Coming Soon! Super Titles by Super Authors! It seems to happen every Fall! Sillifant’s 2020: A Race Odyssey!; Stabile’s FIGS!; Len’s NCCG!; T. Hubert’s The RUSH!

Jeff Sillifant’s

2020: A Race Odyssey!  

Ron Stabile’s


Len Cz’s

NCCG (Notoriously Consistent Cash-In Generator) Database Proven Software!

Tyler Hubert’s

The RUSH!!

There’s something about the Fall & Early Winter, that seems to bring out some of the Best Handicapping Products of the Year.

We have never quite understood the phenomena, though our theory is that as the weather rotates into the shivering mode, handicappers spend more time indoors and would-be authors actually put pen to paper or keyboard to computer screen and attempt to come up with winning handicapping methods.  Also, the fact that the Breeders’ Cup runs every November, no doubt also piques the interest of fan and author alike.

And, as you know, that is an extremely difficult task, and winning systems are few and far in-between.

But we (RPM) are in the enviable position of being virtually the only outlet available for aspiring authors to test and/or market their products.  Horseplayers and system-writers worldwide come to us with their methods, software, etc., for us to evaluate and perhaps market for them.  Most of what we see  fails to make money over the long run, but every once in awhile a real gem crosses our desk.

And recently, an amazing total of FOUR! have qualified on that count.


We’ll start with Jeff Sillifant’s 2020: A Race Odyssey!

Jeff, as many of you know, is one of the most prolific creators of quality systems of our time.  He is also the master of simplicity — most of his systems contain just a handful of rules.  ‘Odyssey has just TWO rules.  Jeff has this remarkable ability of finding factors, or combinations of factors, that no one else seems to be able to find.  (‘Odyssey’ is a play on names, as the systems primary selection criteria involves ‘Odds’).  And, all of his systems get great prices. 

In fact, ‘Odyssey had a $100.20 winner in the 28-day test below (you will get the complete workout with your purchase).  — Even when you take that $100 winner out, the win ROI still comes in at +93%.  At the bottom of the page below you will see listed all the systems Jeff created over the past 18 years or so.  As you can see, all show remarkable win & place positive ROIs.  Most also show solid ROIs playing to show as well, including ‘Odyssey which showed an average Show mutuel of $4.47 and a +26% ROI.

In Jeff’s workout, he also breaks down the results via Morning Line Odds  — on this page are the 4/1 and 9/2 odds performed – the horses are listed and then an ROI summary below.

Jeff’s 2020: A Race Odyssey will be available in paper, ebook and software versions:  SOON!


Ron Stabile’s FIGS! Performance Equation Super-Supplement to Robert S. Sinn’s Master Speed Formula!

FIGS is, without a doubt, the most precise speed-handicapping tool available to the handicapper.  Of all the factors in the multi-faceted art of handicapping, the number one consideration is: HOW FAST CAN YOU HORSE RUN? 


Originally developed by Robert S. Sinn, an electrical engineer and computer expert, the FIGS Formula is so unique that it actually has a U.S. Patent!  See the info below – if you don’t understand it, well, join the crowd — all we care about is that it works!:

In addition, Ron Stabile, author of The Secret Flat Software Program and a mathematical wizard himself, took the FIGS methodology and Super-Charged it with his PCSP (Pace, Class, Speed, Consistency) Performance Equation.  Ron’s PCSP is profitable on its own, and Sinn’s FIGS Ratings are profitable on their own, and when combined produce extremely accurate and consistent results.

Ron tells us:  ‘The method picks horses at all odds, including favorites.  The picks win at between 40% and 50% for Best Bets and I have lost count of how many 3-horse Exacta and 3-horse Trifecta boxes, in the hundreds of dollars, I have hit.  You can count on a FIGS/PCSP pick to almost always run a big race, and at least hit the show spot 84% of the time.”

F.I.G.S. will be available on software only.




Len Cz’s NCCG (Notorious Consistent Cash-In Generator) Database Proven Software!


There’s no argument that Len Czyzniejewski is the best programmer of handicapping software in the industry, perhaps ever. 

Len, as a professional horseplayer himself, uses his computer genius to construct programs that accurately predict the outcome of a given race.  Even his simplest, least sophisticated programs will produce much better results than the average handicapper will get for him/herself by slogging through the past performance pages.

Len’s Newest, for short we call it NCCG, is another treat for the Consistency player and has the unique ability of ‘learning’, i.e., capturing and highlighting database trends to make more accurate selections. 

If you look at the example above, underneath the screenshot, you will see a sample of the Access database Len has used, and built upon for years.  The database is capable of breaking down results into multiple categories.  Here you see the results at a couple tracks, Churchill (CD) and Charles Town (CT).  The table to the right shows results for Win, Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta.

You can see that this sample returned a +25.45% return on Win and 10.14% on Exactas.  Trifectas and Superfectas showed losses, but just a tiny one on Supers.

Charles Town, on the otherhand, where $5.20 is a big win mutuel – it’s a very chalky track, losses were shown on the win and Exacta.  But look at the Superfecta — a +52.4% returnAt some smaller tracks like Charles Town, bettors often ignore the Superfecta, and when a price or two sneak in, as they often due, you are gifted with a nice overlay.

So with this knowledge, the database will hone selections to be more accurate and consistent in each wagering category.  Pretty Neat!  NCCG will be available in software only.


Tyler Hubert’s THE RUSH!!

The significance of a quick burst of speed, or sustained move, during the final four furlongs of a race cannot be overemphasized.  In fact, most winners, of most races between 5-1/2 and 9 furlongs have shown such a burst or move in one of their last two races within the past 45 days. 

But the problem for most handicappers is how to identify these moves, because at times they can be virtually invisible to the eye.  And, at times, such a move may not be significant at all.  How to tell the difference?

Well, thankfully, we have Tyler Hubert to sort that out for us.  Tyler’s stints in the research departments at The Daily Racing Form and Today’s Racing Digest gave him the background to see through all the noise and pinpoint the kinds of bursts and moves that are predictive of an upcoming big effort. 

Tyler tells us:  ‘These moves are often by design — the trainer’s design, in order to set up a big race.  And they can almost always be spotted in the pps, providing you have a formula that can measure these moves, and I believe that I have come up with a near fool-proof one.  Most of these horse, provided they return to the races within 25 days or so, will run big.’

The RUSH is a super nifty way to spotlight horses whose recent bursts of speed, or ‘rushes’, have them on edge for a biggie.  The RUSH will be available in hard copy, Ebook and Software.

These are products that will improve your game to the extreme and put so much more fun into your racetrack adventures.  Call us 1-800-696-0067 if you have any questions.