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 Selection Accuracy using the program’s multi-faceted Optimum 1 Screen below — and for even more accuracy, use RPG-O’s Database Modeler




New Features Include:

1) Calc-Speed Generation 2.0, a program that adds turbo-speed to data calculations, thus enabling the software to process tons of handicapping data at light speed – more data calculated = more accurate selections.


2) New ‘Correlation Finder’ which now automatically finds winning Correlations – this feature will greatly speed-up the process that provides you with proven winning plays.

3) New ‘Custom Plays’ feature where you can ‘customize’ exactly the situations you want the software to find for you.

4) Faster, more efficient ‘queryable’ database.  This feature allows you to search out your own successful methods of play.  You can choose from one to dozens of the listed handicapping factors in combination to test against your database. 

5) New, sophisticated ratings for Jock/Trainer % & ROI based on previous patterns; an Improved HR2 rating (Tom’s rating for finding logical overlays); Pedigree ratings based on today’s surface; 2nd Call – new, much more predictive rating based on horse’s position and deviation from par time at the 2nd call;  Total Pace – feet-per-second total pace rating – dynamite in sprints; LRC/F rating – shows the class of a horse in last three races, finish position and beaten lengths.


6) Additional ‘More Info Screen that displays info on distance ability, turf ability, a win over today’s track, bandages, jockey’s competence at today’s distance and much more.


7) Improved Exacta Modeler — you can now find logical winning Exacta situations at the click of a mouse.



→The Top-Reviewer Gambling System Newsletter says:

September, 2015

The Race Profit Generator software has not been able to make me a millionaire overnight, but it certainly has provided me with a very steady and healthy income every month. On average, I need to spend around 15 to 20 minutes per day working the system. You can choose to either withdraw your daily profits or re-invest it for even higher returns. Tom claims that his software is able to make 10% to 30% every month which I have found to be a very realistic target.

If you are looking to make at least 10% return on your money every month and have complete control over how you allocate your profits, then Race Profit Generator would be a perfect program for you.



→Phillips Racing Newsletter says:

“For pure sophistication, ease of use, profitability and technical support, it is very difficult to outdo Tom’s Race Profit GeneratorWhether you use just the program picks, or use the extremely sophisticated database ‘modeler’ (which will hone you into the highest % winning and exotic situations), you simply cannot lose with software.  We make it a ‘9’ on our rating scale.”




→Jeff Sillifant, one of the top handicapping authors and system creators (Cash Cluster, Max-21, Lifeline Discovery, etc., etc.), sums up beautifully his experience with RPG, Optimum:



‘This Is The Real Thing, Folks!’

How would you like it if prior to the day’s races, somebody taps you on the shoulder and says:

Bet the #3 horse to win in the 4th, the #6 in the 5th, then do a 4-5-7 Exacta box in the 7th, and there’s a great longshot play running in the 9th, the #10 horse. 

And what if at the end of the day you notice that the 4th race was a winner ($11.60), the horse in the 5th ran 3rd at 9-to-1, the Exacta in the 7th pays $49.60 and the longshot in the 9th ran 2nd, paying $22.10 to place!  Would you think the guy who gave you this info just got lucky, or did he know something that you don’t know?

Well, the above example was taken straight from a single card handicapped by the Race Profit Generator, Optimum.  And this is not an untypical day.  In fact, RPG users become accustomed to WINNING DAYS like this one.  It captures patterns that will repeat in the future – something no other computer program has done before.

So like the guy who tapped you on the shoulder, RACE PROFIT GENERATOR, OPTIMUM, does know something you don’t know: It knows when a horse is a lucrative wagering proposition, based on literally thousands of crucial handicapping factors, something the brain of a handicapper simply cannot do.

RPG has been programmed to ‘know’ what kind of horse is a solid bet under every possible race scenario.  Of course you don’t get a bet in every race, but you’ll average a solid three or so plays per day per track.

And, hey, you are also going to get enhanced versions of most of Tom’s best-selling methods, like SPACE, FG, URTI, Snap-Cap, Tru-Tenders, Horse Rating Pro, K-Speed, etc.  All are included on the main screen, and each and every one of these methods can be ‘modeled’ and analyzed by the software to show you exactly where money can be made by using them, which enables you to generate even more profitable plays!  So what else can RPG do for you?  How about:


A LONGSHOT POWER PLAY – A 111%+ Return On Investment on ALL Tracks Tested!

