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“At last, a computer program that is able to identify even the class moves that are all but invisible to the general public, and translating them into a high percentage selection method.”  Bob Shurig, Handicapping Author.

We have relied on The Professional Handicappers Research Lab in Lexington, KY, for many of our stats for several years now.

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But for the first time, they have created an actual methodology involving Class moves that they asked us to program for them.  In fact, they have designed a masterful system that focuses on the myriad factors that identify Thoroughbred ‘CLASS’, specifically ‘Hidden’ Class, i.e., class that the vast, vast majority of horseplayers cannot identify.   They employed Len’s ‘Kelly Class’ scale as the basis for their class criteria.

The methodology/software does this by actually ‘reading’ the Class ‘conditions, of each race to determine whether a runner is dropping in class, rising in class or is at the same class level. 

For example, if a horse is entered in an Allowance race where the conditions state ‘for non-winners of three races of $30,000 or more since April 1’, and today that horse is in an $80/100,000 claimer with no conditions on wins or date raced.  So, is this horse going down in class since he is moving from an Allowance race to a Claiming race?  Turns out, no, in this case he is actually going up in class because he is moving from a ‘restricted’ race to a ‘non-restricted’ race.


But how is the average horseplayer to know this?  Well, unless he knows how to read a ‘Condition Book’ as well as a competent trainer, he won’t have a clue. 

And then, how about the ‘State Bred’ conundrum?

As surprising as it may seem to seasoned handicappers, races carded strictly for ‘state breds’ are almost always weaker than races carded for ‘open’ company.  The following info from the Getting Out of the Gate website explains this well:

State Breds vs. Open Company

Many states have programs that encourage the breeding and racing of Thoroughbred horses within their state.  For example; New York, California, Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania all have well established programs.  The racing portion of these programs provide races that are restricted to only horses bred within a specific state.  The race conditions for these races will say something like:

‘For maidens, Two Years Old Foaled in New York State and Approved by The New York State-bred Registry’

In handicapping parlance, horses that run in these kind of races are referred to as State Breds or having run in State Bred Company.  As opposed to races that do not have any state restrictions, and are referred to as Open Company.  While the State Bred races might have purses that are on a par with Open Company races, they are generally considered inferior in terms of class and level of competition.  Many horses that qualify for these restricted races will run exclusively in them, and avoid Open Company.

The analogy I like to draw is with professional football.  Winning State Bred races is like winning games within your division.  There are only three other teams that you have to beat, comprising six of your total sixteen games.  Teams within the same division are very familiar with each other, and that can be very similar to State Bred races; where the same limited set of horses often compete against each other over and over again.


As you can imagine, a successful State Bred horse that is good enough to compete in Open Company is a fairly rare commodity, so, in general, horses going up in class from a ‘state bred’ race (designated in the pps by an ‘S’ in a box), are usually at a disadvantage.

Sometimes a horse to watch is one that has been running (marginally) against Open Company, but then returns to restricted State Bred company.  This can be a subtle class drop to detect, as the horses PPs will be missing the State Bred symbol.  The example below is very interesting, because it demonstrates this and more.
Countknickerbocker PPs (Open to State Bred)
The races on June 8 and July 8 were against Open Company Maiden Claiming horses.  Then on July 30, he is entered in a NY Bred Maiden Special Weight race.  If you consider only the move from MCL to MSW, this might seem to be a move up the Class ladder.  However, the transition from Open Company to State Bred negates this.  Now, there are other factors to consider here; his improvement on the turf over the dirt and cutting back in distance.  But, the bottom lineCountknickerbocker won on July 30 at odds of 23-1 and paid $48 to win.  Nice payout for what might actually be a class drop in disguise.



So, again, most handicappers, we would guess 80%+, have no or very limited knowledge about these subtle class changes, whether in state bred races or in Open company like the Allowance race to Claiming race example above.  And, above we also see an example above where a Maiden Claimer moves to a State Bred straight Maiden race and wins, because he is actually dropping in class!  And the fact that he paid $48 to win shows that few players actually recognized that fact!

It’s all kind of mind-boggling😟, isn’t it?!


👉👉👉🤨And, if you get nothing else out of this discussion, UNDERSTAND that competent trainers are well aware of these subtle class moves, and use them, OFTEN, to get BIG efforts out of horses who may look just OK in the pps. 


😃😃So, how would you like to be on the ‘inside’, so to speak, and be totally aware of these Class moves when they occur?  Moves that more than 80% the betting public are not aware of.


WELL ….  That’s Exactly what the Hidden Class Consistency Equation! does for you!  Here’s how it works:


The HCCE is very selective.  You will not get a play in every race. 

You will only get plays when the software recognizes a ‘Hidden’ Class situation. 

When it spots a potential Hidden Class play, it will then further evaluate the situation using other handicapping factors like Average Speed, Jockey/Trainer competence, Consistency via Win/Place/Show over the past two years, etc.

So when the program finds a play, you can be certain that not only does it fit the ‘Class Move’ criteria, but it also shows strength on several other critical handicapping factors.

You will average between three and five plays per track based on a 9 race card.

“It is totally amazing what computer technology has done for our game.  Class is, indeed, one of the great mysteries of this sport, unsolvable by most, but here you have created a software program that is no doubt better at solving this puzzle than 95% of the best trainers and best handicappers out there.  Love the steady flow of above average mutuels.  Thank you!”  Glenn Albertson, Tulsa, OK


So stop with the headaches, hair-pulling,🤯 etc., that come with trying to discern a horse’s true class credentials from the pps alone.  Instead, hook up with the Hidden Class Consistency Equation! and breath a welcome sigh of relief.  Check on the screenshots below:













👉While most of your lucrative plays will occur in Claiming and Allowance races, as you can see from the above the Hidden Class Software is also dynamite in Stakes races, where even tiny Class variants can be detected.

👉So you now have a program that can differentiate between various class levels in a way only very experienced handicappers and competent trainers have been doing for years.

👉The overall win rate for top plays is in the 34%+ range with an average win mutuel of @9.60.  Top Picks will run at least 3rd close to 81% of the time.

👉The Exacta/Trifecta Box formulation is strong.  It will only appear in races with eight entrants or more, but some very nice payoffs can be had.

👉Hidden Class assures that a horse is not only making a favorable class move, but the runner is also in fine fettle from a recent form and consistency standpoint, as well as having strong Trainer/Jockey connections and competitive speed ratings.


So give yourself a break today, and everyday, and let the

Hidden Class Consistency Equation!

Solve those pesky Class Considerations and Steer you towards the likeliest Class Advantage Horse in a given race, from Maidens, to Claiming to Allowance to Stakes!

Since this is a joint venture with The Professional Handicappers Research Lab, we have agreed to offer the Software for $147.

However, we agreed that for our customers, as well as theirs, we will initially offer this Product for just $99.75, which is a Great Great Deal!

So call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website.  And, of course, call us with any questions you may have.  Thank You! 


The Hidden Class Consistency Equation Software   $99.75