Denny Nash’s THE REBOUND SYSTEM!! Consistent & High Average Win Mutuels! Shows a Solid Positive ROI over 3-1/2 Year Database Study!! Special Price!!



Denny Nash’s THE REBOUND SYSTEM!! Consistent & High Average Win Mutuels! Shows a +33% Positive ROI over 3-1/2 Year Database Study!! Special Price!!




While reading any listing of the All Time Best Horse Race Handicappers, one will seldom see the name ‘Denny Nash’, yet his work certainly ranks up there the likes of Beyer, Ainslie, Davidowitz, etc. 

But the difference is while the afore mentioned trio turned out tons of good stuff, they seldom got down to producing actual, step-by-step winning methodologies.

And while Denny’s work was limited to just a handful of systems/methodologies, he gave the horseplayer workable, steady, easy-to-figure handicapping and wagering plans that produced positive returns on a longterm basis. 


>>☛☛Actually, also on a short-term basis as well, as our studies show that most 7-day periods using Denny’s Methods produced a profit.

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Denny Nash – A Tell-It-Like-It-Is Professional Handicapper

We recently marketed Denny’s Watch And Win System!, which virtually involved no handicapping, and folks loved it.  It is a no-nonsense, simple methodology that makes money, period.

And what we really love about Denny, is that he is, by all measures, a NO NONSENSE, NO BS kind of guy, who creates a concept, tests it, proves it successful and then lays out the exact way to play to his clients.  Here is his intro to The Rebound System! which, of course, is the subject of this text:



Navatilova was totally ignored in the wagering as her recent couple of races showed poor finishes, BUT she had trouble in both.  Rebound picked up on the trouble lines and reached back to a more representative race.  Backers were rewarded with a $53.80 win mutuel.  Rebound also picked the winner, Brother Brad, in the 10th race, and a $2 Daily Double ticket with the $53 winner returned $202.40.)

Gerlach’s lost his rider in his most recent start, so Rebound went back just one race and rated him on top.  While just 4/1 on the morning line, the crowd obviously was looking only at that last race and he got off at 12/1 to pay $26 for the victory.


Opening Day at Aqueduct and look at the nice gift  Rebound (Exotop, the Price Prospect) gave to us in Race #2!



Breeders’ Cup Day and My Sister Nat is sitting at 30/1 in the BC $2 mil Fillies and Mare Turf event.  She runs a strong 2nd and pays $17.60 to place and $8.80 to show.  Rebound works on all types of races, from Maidens up to the top Stakes.  Backing up Rebound selections to place is always a good idea, and to show if the horse is 4/1 or higher on the morning line.

It’s the Breeders’ Cup Classic, where the top, top competitors in the world are running.  Rebound finds that Knicks Go, even though he won his most recent race, had enough trouble to cost him a larger winning margin, and picks him on top.  An overlayed $8.40 win mutuel on a horse that was 9/5 on the morning line.


BC Day #1, November 5, and Finneus gets the Rebound nod largely due to a wide trip in his most recent, which suggests he should have been closer.  He wins and pays $10.  This is a very typical Rebound type of situation.  You will find at least one winner like this (a horse with minor trouble in its last race) on most racecards.

Over Breeders’s Cup weekend Rebound also tabbed Aloha West, $24.80, Dunbar Road, lost by a nose at 12/1. Edgeway, 2nd at 17/1, Lone Rock at $5, Echo Zulu at $3.60, Corniche at $4.80, Life Is Good at $3.40, Time Limit, 2nd by a neck, at 9/1, Charmaine’s Mia, 3rd at 28/1 – $12.20 to show!, Degree Of Risk, 2nd at 3/1.



“It’s funny, after purchasing Denny’s Watch And Win, I said to myself ‘I hope they will eventually get around to putting his Rebound System on software.  And here it is!  This is not only consistent but also gets some great win and place prices.  I really appreciate you guys doing this!”  Sal Tartaglia, Brooklyn, NY

Having followed Denny Nash since the 1990s, I know that he never, ever, released a system to the public unless he was certain that it made money.  The Rebound System is one of the best — it takes a bit of time using the paper and pencil version, but now that it’s on software that’s really great!  It’s fascinating that a piece of software can now do ‘Trip’ handicapping!  Thanks for everything!”  David Dennison, North Little Rock, AR


➤➤Now, I guarantee you, very few handicappers came close to these kind of results on Breeders’ Cup weekend — I know we sure didn’t — so if a program can be this accurate on some of the toughest to handicap races of the year, it would just make sense that it would do even better on your average, everyday racecards.

➽➽Rebound could technically be called a ‘trip handicapping’ angle, as its main goal is to look for trouble that may have cost a horse a better finish The average win mutuel for Rebound winners is @$10.83 (overall win % @24.4%, which produces a 30%+ positive ROI)It will select lower priced horses fairly frequently, but the average mutuel is brought up to the above mentioned level ($10.83) by the $15 to $50 horses you will occasionally hit. 


Rebound’s win % with horses at morning line of 3/1 or under is close to 35%.  When Rebound picks a horse in this price range, you are almost guarantee that a big effort is in store.



In his final thoughts Denny provides us with a nice surprise.  Read (original text):

Denny researched optimal betting strategies, and the above Special Bonus, when followed to the letter, does indeed produce enhanced profits!


So you now have at your disposal a Trip Handicapping software that reads past performance lines for trouble, then determines if the trouble is valid, and then adds in several critical handicapping factors to determine if a runner should indeed be a Prime play.

The Rebound System! is available in hard copy, ebook and software.  We have reduced our original retail price of $111.00 to just $85.70 provided you order within 14 days.

You definitely want Denny Nash on your side when you are wagering on thorougbreds!  Here’s your opportunity!


The Rebound System Hard Copy   $55.00

The Rebound System Ebook  $44.88

The Rebound System Software  $85.70








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