The Super-High Percentage Cash-In Our Horse Racing Software Collection! A Collection of the Highest Hit-rate systems and horse racing software in our inventory!! AND … Up to (9!) FREE! Top-Drawer System & Software Packages!!!

Editor’s Note:  In the spirit of ‘ask and you shall receive’, we have had many, many requests for putting together an offering of true ‘Consistency’ Methods’, i.e., systems that cash often, win/place/show, with no serious runouts and average mutuels hefty enough to turn a profit.

So, we have done just that – compiled an offering of FIVE of Super Consistent, high-hit rate, no-runout, profitable methodologies (and software).  We have:



Jon Worth’s New THE BIG EASY!!  One of the highest % Win/Place/Show Methods we have ever testedWin Rate Averages Between 43% and 51% depending upon the track you are playing.


Dick Johnson’s New The PERFECT RACETRACK SYSTEM! Boasting a 38%+ Win Rate, 59% Place and 84% Show — PRS is also one of the most POTENT EXACTA methods in the game, hitting the Exacta over 40% of the time, many at BIG prices.


New!  The DRAAMAN, II Mystery Method! A Method used by Professionals in Hong Kong – now adapted for profitable use for U.S. Racing.  Gets some sneaky, sneaky plays and big payoffs, both straight and in the Exotics!  This one is truly ‘Different’, and a ‘must’ for any serious fan’s horseplaying arsenal.


Console’s New PACE SECRET PLUS!! Another ingenious Pace Angle from handicapping genius Tom Console!  Solid win % at a high (over $10) average win mutuel!  Very easy to figure!  High Place & Show hit rates as well.


Walt Owen’s The BIG FOUR METHOD!Consistency and an average win mutuel in the $9.80 range  — Typical, top-quality, easy to use Walt Owen material.



We are offering purchasers and ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS BONUS OFFERING.  Depending on your Purchase you can get UP To NINE (9) Hi-Quality FREE!! BONUS Items.

So do not miss out — we make offers like this only about once every three years or so! 








Let’s Look at the Bonus Offers Again, Just so Everyone Has a Clear, Concise Idea of the Incredible Values offered here:

Category 1
1a. The Trifecta King’s Complete Winning Strategy! – from a profession who profits consistently on Trifecta wagers – a no-can-lose strategy for racing’s most lucrative wager. $55 retail

1b. The Daily Double Wizard! – the Daily Double is an overlooked wager these days, what with all the other exotic wagers available these days – learn a simple strategy to hit this wager over 40% of the time. Good stuff. $49 retail

1c. The Trandex Zero-Line Software Package! – one of the best longshot producing programs in our inventory – boasts a consistency play as well – hits some great exotic payoffs. $48 retail


Category 2
2a. The Two-Calls System! – This one just in! Dale Becker of Omaha has come up with a remarkably simple winner getter by simply adding a few figures in the pp lines – 35% winners and some at big prices! Quick, Easy, Effective. Something we’ve never seen before. $59 retail

2b. Triple Track Progression Method! – here’s a real dilly if you are a bit risk adverse but love to collect huge payoffs – Jeff Daley (‘Jackpot Handicapping’ author) shows you how to perform a ‘modified’ progression using multiple tracks at the same time. It’s a bit crazy, but you only need to hit two or three of your progressions to potentially win a bundle. This one is fun! $75 retail

2c. The Console Continuum Software! – not widely advertised, which is Tom’s m.o. when he has something that is exceptionally good. Consistency + Big Prices and – analyzes over 131 crucial factors – The software continuously calculates and recalculates favorable situations during the selection process – one of Tom’s best. $148 retail


Category 3

3a. Jon Worth’s The BIG 4 – +1 Software! – this is one of Jon’s best and another one of those ‘under-the-radar’ methods that was not widely distributed as Jon did not want a lot of them out there. Why? Well — testing several tracks, the win ROI came in at a huge +83%, Place +62% and, get this, the show +70%. A system you can truly depend upon. $168 value (you can also request paper version)

3b. Jeff Sillifant’s Playday Payday System! – 68%+ Profit, year in, year out. One of the steadiest profit-maker’s in our inventory.  Extremely simple; high average win mutuel. Profits on place and show, too! $75 retail

3c. Mark Cramer’s Harness Race Profit Portfolio! – The last word on profitable play at the Harness Races. He provides you with 4 methods – his Blue Chip 44% win system, and then 3 others that regulary catch double-digit winners & great paying Exactas. Using Mark’s methods will make you a steady, consistent winner at the sulkies. $110 retail.



>>If you are ordering thru our website:  After you place the order, simply email us at  with the bonus items you would like.  >>Above listed Discounts for multiple purchases: Will be rebated to your Paypal Account if you order thru the website, or be rebated by Check and sent along with your products.

If you are ordering by phone  1-800-696-0067  you can, of course, request your chosen bonus items at that time.


The Big Easy Paper/Pencil  $59.50

The Big Easy Paper
The Big Easy Paper
Price: $59.50


Big Easy Ebook  $49.88


The Big Easy Software  $118.00



Dramaan, II Paper/Pencil  $55.00


Dramaan, II Ebook   $48.88



Dramaan, II Software  $97.90



The Perfect System Paper/Pencil  $54.90



The Perfect System Ebook  $48.88


The Perfect System Software  $79.90


Pace Secret Plus Paper/Pencil  $38.00


Pace Secret Plus Ebook   $35.88



The Big Four Paper/Pencil   $39.00



The Big Four Ebook  $35.88