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The Trainer Genesis system is not only consistent, but often hits with prices that blow up the toteboard.   These angles contain ‘hidden information’ that the general public is simply unaware of.

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Mike Lovetere’s


The Ultimate Insider Trainer Angles! — Previously Known only to a select few — now at the tip of YOUR fingertips (mouse) too!!

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If you take a survey among top professionals in the game, as to what factors are most important in the business of selecting winners, the ‘Trainer’ will likely be among the top three with every one of them.

>>Remember, the horses don’t go down to the Racing Secretary’s office and enter themselves in a race.  That’s the job of the trainer.  And competent trainers, those who are at the top of the standing meet after meet, are the the ones who are experts at this:  SPOTTING.  By ‘spotting’ we mean the ability of the trainer place his horses in ‘spots’ where he feels they have a VERY good chance to win. 

The real Winners of of the trainer game are the ‘realists’ – conditioners who can accurately gauge the ability level of the horses they are training.  They spot their charges in races where they feel very strongly that they will be competitive.  And, of course, it just follows that trainers who are experts at spotting their stock will win more races, a lot more races, than trainers who are not good at gauging where their horses are most fit to run.

>>Now, here’s the great thing about all that.  Many of these trainers also show ‘patterns’ — patterns that reveal when they may have a horse ready to pop.  It could be a pattern of works, a drop in class, a jockey change, or any combination of factors.

>>And … many professional players, players like Mike Lovetere, have researched and committed to memory many of these patterns over the years.  Mike, as you may know, is one of the top pros in the game – we also produced his Precision Profit Play Software, as well as his Triple Threat Key Software.

>>And these aren’t just simple, anyone-can-discover angles – they are PROVEN TRAINER MOVES that result in not only CONSISTENCY, but also, actually quite often, BIG PRICES.  Take a look at the examples below:



The Trainer Genesis system is not only consistent, but often hits with prices that blow up the toteboard.   These angles contain ‘hidden information’ that the general public is simply unaware of.


Want about as as Sure a Thing as you can get — wins 41% of the time and at least shows 88% of the time!  When a horse it tops on four different angles it’s time to run to the windows!!


Big prices are not the exception with Trainer Genesis – here’s another textbook TG longshot play

They’re not all prices, of course — some of the highest % plays, in fact, are horses who score on top, get at least two mentions in the Angle Boxes and are at odds of 4/1 or less on the morning line.


And once in awhile some of the public does catch on, but often not enough to really hurt the price.

Another example of a top play Best Bet — these are ‘must play’ situations


The Angles

There are no doubt dozens of profitable trainer angles used by serious handicappers, but what you will find here is definitely among the cream of the crop.  All of these angles contain ‘tells’, i.e., signals that suggest a big effort is likely at hand. 

1. The Money Jock: – an angle that involves a jockey switch, suspicious finish last out, recency and jock/trainer combo formula.

2.  Best Finish Angle: – often, many horses will qualify on this angle, so it takes some sorting out to find the overall top horse – if too many come up on the computer screen in this box you will see this (possibly more.  Too Many!) – when you see this warning it suggests that this angle is not viable in this race.

3. The Switch:  – a superbly clever angle that often involves a shipper or a change or racetrack.  This angle spots trainers who use these ‘switch’ techniques to good advantage — this angle often results in a nice price.

4.  In And Out:  a horse that yo-yo’s in and out of the money can be a sharp prospect if you are dealing with a trainer that is good at hiding a horse’s form.  Another angle that can produce boxcars, but is also very consistent on the win and place end.

5. Layoff Money Method: – a competent trainer can score off a layoff, even a long one — incompetent trainers can’t.  This angle, of course, focuses on the former group.


BOTTOM LINE is that with The TRAINER GENESIS PROFIT DATABASE PLATFORM you are getting FIVE of the most LUCRATIVE Trainer Angles in the Game.  The software draws from the database platform to produce all the data that creates, analyzes and verifies each angle.


>>And …. in addition to adding these Proven, Powerful Trainer Angles to your arsenal, we are also going to provide you with another super program to boot.  When you purchase TGPDP, we are also going to send you 

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Wheeling & Dealing the Daily Double Software!!!

The Daily Double, many of you will remember, was the only exotic wager available in the ‘olden’ days – pre-1970.  But with extensive exotic menu available today, the DD has taken a backseat, and this has created an opportunity to cash in on overlay payoffs since so much of the crowd just ignores this wager. 

The Wheeling & Dealing the Daily Double Software will provide you the likeliest DD candidates and exactly how to play themit’s a great value at $69.90 retail, but it’s YOURS FREE!!!


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