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Holloway's Profit Plays of Racing!!

Holloway’s Profit Plays of Racing!!

Rare and Much Sought After — Selling for $100+ on the web — Lou Holloway’s   PROFIT PLAYS OF RACING!!          Editor’s Note:  Enclosed below is a brief passage from Lou Holloway’s remarkable publication: Profit Plays of Racing!   This is a very rare book, so rare, and so desired by horseplayers, in fact, that copies have sold […]

Tom Console's URTI Extreme!!

Tom Console’s URTI Extreme!!

URTI EXTREME!! The Ultimate Racetrack Investor….on Steroids!!    Creates its own research database!!  Includes 6 Additional Tom Console SoftwarePrograms ++ The URTI-X Consensus Page!!  Windows 7 & 8 compatible, superb selection accuracy!!  Query-able Database Feature!  Proven-profit Pick-3 Program also included!! Tom Console’s U.R.T.I.-X (Extreme!) is without a doubt one of the Most Exciting Piece of Handicapping Software Ever Created, yet […]

The Angle Emporium!

The Angle Emporium!

5th Printing!! A Major National Best-Seller!  And NOW IN SOFTWARE!!!!     Angle (ang’gal) v. – 1. To try to get something, gain an end, etc., slyly and artfully. n. – 2.  A method designed as a shortcut to obtain optimal results. The Angle Emporium! At the Angle Emporium, you can browse to your heart’s content for angles that fit […]

Sillifant's Quick-Pik Combo Crusher, The SOFTWARE!! Includes the 3D and Sound System Software!

Sillifant’s Quick-Pik Combo Crusher, The SOFTWARE!! Includes the 3D and Sound System Software!

As if just one rule wasn’t easy enough!! That’s all it took to pick loads of winners and steady profits with   Jeff Sillifant’s Quick-Pik Combo Crusher!!   But we just made it a whole lot quicker and easier because now, this incredibly profitable system is NOW on SOFTWARE!!   And… we’ve included two of Jeff’s other most popular methods […]



I get literally dozens of solicitations from system developers who want my endorsement. Most aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, but every once in awhile I find a diamond in the rough. This is one of those times. Tom Console   Hi Guys: I know it’s been a while since I’ve been in touch, but the fact is that […]

Guaranteed Profit Money-Management System!

Guaranteed Profit Money-Management System!

You now have the option to simply load these programs onto your computer and let the software do all the work for you!  SPECIAL:  FREE Conor Calculator!  + SPECIAL $88 Price – save $41!! You will know exactly what your next wager will be, which will allow you to follow these winning strategies to the letter without the worry of […]