Tom will show you exactly how this play works, and if you do nothing more than put $2 on the nose of every Power Play Longshot when they come up in the entries, you will double your money and then some over time.

One fellow who ordered recently had protested the RPG, O price as ‘a bit steep’.  Two weeks later, however, he called back:  ‘I was leery at first, but this has to be the best bargain in horseracing.  I’ve never felt so confident about cashing a wager — automatic plays that require no work on my part.  I love it!’

So, are you still waiting for that tap on the shoulder? Well, you’ll feel that tapping everyday with

The Race Profit Generator, Optimum.  See you at the cashier’s window!



√Seriously, this is a good one and Tom, who is one of the most honest guys in the business, even offers a full money-back guarantee if for any reason you are not happy with the software.
Take Care, Jeff Sillifant


Faster is Better!  Calc-Speed Generation 2.0©!th

Tom has incorporated a sophisticated, state of the art data-speed ‘turbo’ engine into RPG, Optimum.  Calc-Speed Generation 2.0 makes it possible to do up to 170 times the number of calculations in less time than the old technologyAs such, Tom was able to expand the number of handicapping factors used in the software tremendously, because Calc-Speed makes it possible to process hundreds of thousands or millions of calculations in a fraction of a second.  Higher Speed combined with Higher Capacity results in much more precise data and selections.


RPG, OPTIMUM provides you with information that only a very tiny fraction of racetrack handicappers possess.  For example:


More Info screen #1


More Info screen #2


Custom Play screen — create your own systems – When you click ‘Custom Plays’ on main screen RPG-O will show you all races which fit your parameters


The Only Voices Who Really Count — Our Customers

We have had dozens of customers respond with positive comments — Here is just a sampling:

“Tom – have had a chance to look at all my back data now, and am pleased as punch with the results.  I was able to find winning situations at every track I had data on, with ROI’s ranging from +9% to +151%.  The modeler and Rate Win 2 screens are scarily accurate – I found that if a horse is listed with a 41% or higher chance of winning, you can play all of those runners — straight win bet — regardless of odds, and end up with a positive ROI in the 17% to 18% range.  And this play involves absolutely no thinking.  Good stuff, Tom, this is a real keeper!”  Toby Arnett, tester #4

“Hey Tom, about the only suggestion I would have is to publish a few more examples in the manual to make everything crystal clear.  Not that Optimum is difficult to use; it sure the heck is a lot easier than that $1,200 program I ‘invested’ in, but I think some concrete examples of how to locate winning plays would get your customers on the right track quickly.  RPG is a masterpiece — it’s a money-maker, regardless of how you use it.  Thanks for letting me test it.”  Frank Ardaiz, tester 22 (note: additional examples are now included in the manual)



“This is exactly what I have been looking for, Tom.  I like things fairly simple, and I have tracked over 800 win bets (power plays only) at 18 different tracks.  I only bet morning line odds of 2/1 or higher.  Out of the 800+ bets I got 256 winners, @32% win rate.  Average mutuel was $7.66, so for every $2 wagered I got back $2.45.  I threw out the two longest prices, a $31 and a $26, which would make the profits even bigger, but I also thought they  may skew the sample.  So using RPG in its simplest format, I enjoyed consistency, decent payoffs and nice profit.  I will get into the modeling aspects later and let you know what I think.  Thanks,” Harvey Leed, Great Britain


“Oh man, I don’t want to get overly excited, but this baby really smokes!  I got so tired of trying to make heads or tails of that real expensive program I got last summer, that RPG was a welcome relief since it is so darned easy to use.  The correllations and modeling capabilities are out of this world.  I mean, I have found dozens of profitable plays all over the country by testing different criteria.  And what is amazing is that often, very often, you can find winning situations just by looking at the model.  So far the FG, BPP, J%, S3 and PWR have proven the filters that find the most profitable plays.  No, I’m not going to quit my job, but RPG-O has already added a couple hundred per week to my paycheck.  When people realize what you’ve got here, they’re all going to want to own it.  Good work, as usual, Tom! Oh, and that longshot feature — geez, how in the heck did you come up with that!!” Henry Dayton, tester 30.


