse with a true performance background edge!

The POWER LYNK play will be the tightly wired “hot” horse exhibiting discrete running trends that are linked to a class edge…It is great for straight wagers as well as ‘Keys’ in the exotics.  A unique algorithm eliminates ‘unfit’ (out of form) horses with a low probability of running a good race. It will then flag the horse ‘Readiest’ (if that’s a word!) horse with excellent accuracy.  There is not a play in every race – average of 3 to 4 best bets per racecard.   A conservative, high average mutuel methodology that can be used with Confidence.




Greg Banner has delighted his followers with Software Programs like Speed Demons, Platinum Power, The Best Five, etc.  Programs that are precise, consistent and profitable. 

But recently, Greg has expanded his horizons to create a software program that offers the user a solid chance to catch big paying Exotic wagers on a regular basis.

Greg tells us:  ‘I thrive on Exotic wagers, especially Trifectas and Pick 3s, 4s and 5s.  While I had good success using my programs with these wagers, it occurred to me on one particularly frustrating day of losses by a nose, a head and a neck that would have returned a huge Pick 5 payoff: Why not design a program that focuses primarily on Exotic wagers, from Daily Doubles to Exactas, Trifectas, Supers and the horizontals. 

‘It took awhile to get it all together, but once I began relying on this program to guide my Exotic wagering strategies, my fortunes improved dramatically, including four $5,000.00+ Pick 5 cash-ins.

‘My new Exotic Bets Program provides the player with several way to build accurate Exotic tickets, from the simplicity of the Daily Double to the more complex wagers like Trifectas, Superfectas, etc.  In addition, the program provides ‘Consensus’ picks for those wishing to make straight wagers instead.’

Coming very soon!!



The MONEY HORSE!  Spotting ‘Inside Action’ Horses without watching the ToteBoard!

Did you know that there is a way to spot a horse being set up for a big effort without worrying about watching the Tote action? 

Well, we’ve seen similar concepts explored previously, but never one with the accuracy of The Money Horse. The strategy of wagering on a stable “money horse” precisely at the right time is not new. Previously, only a handful of players were able to master this unusual race preparation concept, a big-time winning technique that wise-guys employ daily at every track.

It is a known fact that the real profitable stables all have the luxury of an “inside horse”, the one that is discretely prepped for a big try with, often with little recent activity that is viewable by the public.   The MONEY HORSE qualifier will always exhibit certain clear “tells”, four or five of them to be exact.  One of the most potent of these concepts relates to odds patterns in previous recent races.

And when they appear in the precise manner revealed in the strategy…. they win or place at a very high percentage, time and time again.

 The MONEY HORSE! is a creative strategy developed to consistently identify a specialized type of runner – a horse that is being prepped for a big race with its form often hidden from players. The software is great at locating these horses, something that would be very difficult to figure by hand. IT WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY PRODUCE IMMEDIATE RESULTS, often at very nice prices.




William Beale’s ALMOST PERFECT Method!  A Time-Proven Gem of Consistency!

This one just recently came to us from a long, long time customer who has had excellent success running the system by hand which, given the number of rules, is a very tedious task.  So Len took a look at it and made some modifications when he programmed the method.

  Almost Perfect is a very high % win/place/show program that affords the conservative player the ability to cash in on 70%+ of his plays.  It is a spot play, with perhaps two to four solid situations coming up per card daily.

Excellent for finding ‘singles’ in your Pick 3s, 4s, etc., and great for place and show parlay players.  One thing for sure, you never, ever want to leave a prime play off of your Exacta or Trifecta ticket!

With Almost Perfect, you are guaranteed to cash far more tickets than you tear up.



Len Cz’s

Money Making ‘Moves’ Machine!!

A NEW, Innovative Software Program from the Sport’s #1 Handicapping Programmer!

This program analyzes ‘Mini-Moves’ using ‘Feet-Per-Second’ Pace Analysis, moves that are all but invisible to the race or race-replay observer. 

This allows the program to spot runners who may appear to have run a poor race when looking at the pps, but actually made the kind of move that will result in major improvement in their next race.

We were actually going to introduce this software program last year, but Len wanted to do some fine tuning as well as add a couple additional angles.

From Len:  ‘I noticed in my research that certain ‘moves’ during the course of a race were more significant than others.  At times these moves take place between calls and are mathematically discernible when making feet-per-second calculations.  My idea was to create an algorithm that would spot these moves in both sprint and route races, turf and dirt.  The results from both a win/place perspective and a profit perspective were very solid and the program, which I call the Money Making ‘Moves’ Machine, also gets some great prices. ‘

The fact that only a sophisticated computer program can identify some of these runners results in some very solid consistency and nice overlays.

Coming Soon!

So keep an eye out.  And give us a call at 1-800-696-0067 if you have any questions.