SO How About This::: All of the Selections from the Handicapper Who Makes The Breeders’ Cup Selections for many Professionals, + The FULL Fall Del Mar Meet for just $99!!

Editor’s Note:  Here’s your chance to experience, follow and play with one of the nation’s foremost Professionals: Rob Henie of ECHR/WCHR Fame (East Coast Racing Report/West Coast Racing Report)!! 

>>Rob’s service is used by some of the nation’s top professional handicappers, sportscasters, trainers and owners

>>>And now YOU can Take Advantage of Rob’s Expertise for all 14 Breeders’ Cup Races coming up this Friday & Saturday, as well as his Selections for the Full Del Mar Fall Meeting!


>>TAKE​ ​A​ ​LOOK​ ​AT​ ​THESE​ ​NUMBERS! Del Mar Summer Meeting ​(​$20 ​w​in​ w​agers)

Invested:​​​​​​​​​​      $1,640.00


Return:​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​$2,850.00


Del Mar SELECTED​ ​WIN​ ​WAGERS​ ​ROI​ ​​ ​+73.7%! 


And:  The recently concluded Santa Anita Fall Meeting:

Santa Anita Fall Selected Win Wagers ROI +21%!


Rob is opening up just 50 Spots for his Breeders’ Cup/Del Mar Special — so don’t delay — sign up today!!


A Super Selection Service for a Super Low Price! Rob Henie’s Del Mar & Breeders’ Cup Selections!!

Instead of the usual $199 price, you pay just $99! —

that’s @ $2 per racing day  — that’s less than a daily program, less than admission, much less than the cost of a Daily Racing Form.  And for that you will be getting precise, consistent, dependable selections from one of the TOP Handicappers in the Nation!!!

>>>ANDDDD….  Exclusive New Features, including Rob’s ‘Priority First-Time Starter Selections’!!

☞🏇At the recent Belmont meeting Rob released 26 First Time Starters — 15 of them WON (57.6%!!)A $20 flat win bet got you back $1,290 in Profit!!

>>At Santa Anita he released 25 firsters, 11 won — with a $20 Flat Win Bet getting you back $810 in pure profit!


>>>>And Rob has done this consistently, for meet after meet — so if you did nothing but play Rob’s 1st time starter picks, you would be swimming in $$$$$. 


And Rob’s regular daily selections will also have you returning to the cashier’s window again and again – His selections have earned profits at over 88% of the meets he has covered over the past several years.  That’s the kind of record very, very few professionals can lay claim to.

>>And Rob has absolutely OWNED the Breeders’ Cup – not hype, just FACT – in 2016 he hit with 37% of his plays, including three $24+ Payoffs.   In 2015 he hit 36%, including a $37 and $55 winner + some HUGE Exactas ($757, $596) & Trifectas ($2,117, $1,654, $1,212)!!<<


☞So, Really – Think About It:  Why not simply hire a professional handicapper do the stressful work of selecting winners for you?

It makes no sense whatsoever for you to struggle in frustration with the past performances when you can have one of the game’s most prolific handicapper/players do all the work for you.  He has a proven profitable record the vast majority of  meets covered!!


☞☞The ECHR/WCHR Subscriber list reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of horseracing.  But YOU, too, can belong this exclusive club!

  Trainer Bob Baffert; Expert Handicapper/Author Steve Davidowitz; Top Handicapper/Software Genius/Author Tom Console; Bob Neumeier, NBC Television Racing Analyst for 25+ years; Terrence ‘The Hat’ Bradley, Renowned, Major East Coast Player for decades; and many, many more.

From $2 bettors to $200+ bettors, Rob’s selection service has rewarded his loyal subscribers with steady, dependable profits for years!


“If you play the big tracks on the east and west coast, check out the East Coast & West Coast Handicapping Report from Rob Henie, it’s full of great information everyday and believe me, I use it myself.” Bob Baffert


Steve Davidowitz, author and Andy Beyer colleague, has been using Rob’s Service for years:  “You simply cannot beat Rob’s expert analysis — I have finished most meets with a positive ROI, and these are the toughest-to-handicap meets in the nation.”


Henie’s reports are written in a clear, concise, and logical way AND you will learn about the nuances of the game. Personally, I highly recommend his work and would encourage all others to give it a read. I have and I’m glad I did. And his Breeders’ Cup picks have always been right on.”     Bob Neumeier, NBC Racing Television Analyst 25 plus years as TV analyst for NBC Sports

“I am confident in my own handicapping, but I always, every racing day, check in with Rob’s Reports.  Did you know that by just betting Rob’s 1st-time-starter selections over the past couple of years yielded a +37% ROI!!!  For every dollar you put in, you got $1.37 backI can almost make a living on that!”  Tom Console, Handicapping author

Commentary on Every Race, Every Day — Nobody in the Business follows East Coast & West Coast Racing Like Rob Does — His Commentary and Selections are based on not only years of experience, but also on information that the average horseplayer simply does not have access to.  Example of race analysis provided:

A $24.40 winner:

👉Rob has shown positive ROIs at close to 90% of the meetings he has covered since 2010.  He does nothing but immerse himself in the art of handicapping —  study trainer patterns, post position patterns, track bias, 👉watch – over and over again – the replay tapes for each racing day looking for troubled trips, etc. — 🏇he wagers on the same horses that he releases to his clients.

🏇In addition, Rob is a proven Handicapping Tournament winner.  Just recently he won 1st place in the Wynn Casino feeder tourney, 1st place at the $500 Buy-In Gold Coast casino contest and 1st place in the Del Mar feeder tourney, making him eligible for the $100,000 Del Mar Challenge Contest!!🏇


>>When you subscribe to the Rob’s Racing Reports, You are hiring a professional to do the work for you!  Your selections are emailed to you, you make your wagers and, on most days, and at most meetings, you are going to pocket some serious coin.


>>>>This is the real thing folks.  You’ve got an expert, winning handicapper providing you with detailed selections and consistently high prices.  Rob will do all the work for you — you are hiring a specialist with decades of winning experience behind him.<<<<

>>>  @$2 per racing day — less than the cost of a program — @1/6 of what a Daily Racing Form costs you — and you don’t need any of those with Rob by your side.

>>Complete Breeders’ Cup & Del Mar (Del Mar race dates: 11/1 thru 12/4  Breeders’ Cup: Nov. 3 -4) Selection Package just $99!!<<

Don’t Delay – Sign Up Today! 50 Spots Open.  Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website

Complete Del Mar Fall/Breeders’ Cup Selection Package   $199

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