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Mystery Man Ivan’s Power ‘KEY’ Play!!

From one of the wildest and biggest betting legends of Southern California racing comes Ivan Silber’s Mystery Man Power KEY Play!

Ivan is somewhat of a ‘mystery’ to his fellow players, as he is a man of few words and Frequent BIG bankroll hits. 



Mystery Man Ivan’s Power ‘KEY’ Play!!

From one of the wildest and biggest betting legends of Southern California racing comes Ivan Silber’s Mystery Man Power KEY Play!

Ivan is somewhat of a ‘mystery’ to his fellow players, as he is a man of few words and Frequent BIG bankroll hits. 

We were fortunate to establish a relationship with Ivan back in the 90s thanks to his interest in purchasing our company (we didn’t sell!).  As documented in Dave’s Best Selling book Power Handicapping, Ivan is truly the wildest, yet winningest players we have ever run across. 

We can honestly say that we have never seen a wilder bettor.  In fact, his friends call him ‘Wild-Man’.  We were there one day when he was hitting everything (he bets mostly exotics) and left the track with a $48,000+ profit.  And we’ve seen him drop several thousand dollars on other days.

Overall, he comes out a solid winner, but his methodology, which he revealed to us relatively recently, is actually very straightforward, logical and surprisingly simple. 


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So How, Exactly, Does Ivan Do This?  And How You Can do Exactly the Same, whether you are a Straight or Exotic bettor.

Ivan may very well be the game’s foremost expert at identifying ‘Key’ horses.  He calls them ‘Power Keys’.  Since Ivan is primarily an Exotics bettor, he seeks to find horses he can ‘key’ in these wagers.  Keying means he lands on one horse that he can play with several others in Exactas, Trifectas, etc., as well as singling in Pick 3s, 4s, etc.  So he will take his pick, let’s say it’s the #2 horse in a Trifecta, and play the horse in all three positions with his other contenders.  So if his other contenders are 4, 5 and 6, he will play three Trifecta tickets like this:  2 with 3-4-5-6 with 3-4-5-6;  3-4-5-6 with 2 with 3-4-5-6 and 3-4-5-6 with 3-4-5-6 with 2.  So if the #2 comes in 1st, 2nd or 3rd with any of his other contenders in the other two positions, he cashes a ticket.


☛☛😀😀Now, the great thing about Power Key horses, is that you can bet them almost any way you want and still make money.  Since the Power Key horse hits the board so often, you can use Ivan’s Exotic Key strategies, or his suggested Win, Place, Show strategy, or his Modified Parlay strategy – whatever you are most comfortable with.

Most of Ivan’s Key horses will hit the board, many will win and some will win at big prices.

On many, many days, 75% or more of the top picks will hit the board.

Power Keys are excellent for straight betting and even more powerful when used in modified place and show parlays (Dr. Anthony’s Parlay Power Match Strategy works great with these plays, >>>and you will receive a copy with your order, FREE!)

And you don’t need to take the big swings that Ivan does – that’s just his style – any average bettor can profit nicely with Ivan’s picks with just a modest bankroll.  ➫➫In fact, Ivan’s selection methodology is actually very conservative. 

Power Key Plays boast an excellent measure of consistency and also grab some great prices and Big Exotic Payoffs.



From Ivan:  ‘I remember a guy asking me ‘how do you cash so often; do you have some kind of secret?’  And I told him that the Secret was the Key.  ‘The Key?’, he asked.  Yes, and also the Key is the Secret, I told him.  He looked confused and ambled off, but what I told him was absolutely true, the Secret was the Key (Horse) and the Key (Horse) was the Secret of the entire winning methodology!’

“The consistency is amazing, and even more amazing is the fact that you get some great double-digit payoffs to boot.  In all my years I have never honestly seen this strategy employed and the fact that it is so simple is even more amazing.  Ivan has really knocked it out of the park!”  Tom Console, Handicapping author


Four Wins & one 2nd from the first 6 Races at Gulfstream  — in the remaining races, 7 thru 10, two 2nds and a 3rd!   8 out of the 11 Key horses hit the board!!



Key Horses Win 5 races at Santa Anita, plus two 2nds and and a 3rd.  8 out of 9 Key horses hit the board!

And these results are not uncommon, by any means.  At Gulfstream 1/23, for example, from nine races, there were two winners, four 2nds and three 3rds – 9 Key Plays total and 9 Key plays hit the board.  Betting very conservatively and using the modified parlay strategy (Dr. Anthony’s) on this card, your $48 starting bankroll turned into $166 just betting to show.  Betting a straight $20 to show resulted in a +$86 profit. 

2/19 at Gulfstream three winners, including the winners of both Stakes races (both beat odds on favorites), four 2nds and three 3rds – that’s 10 Key Horses hitting the board out of 12 races.

On 12/5 at GP, 11 races, four winners (including $20.20 and $19.20 winners), two 2nds and three 3rds.

Aqueduct 2/12 four winners, two 2nds and two 3rds, a couple at very nice prices.

Fairgrounds 2/13 three winners, three 2nds three 3rds

Here’s an odd one, but it occasionally happens, GP 2/18, no wins, but five 2nds (one at 8/1), two 3rds (0ne at 12/1), plus a $37, $88, and $377 Exacta box

And we could go on and on.  You will get occasional cards where less than 50% of the Key Horses hit the board, but they tend to be very rare, but overall you are going to run at a 70%+ on-the-board clip.  Let’s look closer at the software.



Software Screenshots








Mystery Man Ivan’s Power Key Power Points

✔︎Gets a HIGH % of WIN/PLACE/SHOW Key horses – averaging 70%+ on the board hits

✔︎Very Efficient at getting Big Payoffs both with the Power Play and the Price Play features

✔︎Excellent for Conservative bettors who enjoy cashing frequently

✔︎Excellent for Parlay Players in the Place and Show spots



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Mystery Man Ivan’s Power Key Software! is priced right at just $88 and will add a strong, strong element of consistency to your play.

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