“I have averaged @$45 per day profit with RPG on small wagers, mostly straight win and place bets.” Jimmy Christian, Westwego, LA


“...the best program I’ve ever used, and I have them all!” Stan Masters, Ft. Worth, TX


“So this guy, who was always a loser, is suddenly cashing all these bets.  I asked him what the heck was going on, and he said the new ‘RPG’.  That’s when I called you to order.  Now that I know his secret, how about keeping it from everybody else!  Just kidding, but this is one hekuva program!” Pat Bartolotta, Mutuels Manager, Meadowlands, New Jersey


From Tom:

“Together, my programmer and I have created a computer program that performs an extremely sophisticated analysis of a horse race.  It also stores and analyzes data with the express purpose of locating winning situations at the racetrack(s) you are playing.  The software will spell out, in detail, exactly where the profitable situations can be found at a given track. 

What the Race Profit Generator, Optimum does better than any other program out there on the market is create a super-detailed, super-sophisticated ‘model’ of every given type of race at every track.

By ‘model’, we mean that the software creates a ‘picture’ of what has occured in a given type of race in the past, and then scrutinizes this picture, looking at every detail, to determine what characteristics winning and in-the-money horses possess in this type of race.”   Tom Console



So now it’s up to you. 

→If you are interested in adding income from the racetrack to whatever other income you have; if you are interested in having knowledge that far less than 1% of even the serious players out there possess; if you want to KNOW what wins at your track;

if you want to finally wager with confidence, collect frequently and also have the option of customizing your own profitable plays, then, you know what, you are going to fall in love with RPG-O. 

So give it a tryYou have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and as a horseplayer, that’s probably not a situation you’ve been in too often.

→>>And to help in your decision process, if you order within the next 10 days, you will save a full $100 off the retail price of $395, so your price is just $295!  And you can make up to four payments if you wish.



Give us a call at 1-800-696-0067. 

We will get the complete RPG-O Program and user manual in the mail to you right away – or you can download the program.  You are going to wonder, in short order, how you ever lived without RPG-O.  It truly will transform your game Give us a call.  Thanks!

Oh, and Check out the additional data below from the User’s Manual if you wish


The Race Profit Generator Optimum   $395  $295




Below find some of the technical details of the program —  If you want to do nothing but use the Auto Plays you will do well, but if you really want a bump up in your ROI, check out the modeling and other Data details.

RUNNING THE PROGRAM & the ‘Auto Plays’

Once you have downloaded from BRIS and unzipped the file, you can now open the file and view the races. From the MAIN SCREEN, click OPEN RACE FILE. A new box will appear showing all your unzipped files. Click the one you want to open. You will be taken to a new screen. This screen will have the race numbers listed from race 1 to the last race. You may also see a horse listed in some races. This is a “Spot Play” that you can use “out of the box”. You will be able to come up with stronger plays, as this selection is a generic play made for ALL tracks. It has done well at all tracks too, but if you build a model and correlations designed for YOUR track, it will do better. But for starters, this play is good. The plays you may see are as follows:

PPPP….this play is the strongest of the auto plays. So you may see PPPP = #10 in a race. This means the #10 horse is a PPPP play

1HPP…..This is a 1 Horse Power Play. It may show 1HPP = #3. That is saying in this race, horse #3 is a 1HPP.

2HPP, 3HPP, 4HPP…..these are 2, 3, or 4 horse plays. A 2HPP you can bet both to win, or box in an exacta.. 3HPP you can play exacta or trifectas, etc.

1H, 2H, 3H, 4H…these are like above, but not as “tight”. These are good plays too, but not as strong.

LS-1….This is a long shot play. It hits at a very low %, but at very high prices! So if a race shows something like LS1= #8, that means #8 is a long shot play.

Insta…plays based on my very popular Insta-Pick software.

Those are the pre-programmed auto plays. From this screen, click on the 1 under the R# (Race number) column. You will be taken to the Race 1 ratings screen. Let me explain what you will be looking at.

First, near the top, you will see the track symbol, date, and race number. Under that is the race description. If you follow this area all the way to the right, you will see two other boxes with another race number in it. For example, lets ay you are looking at race 4 on your screen. You will see the two boxes that will look like this:

Race 5>> (Clicking this will take you AHEAD one race)

<<Race 3 (Clicking this will take you BACK one race)



At the far bottom right corner of the main data screen you will see a choice called MORE INFO. If you click this, you will go to a new screen with even more ratings. The ratings on this screen are as follows:


ITM…This is the In the money percentage of the horse. In other words, what % of the time has the horse finished 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the past 2 years. (last year + this year)


STRETCH…This is the total number of lengths the horse has been back at the stretch

     call of its last 2 races. If a horse has a 0, it was leading at the stretch call of the last 2

     races. If it was 3 lengths back in its last race, and 5 back two races ago, its

     STRETCH number will be 8. Statistically, horses that are closer to the lead in the

     stretch have the best chance of winning. Horses that are out of it in the stretch don’t

     have a great chance to win today.

