RPM & BETAMERICA. COM Team Up to Make You an Offer You Simply Cannot Refuse!

How to turn $200 into $640 instantly.

One of the things that really surprised us the last time we recommended opening an account with BetAmerica. com, when they were offering $300 in Free wagering money, was how few of our clients took advantage of the offer. We (RPM) even offered to kick in an additional $30 to new sign-ups via corporate check.

So, OK, we know you see plenty of something for nothing offers from internet crooks every day.

But BetAmerica is one of the largest legal online wagering hubs in the world. And our company, RPM Information Systems, is the largest distributor of handicapping products in the world. And together we are offering you a total of $440 (real money- Free Money) bonus when you deposit just $200 as a new member of the BetAmerica website.

Here’s how it works:

You open an account with

You deposit $200

BetAmerica immediately adds an additional $400 to your account.

You email us the proof of your sign-up/deposit, and we mail you a check for an additional $40.

So your initial $200 deposit becomes $640 before you’ve even made your first wager on the BetAmerica. com website.

You will need to click the link below, or the BetAmerica banner on our website ( to qualify for this offer. Note that there are still some states that do not allow online wagering and they will let you know if your state qualifies.

BUT …. And this is extremely importantthis is an absolutely no-strings attached, no BS offer for FREE wagering money. Why anyone would not take advantage of this offer is beyond us. No other legal North American wagering hub offers anything close to this.

Check out the details thru the BetAmerica link below, or give us a call 1-800-696-0067, with any questions.

We don’t know how long this offer will last, so don’t delay. Hope to hear from you soon.


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