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The National Power Selection Line — The #1 Rated Selections Service in the Country For Over 10 Years Now!!


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A Note from Len Cz:

I have been conducting The National Power Selection Line for 10 years now.

NPSL is a computer-generated selection service for thoroughbred horseracing.

The program I use (which I also wrote) employs over 170 winning angles, critical handicapping factors, trainer/jockey stats, bias factors, etc., etc.

The result has been a service that has provided consistent profits for my clients for several years now.

Many of my clients have been with me since day-one.

So if you are tired of handicapping with poor results, or just want another opinion, the National Power Selection Line will provide you with the kind of consistency at the pari-mutual windows that you likely haven’t experienced before. Read on…..

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What Can You Expect From My National Power Selection Line?  Here are some recent results (even more results further below!):






When you log onto the NPSL Website, this is the format you will see.   You will see date, track, official program #’s, morning line odds, how to wager (we often ‘dutch’, i.e., playing two horses, which has proven very profitable).   After the day’s races are over, we post the results, as you can see in the example below.

And another couple of big hits right after we posted the above — $25  and  $111!

And, you can also expect:

Big Prices, Often.

85%+  of My Releases at Least Hit the ‘Show’ Spot.

Selections 7 Days Per Week via My Website.  You Simply Log on and the Picks are Right in Front of You.

Beginning our 10th Year of Service to the Horseplayer — The National Power Selection Line Is More Consistent than Ever and that’s Saying a Mouthful!!

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You Should Be!

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You know me — I know you.  We are all horseplayers.

We share something special — something folks not in our sport simply cannot understand.  And win or lose, we all, almost daily, experience the thrills and chills of this incredibly exciting game.

And while ‘losing’ is taken for granted by most horseplayers, I, and most of my longtime clients, can tell you that the racetrack experience is definitely enhanced by winning — by cashing tickets on horses that catch 95% of the fans out there looking the other way.


I introduce you to Los Angeles resident Donald Singleton, a Professor at a local institute of higher learning:


Thank you for activating me! As I told you, I need to make extra money to make up for my salary cut, so I am completely ignoring favorites. I don’t want to just cash tickets; show me the money!

Here are the scores that had me jumping for joy! (Inside my head of course; my students wouldn’t understand).

•    Shiny Blue                   $24.60
•    Bigum                          $31.00
•    Alittlebitspecial             $11.00 (pl)
•    Johnny Bonofied          $10.80
•    Unbridled Cream’s        $42.80

. Fortunia                        $26.80

•    Afleet Again                  $51.00 (did it really pay $46.60 to show?)
•    Monstrip                       $17.80 (pl)
•    Man of Thunder, Mas Macho            $29.40 + exacta
•    Carol’s Gift                   $23.00 (pl) + trifecta
•    Coco Point                   $21.20
•    Mithrandir                    $19.20 (pl)

I understand that every selection won’t be successful, but my focus will be on playing the races that will have the biggest potential return on investment.

Years ago, I was a member of the Sartin Group so I am familiar with the concept of dutching. However, since my primary focus is longshots and exotics, I will utilize the dutching technique as it relates to those races.

Thank you again for allowing me to peer into the NPSLP races. I will continue to monitor it daily. I’m looking forward to delving into handicapping full time.

Keep up the good work!
Dr. Donald Singleton

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Don likes to win.  I like to win.  Everybody likes to win.

You know me.  Many of you own several of my software programs.

You know I’m not a BS-er.  Yes, part of my living depends on selling my work-products — but I will be honest with you in every respect as to their ability to produce positive results for you.

It takes me hundreds of hours to produce a successful software program.

It took me thousands of hours to produce the software that makes the selections for my National Power Selection Line, which begins its seventh year in November.

And since I’ve added my Tailor-Made software selections to the daily selection service, things have gotten even better, turned even more positive, produced more winning wagers and exactas than ever before.

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Oh, here’s another NPSLP fan, Zel Fairorth by name (Illinois), who provided us with some of his own research:

Len –

There were 14  Picks with No-Stars. They just about broke even betting to Win or Show, but showed a 25% PROFIT betting to Place.