LATE PACE…This is the horse’s final fraction rating.


ODDS…This is the horses average odds. It looks at the odds the horse went off at in its

       last 4, and averages the two best (lowest) post time odds. This shows if the horse

       has recently been getting betting support at the windows.


BSTY…This is the horses best BRIS speed THIS year


BSLY…This is the horses best BRIS speed LAST year.


EP1…The horses EARLY pace rating to the first call.


EP2…The horses EARLY pace rating to the second call.


LP…The horses LATE pace rating.


SR…The horses Speed rating…another of many Speed ratings in RPG!


LATE…This is a RPG total pace rating which give a little more meaning to the horses late ability versus early. Early is still figured in, but more weight is given to its late ability. This is good when the track is favoring closers.


EARLY…Like LATE above, only this gives a lot more weight to the horses EARLY ability and less to the LATE.


FINAL…This takes both EARLY and LATE above into one final total. The FINAL column shows its overall ability rating.

2nd Call….this is an advanced second call pave rating for the horse

Total Pace…Like the second call above, however it is using to total pace of the race.

MORE, More Info!!

While on the first MORE INFO screen, you can again click the MORE info box in the far lower right corner and go to yet another screen. This is a FORM FACTOR screen. This screen shows various form factor items, and gives you a Y or N if the horse passes or fails this form factor. The factors are as follows:

LRF<12…Was the horses Last Race Finish within 12 lengths of the winner? Stats show most winners did finish within 12 lengths of the winner last out.

W@D…Does the horse have at least 1 lifetime win at todays distance? Sometimes its not wise to bet on a horse to do something it has never done before!

W@T…Does the horse have a win at todays TRACK? May be a shipper or maybe the horse does not like this particular track.

TURF WIN?…Has the horse ever won on TURF? (Only useful if todays race is TURF!)

2Y%…If the horse has a Y under this, it means that its win % the past 2 years is 10% or better. If not, it has not won many times the past 2 years.

SAME TRACK?…Is the horse running at the same track today as it did last race? Maybe the horse has done well recently, but at other tracks. If the horse has an N in this and in W@T, it may not be a good bet!

NO BANDAGES…A horse wearing bandages may have leg problems. If a horse has a Y under this, then it is saying it is NOT wearing bandages. An N means is does have bandages.

J@D …Y means the JOCKEY does satisfactory at todays distance.

DistTvsL…This means Distance Today vs Last. Is the horse staying close in distance to what it ran last race, or is it drastically changing race distance today versus what it ran last race? Y means it is close to last race, N means a big change.


No Mdn Last…Y means the horse was NOT a maiden in its last race. N means it WAS a maiden. If today is a maiden race, all horses will show N as all were maidens last race too. But if today is NOT a maiden race, and the horse shows an N in this column, it means it won its maiden race last time out and today is against tougher competition.

As you can see, Y’s are good in every column above, N’s are bad.   If your pick has many N’s, be careful!!!

If you click MORE INFO again on this screen you will go back to the original ratings screen.

RATE WIN 2 Data Base Option – this is where the real ‘genius’ of the program comes in

The next option under DATABASE (ONLY if you have a race opened on the screen) is called RATE WIN 2. This is a very sophisticated screen. This screen can only be used if you have a model in RPG. I would suggest at least 30 past days of racing in your model minimum. What this screen does is looks at past race winners, and AUTO-TUNES itself to pick winners! It looks at past races of today’s type, sees what the winners had in common, and uses the most important factors, AND also decides how much weight each of those factors should get. So let’s say you have a race opened on your screen, click on DATABASE then click on RATE WIN 2. First a pop-up box will appear. This is where you create and save the settings for the Rate Win screen. When you make settings in this box, RPG will save them forever, unless you decide to change them. Let me explain the choices you will see in this pop-up box:

ALWAYS USE THIS TRACK…The RATE WIN 2 screen can only be accessed when you have a drf file opened, and a race on the screen.   If you have this box selected, then the ratings will only look at past races at the TRACK you have opened. So if you are looking at Race 1 at Del Mar, the program will only look at past Del Mar races in your database. I keep this one selected.

