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Pick your own pace line, use what the program gives you, or use a combination of the two! 

An innovative, INTERACTIVE Pace Program that produces CONSISTENCY + GREAT PRICES!

IPLTAPG for short!  We know that many, many horseplayers enjoy having the ability to choose a certain running line for an individual horse.  This is, of course, easy if you are using a paper/pencil method, but with software it is not always possible.

“This program is totally DYNAMITE!  This is truly the most unique and accurate way to find the REAL PACE LEADER in both sprint and, yep, route races, dirt and turf.  What I want to know is who in the heck came up with this brilliant idea, and why hasn’t anyone thought of it before?  Love the Exotic payoffs as well.’  Thanks, Darren Levin, Port Washington

Len was asked to write a program that would allow the user to select different pace line by a rather well-know national handicapper.

He wanted the main program to calculate Total Pace, but he also wanted the Interactive feature to exploit possible ‘hidden’ pace angles to incorporate into his exotics. 


‘This project turned out better than I could ever imagine’, Len tells us. I took the essentials from our Pace Ace software and Turn Time Plus software and combined them into a Total Pace program that, in my opinion, works brilliantly!’  

‘Then I made it possible to look at different pace lines, as many as four back, and that did indeed open up some great price situations, especially in the exotics.’

So, what you have with IPLTAPG is a TOTAL PACE program, and if you simply want to go with the onscreen selections you will do just fine.  But if you also want to explore, experiment and test using other running lines, you can enjoy that opportunity as well!


You will have fun with this one, and you will cash on horses you never would have given a second look to on your own!

↪︎Watch the Video!:📺

NOW, the truly innovative part of this program is that you can look back and analyze up to 4 past pace lines. 

In otherwords, you can see how each pace line calculates the chances of the contenders!  The default, when you open a race is BEST — meaning the best TOTAL PACE line from the last four races for each horse.  This, of course, is important but let’s say you want to see how the the program calculates the previous pace lines as well.  So when you click on -1, which is the last race, the program will recalculate all of the figures based on that pace line — same if you go back to -2 (2nd race back), -3, etc.

And here’s the advantage to that.  You may find a horse that figures on top on Best, -1, -2 or more  — In otherwords, if a horse figures on top in two or more pace line calculations, the chances of that horse running big are greater.   It will take you about 12 seconds to click on each of the last four pace lines to observe which horses finish on top for each line.


Look at the example below.  Here we have a situation where Stunting figures on top on BEST and -1   —  that’s a strong combo.  But when we look at -2 and -3, we see that Lucky Polly is on top on both.



These situations come up fairly often, and most of the time, one of these two horses will win.  Look at the results below:

So, you can see that with just a few clicks of your mouse, you will be able to engage in a type of pace analysis that virtually nobody else at the racetrack has access to.  That’s called an ‘edge’  —  in this case a MAJOR EDGE!

“Pace indeed does make the race, but it is nigh on impossible for most players to project the correct pace scenario.  Well, take heart, because RPM just released a program that does just that – Projects the correct pace scenario more often than not.  And, you can analyze up to four individual pace scenarios.  The prices are great (avg. win mutual $9.70 — we looked at @240 races – win rate @32%) and some of the Exotic prices, especially Exactas, blew our socks off.  You definitely want to give this IPLT a try.”  Charles Rowlett, Editor, Systems & Methods

But, if you just want to rely on the default screen, which lists the BEST pace lines, you will do just fine.  Look:


Great win prices – OFTEN!  — not just once in awhile


A Great Exacta Trifecta Formulation and a High Percentage of on-the-board hits!!


‘The key to success at the racetrack is doing something the vast majority of the crowd isn’t doing.  And guess what — nobody I know has hit upon this pace concept before, so you will definitely be cashing tickets when most of the betting public is not.  This is like science-fiction type of good stuff – the formulations are just plain genius!’  Hal Anthony, Bronx, NY


The Interactive Pace Line Generator will change the way you look at the pace, and change the way you will look at the game.

It will provide you with a substantial edge on the rest of the crowd, get you a solid percentage of winners at a much-higher than usual mutual price and provide you with some great Exotic payoffs to boot.  You definitely want to give this one a try.

And, at just $118, it is super affordably priced!

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from out website — and definitely take a look at our video (see above)

And, of course, contact us with any questions you may have.  Thanks! 


The Interactive Pace Line Generator Software  $118.00