Gerry White’s The BEATEN FAVORITES BANDWAGON!! 50%+ Win Rate on Best Bets — 71% Place! Includes the NEW ASRSS (Allowance/Stakes Race Super Selector) FREE!!!!



So, bottom line — you now have access to a program that will produce 👉50%+ wins and over 70% places (92% show).

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As is explained in the article below, the concept of the ‘Beaten Favorite’ has been around for decades.  The idea is that if a horse attracts the kind of money to make him the race favorite it is often likely that not all of that money was coming from the general, largely uninformed betting public, but also from the stable, owners, etc., i.e, the ‘insiders’. 

Now, if this horse loses, but does not lose all that badly, and the horse is returned to the races relatively quickly, his connections may believe that the iron is still ‘hot’ and so they again try to capture a purse.

That is the gist of most of the systems that have been written regarding beaten favorites.  However, this is a bit simplistic because if you bet every beaten favorite you would show a loss.

👉But what if there were a way to better qualify these beaten favorites by examining them more closely?  By requiring that certain other factors be present like last race finish, lengths gained or lost on turns and in the stretch, trainer stats, etc.  Then you could ‘pinpoint’ the beaten favorites likeliest to come back and run big. 

And that is exactly what Gerry White did in his The Beaten Favorites Bandwagon! system.

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Take a look at the original promotion we did for Gerry years back — and we can tell you that now that we have BFB on software, literally nothing has changed from a win/place/show percentage standpoint.  And yes, we still know folks who use the paper/ebook version, but the Software, of course, makes life so much easier!

“This is easily the highest percentage win and place method I have ever tested for you.  The worst I saw for a win average over 900 or so test races was 47.6% at Keeneland, and the best was 56.8% at Fan Duel and 56.3% at Finger Lakes.  Overall the win average was @52% and place nearing 72%.  And what really floored me is that it wasn’t all heavy chalk winning – there were some decent win and place mutuels to boot.  While the action can be thin, that shouldn’t matter to the player that wants to realize a positive ROI by simply following what this program tells him/her to do.  Very good programming job here!”  Dave Morrison, Pittsburgh, PA


So, bottom line — you now have access to a program that will produce 👉50%+ wins and over 70% places (92% show).  You won’t get a lot of action (average of two plays per day), but on the vast majority of cards every BFB Contender will run 1st or 2nd. 

😎Just a random sampling below, but these are very, very typical cards – we could choose just about any card over the past 10 or 20 years, and the results will be the same:  Saratoga 8/21 —  3 plays, 2 wins & 1 2nd.  Mountaineer 9/7, 2 plays 1 win and 1 2nd.  Gulfstream 7/16, 2 plays, 1 win and 1 2nd.  Belterra Park 9/7, 1 play, 1 win.  Del Mar 9/4, 3 plays, 1 win & 2 2nds.  Saratoga 9/3, 1 play, 1 win.  Parx 9/5, 3 plays, 2 wins, 1 2nd.

While the average mutuel win price is more than enough to make a good profit, 👉these plays are also excellent for ‘keys’ in your Exactas/Trifectas, etc., and as ‘singles’ in your horizontal Exotics.  😩And … Never, ever leave a top pick out of your Trifecta or Superfecta!



Let’s Look at the Screenshots.  You will seen that the various columns rate finish positions, odds patterns in additional to favorite status in the past two races, trainer % and more.







The Allowance & Stakes Race Super Selector (ASRSS) Program!

One of our long time clients, whose main focus is on handicapping contests (he has won several and qualified for the National Las Vegas Handicapping Contest 7 Times), provided us with this method a couple months ago. 

He told us he has been using it successfully for two decades now, and was wondering if we could turn it into a software program.  We did, and it is included, at no extra charge, with the Beaten Favorites Bandwagon program.

ASRRS focuses on higher class races, including Stakes, Handicaps, Classified Allowances and very high level claiming races. 

The mechanics of the system rotate heavily around Class, with speed, pace and connections as other considerations.  It is a spot play but can get some very nice prices in the Big Purse races.  Examples below.




🤔🤔Here’s an interesting fact:  Average Favorite win rate nationwide: @34%.   Average win rate of a beaten favorite: @37%.  Average win rate of a beaten favorite who is also the favorite today: @42%.

👉Once you know these stats, it would be logical to concentrate on the last category and find ways to improve on that 42%, which is exactly what Gerry and Len did.

>>>The fact is that on most days at most tracks, all or most of your plays will win or place.

You can straight bet to win and realize a nice profit (@+31%).

You can key selections in your Exotics, or you can enjoy success with a modified parlay strategy like Hammering The Chalk or Dr. Anthony’s Parlay Power Match, II.

The Beaten Favorites Bandwagon Software! is just $88.00 and, remember, it also includes the ASRSS software absolutely FREE!

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website.  Thanks and take care, Len & Dave


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