ALWAYS USE TODAYS SURFACE…If this is selected, the program will look to se what surface this race is on (dirt or turf for example) and only look at past races that were on this surface. I ALWAYS keep this selected. SO for example, if the race I am handicapping is dirt, only past dirt races will be used.

USE TODAYS RACE TYPE ONLY…It will look to see what type race this is… maiden, claimer, allowance, etc,… and then only use past races of this same type. Depending on how many past races are in your database, you may or may not want to use this. It will drastically cut down the number of races found to base the rating on. Usually I dont select this unless I have a ton of past files built in the database for this track.

USE AGE RESTRICTIONS…If you select this, you will only use past races that were for todays age group and up. I usually keep this selected too.

USE SEX RESTRICTIONS…If this is selected, the program will break it down by males and females. So if todays race is for females only, it will only look at past races that were for females only. I have found drastic differences between the two, so I always keep this selected.

OMIT HIGHEST PAYOFF…If this is selected, the program will ignore the race of todays type that had the highest payoff. This can be helpful so a “fluke” race doesn’t give you false hopes. For example, lets say you happened to hit a $100 winner. Those are not common, so the computer will ignore that race and calculate all the ROI figures without that race figured in.

TRACK CONDITION…You can click on the arrow and then select what past track conditions to look for. If today is going to be a fast track, I keep FAST/FIRM selected. That way the program will pass data that was run on an off track. If its raining today and the track is going to be “off” (muddy, etc.) then select OFF TRACKS ONLY and the data will be based on only past races that were on off tracks.

DISTANCE…If you click the arrow on the DISTANCE box, you have 3 choices.

  EXACT…The program will only look at past races that were run at todays EXACT distance. So if today is 6 ½ furlongs, the data will be based only on past 6 ½ f races.

   1 Furlong…If you select this, the data will be based on past races that were within 1 furlong of today. So if today is 6 ½ F, it will uses all races between 5 ½ and 7 ½ F.

   Sprint/Route….if you select this, if today is a sprint, it will look at all past sprints, if today is a route, it uses all past routes. I usually use this setting.

DAYS SINCE…If you click the little box before the words DAYS SINCE, then the box to the right of it will “open”. You can then click that right box with your mouse and type in a number. Lets say you typed in 30. The program will only use races run in the last 30 days. If you type 365, it will use the past year. This is good to see long term and short term trends. Usually, I DO NOT check this box though.

PASS RACES WITH NR HORSES OF _________ OR LESS…Lets say you typed a 3 in this box. The program will now skip any past races where there were any horses with an NR (No Rating) in any of their data, AND were 3-1 M/L or less. Like if they had no Speed ratings, etc. This way, it wont include any race where a favorite may have won, but had no ratings to base it on in some or all categories. You can type any number in here. If you type 8, it will pass any past races that had horses with NR that were 8-1 or lower Morning Line odds.

PASS RACES WITH FTS HORSES OF…..again, like above, if you type a number, it will ignore past races that had runners that were First Time Starters with odds of what you entered or less. So the number you are entering is the maximum Morning Line odds you would accept.

PASS RACES WITH HORSES WITH 3 OR LESS LIFETIME STARTS WITH ML OF___…Like above, if any horses had 3 or less lifetime starts with ML odds of the number you enter or lower, it skips them.

USE LAST ____ RACES…If you type a number in his box, the program will use that amount of past races. So let’s say you typed a 20. The program will only look at the past 20 races of this type.

Just one more note on the set-up screen. On the following choices:






   I personally only use PASS RACES WITH HORSES WITH 3 OR LESS LIFETIME STARTS. And I usually put 5 as the odds in this box. The reason for this is simple. It will automatically cover (pass) First timers as they have less that 3 lifetime starts, and it will usually avoid most NR type horses too. So this setting is my choice. I usually don’t put anything in any of the others, including DAYS SINCE and USE LAST ___RACES.

After you made your choices above, click OK and the rating screen will appear. The choices only need to be set 1 time, and will be saved. The box will appear each day, so you can change it if you want, but if you have no changes to make, just click OK.

Once you make your choices in these boxes above, and click OK, you will be on the rating screen. From this screen, you can easily navigate from race to race by clicking the boxes in the upper right portion of the ratings screen. The program will remember what you had selected, and base each race on those choices.

Now let me explain what you will see on the RATE WIN 2 RATING SCREEN

H#…Official horse program number.

NAME… Horses name

ML…Morning line odds.