There were 36 Picks with Stars, which produced, what I consider to be, GOOD results. These 36 Picks showed a 75% PROFIT betting to Win; a 39% PROFIT betting to Place; and a 26% PROFIT betting to Show.

Betting each of the 36 Picks with Stars and the 14 Picks with No Stars (50 plays) to Place produced a winning Place percentage of 62% and a PROFIT of 35%, which puts a smile on my face.…. How about you?….. Thanks……  Zel

When Zel refers to ‘stars’, he is referring to the way we rate the daily picks.  Actually, we use asterisks *****.  The more ‘stars’, the better chance of the horse cashing in.  In fact:

**One Category – the ‘4-Star’ horse, has clicked at 63%!

**The ‘Show’ Rate is a Phenomenal 86%+ — 93% in the ‘strong’ categories!

**Using a Modified Parlay Wagering System (8we’ll even send you Dr. Anthony’s Guaranteed Profit Money Management System if you don’t already own it) You can make a Very Consistent Profit Betting only to Show!

**High Exacta Hit Rate when Betting the Pick with the Favorite, or if the pick is the favorite, betting it with the 2nd favorite!

And those results come from betting mostly short-priced horses!

As you read in Don’s letter, the prices are there for the picking as well – BIG prices and nice-paying Exactas!

You, too, can participate in the fun and profits, and as you can see from the above results, there are indeed profits to be made – at times,

**You do no work whatsoever — simply log onto the website for your picks daily – 7 Days a week!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

So listen, I’m not a high-pressure type of sales guy, but seriously, if you truly want to make some money at this game, the National Power Selection Line will do that for you.  Give it a try.

I do this seven days a week folks.  I personally wager on every selection I put out on the line.  Tens of thousands of dollars per year goes thru my Station Casino account in Las Vegas.

The profits are nice — the comps (I haven’t paid for a meal or hotel room for years, for my family as well as my extended family).  I love every minute of it.  No, every day will not be a winning one.  Some horseplayers cannot accept that fact – but once you do, and then stick with something that has a positive long term track record, you are on your way to winning at the racetrack.

And the service is priced so darned reasonably that even if you don’t want to chance a wager on the selections, you can just watch and keep track of the results.


Here’s A Listing of the kind of  Results you can often expect — Note the number of big payoffs


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Pricing & Software Bonus Packages

Pricing for the service will be as follows + FREE Software (see enclosed list):

If you’d like to try the service for just one month, you would normally pay $79 — but our current Introductory web offer gives you 2 months for just $74.50!!

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So give Dave a call at 1-800-696-0067.  Or you can call me at 1-702-234-9020.  Or you can order via the website.  Whatever is easiest for you.

And hey, you have my comitment to do the best job possible both for you (and me!) selecting winning horses and exotic payoffs.

You have my phone number if you have any questions or just want to call and yell at me.  And my e-mail ( if you want to communicate that way.

So call, choose the length of your plan and pick out your free software.  We’re waiting anxiously by the phone!  Really!  Take care, Len

OK, You’ve Decided to Subscribe to The National Power Selection Line!


You’ll Soon be cashing mutuel tickets like crazy!

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You tell us which one you want, you go to our website

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If you are ordering off of our website ( and are requesting two or more FREE programs, 

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Tom Console’s Exacta Extractor – no kidding, hits 71%+ of the Exactas it picks.  Many are short prices, but if you stick to fields of eight horses or more, makes a nice buck for you.  Works only on XP.

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__Tips, v. 6.  Tom Worth’s fabulous ‘TIPS’ system now on software and includes all recent updates.  This is a real work of handicapping programming ‘art’.  Provides the user with so many options to win.  $399 retail TP

__The Zarn Effect – popular ods-based software from Peter Zarn – great results and at times big, big prices! $145 retail ZE

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Two Months National Power Line Selection Service

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Three Months National Power Line Selection
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Four Months National Power Line Selection

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Six Months National Power Line Selection