Mark Cramer’s 10 Winning Exacta Strategies!! ‘Without a doubt the best Exacta Strategy Book ever written — Mark has truly cracked the Exacta code!’ Tom Console



Mark Cramer’s 10 Winning Exacta Strategies!



In this easy-to-understand text, Mark Cramer explains 10 very profitable opportunities that are not apparent to most handicappers. He researches each strategy with real data, interprets the results and proves that you can make generous profits by simply betting the same amount of money each time a particular strategy arises.

You could loosely interpret Cramer’s work as 10 very profitable individual systems.

These dynamite strategies will have you collecting three and even four-figure scores in even the most bewildering races.



Cramer guides you step-by-step on how to apply crusher exacta techniques in races with lone frontrunners, powerful longshots, maiden claimers and seven other well-paying handicapping scenarios.

If you already love the exacta, Cramer will help you maximize your returns.

If the exacta befuddles you, it won’t after you get your hands on this book.

You will learn to apply your newly acquired knowledge in the actual race examples contained in the workshop section of each strategy.

Each chapter is a separate lesson. It is advised you study one situation at a time. Once it has been mastered, then you can move on to the next one.

You’ll learn and earn at your own pace. This work is based on years of trial and error. Cramer is a 50-year veteran. He’s a street-fighter. He learned how to win by paying his tuition to the school of hard knocks.

This will be obvious after you read his very first winning exacta situation.

Cramer shows you how to find exactas that can result in a major score, while not risking a great deal.

Cramer believes in two things: Small bets to win large amounts of money and always having the “best of it.”

In 10 Winning Exacta Situations, he shows you how to accomplish both!  88 Pgs.


From Professional Handicapper/Author Tom Console

“Mark Cramer has truly cracked the Exacta Code!  In this remarkable work, Mark shows you why most players lose consistently and presents 10 individual Betting Situations  which can make the Exacta one of your primary racetrack profit centers!  In short, Mark demonstrates how to spot the likeliest ‘place’ horse, something most players don’t even consider when making their Exacta wagers.  Exhaustive research and excellent examples show you step by step how you can apply these little-known Exacta strategies at the racetrack.  Become the Exacta ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ at your track!!  Dynamite Stuff!”  Tom Console

Here are the 10 Situations that Provide for the Mark covers.  In addition to the Exacta Strategies, each chapter provides an individual Handicapping Lesson that only the legendary Mark Cramer can impart”

The Lone Frontrunner Race

The Powerful Longshot

The Maiden-Claiming Race


The Favorite on Top

Leaving Out the Favorite

Eliminating the Top Two Favorites

Track Bias on Our Side

The Inside Action on the Turf



You Need a Plan!

To be successful at anything in life, you need to have a roadmap — a guide on how to get where you want to go. 

If you are a horseplayer, sound strategies are a necessity to prosper.  If you are an Exacta player, or really want to learn how to get an edge on the Exacta game, then Mark provides perhaps the best ever plan to do just that. 

>>>And, again, in addition you are getting an advanced degree from the Mark Cramer University in myriad other handicapping skills as well!  This is a Goodie!

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