RPG…The “RPG” rating given to this horse. The top horse gets a score of 100. It goes down from there to as low as 0. Some races you may see scores like 100, 98, 97, 90, etc, while other races may have 100, 81, 72, 56, etc. When there are bigger gaps in the ratings (like the second example) there will be more top picked winners. Again, the RPG ratings are based on millions of calculations going on behind the scenes!

WIN%…This is the win % of the horse ranked in this position. For example, the top RPG may show 38.6%. This means in this type race, this top rated RPG horse has a 38.6% chance of winning. The second horse may show 21.2%, thus meaning it has a 21.2% chance to win today. All the way down to the last horse, which may show a 0%.

TOT%…This is the cumulative win %. For example, in the example I just gave above, I said the top RPG had a 38.6%, and the second best had a 21.2%. Lets say the third RPG horse had a 20%, the 4th had a 15% and the 5th had an 2% chance, etc. Well in the TOT% column, it will still show the TOP RPG horse with 38.6%. But then the second horse will show 59.8. This is calculates like this. The top has 38.6, the second RPG horse has a 21.2, so added together, that is 59.8. So the top 2 RPG horse have a 59.8% chance. The TOT% for the third ranked RPG horse will then be 79.8. (the top was 38.6, 2nd best was 21.2, 3rd was 20, so add them up and you have 79.8) So now you know the top 3 horses in this race have a 79.8% chance of winning. Since the 4th best RPG had a 15% chance, we add this and now the TOT% shown for the 4th ranked horse will be 94.8. So if you bet the top 4, you have a 94.8% chance to win the race. Etc….

ROI…This is the ROI received by betting this ranked horse. $1.00 is break even. For example, the top ranked horse may show 1.32. This is saying, betting the top ranked horse in this race has shown to make a 32 cent profit on each dollar.   Maybe the third ranked horse has an ROI of 0.77. This means if you bet the 3rd ranked horse you will lost (long term) 23 cents on each dollar you bet.

PLACE%…This is just like WIN% above, except it tells you the % chance the horse has to at least place. Since 2 horses place in every race, the total place % will be close to 200% if you add this column up.

PLACE ROI…Next to PLACE%, you see another ROI column. This is the ROI if you bet this horse to PLACE.

SHOW%…Like above, only the % chance for the horse to win, place or show.

SHOW ROI…Next to SHOW%, this ROI column is the ROI if you bet the horse to show (long term of course)

TOTAL%…This column is much like the TOT% explained before, except for one main factor. It is basing it on the “gaps” in the RPG rating. The TOT% above is based on all races of this type. But the TOTAL% is based on past races that had RPG rating similar to this race. Personally I like this one better. But let me give you a big hint that I have found. It is a lot stronger when the TOP RPG horses TOTAL% is higher than its TOT%. For example, TOT% may be 37% and TOTAL% may be 42%. An increase. But in another race, TOT% may be 39% and TOTAL% may be 34%…a decrease. From my studies, the decreases do not win nearly as much.

RACES…The last column is named RACES. This is telling you how many past races the TOTAL% is based on. It may say 34, meaning that the TOTAL% is based on 34 races. If you look way up at the top of the screen, you will see something that says RACES PROCESSED. This is what the rest of the columns (RPG, TOT%, ROI, etc)

are based on. So that number may say 92. The computer found 92 races like today. But again, the RACES column tells you how many races like today ALSO fit todays RPG GAP scenarios.

Something I have done very well with too is taking the top 3 RPG rated horses and playing them in a pick 3! Sometimes I will even go 4x4x4 and hit some huge payoffs


From just about any screen, you can click on DATABASE, then click on MODEL. A pop up box will appear like the ones that appear on many other screens explained earlier in this manual. This pop up allows you to see what the model will look at. For example, lets say you have races for several tracks in your database.

TRACK… This option lets you look at all tracks combined, or break it down by individual tracks.

SURFACE…allows you to look at dirt only, turf only, or all. Also, DIRT is broken down by inner (for AQU) and Turf also lets you look at inner turf (for BEL).

RACE TYPE…you can look at certain race types, like maiden claiming only, allowance only, etc.

AGE…you can look at all ages combined, or break it down by age group.

SEX…break it down by males only, females only, or just look at all combined.

TRACK CONDITIONS….You can look at FAST/FIRM tracks only. Or if you want to see how you do on “OFF” tracks, you can look at that too. Or look at both combined.

DISTANCE…break it down by sprint, route, or even exact distances.

DAYS SINCE…whatever number you put in here is how many days back the model will look. For example, if you put 30 in this box, the model will only look at the past 30 days, even if you have races from years back in there. If you leave it at 999, then all your past races will be looked at.

GAP…Will only look at how horses with a certain gap will do. For example, lets say you enter a 2 in this box. Now each column will be showing results of that factor ONLY when there was such a gap. For example, the S1 column will only be showing how horses did in S1 when there was a 2 or more point gap in the rating. Like the top S1 was 93 and the second best was 91 or lower.   Also, if you are looking at the 3rd best S1, it is showing how it did when   the gap between the 3rd and 4th best horses was 2 or more.

MIN ML and MAX ML…Lets say in MIN you put 2 and MAX you put 5. Now the program only shows how your horses did when they were between 2-1 and 5-1 morning line odds. For example, how did the TOP S1 do when it was between 2-1 and 5-1 ML.

PASS RACES WITH NR HORSES OF…Lets say you put a 5 in this box. The model will pass any races that contained ANY horse that has an NR for ANY rating, as long as that horse was 5-1 ML or lower.

PASS RACES WITH FTS HORSES OF…Lets say you put an 8 in this box. The program would skip any races that has even 1 First Time Starter with Morning Line odds of 8-1 or lower.

PASS RACES WITH 3 or LESS LIFETIME STARTS….Lets say you put a 6 in this box. The model will skip any past races where there was any horse at ML odds of 6-1 or less that has 3 or less lifetime starts. Of these last 3 boxes, I use this the most.

After you make your choices, click OK and you will go to the MODEL screen. This screen lists every factor along the top from left to right.   The first column going down on the left says this:









Let me explain what this means. The “1 WIN” is telling you how the TOP PICK in that category is doing as far as WIN %. So the first column, ML, may have a 33 in that box. That means that in this type race (however you set the filter box to get to this screen) the TOP ML rated horse (lowest ML odds) wins 33%. Then the “1 ROI” line tells you what your ROI would be betting the best ML horse. 1.00 is break even. The next row,         “1 PLACE” tells you how this horse does as far as PLACE %, then the next row below it tells you your ROI betting this horse to place. Next, the RACES line tells you how many races of this type were in your database to base these numbers on. Next, it says 2 Win, etc all the way down to 6 WIN. This gives you the same stats like above, except its telling you how your TOP 2 picks, Top 3 picks, all the way down to the TOP 6 picks are doing as far as win, place and ROI.

Way on the top you will see an option called PRINT MODEL. Clicking this then the PRINT MODEL that appears again will print these stats.



From just about any screen, if you click on DATABASE along the top, you will see a choice appear in the list called MODEL EXACTA. So first click DATABASE, then click MODEL EXACTA. This tells you your stats for EXACTAS. First a box will appear much like the other model type screens, asking how you want to set the search. This has been explained earlier in this manual, so no need to explain what the choices mean in this filter box. After you set it, click OK, and you will go to the main exacta model screen.

   The exacta model screen will show you how each factor in RPG does, if you were to play the exacta straight, box the top 2, box the top 3, and box the top 4.

   The first column going down on the left says things like:

STRAIGHT…This is if you played the exacta straight (1-2)

ROI….This is the ROI you would achieve playing the exacta straight.

RACES…Tells you # of races were found in your model, based on how you set the filters


     From here on it gives you the stats like explained above for boxing 2,3,or 4 picks.

So the way you would read it is simple. The first factor listed across the top is ML. So if you look under ML, it is showing you how playing the top ML horse to win and the second best (lowest) ML to place did in an exacta. Then the ROI (1.00 is break even)

Lets say you wanted to know how boxing your TOP 3 ranked EP1 horses does. You would look for the EP1 columns along the top, and then look down to the BOX TOP 3 line.

While on this screen, you can click PRINT MODEL to print this screen out.


Along the TOP of the main screen, you will see an option called CUSTOM PLAYS.

Once you have found plays you really like using the CORRELATION screen, or if there are plays you like based on your own knowledge, you can create them in this area. Then, each time you download a race card file, you can just click to view the plays for that day. If any horses qualify under the plays you created, they will appear instantly for you. So basically each day will just take seconds for RPG to completely handicap and hand you your own personal selections!

Click on CUSTOM PLAYS along the top of your screen, and you will see 3 choices appear in the menu. The first one is called CREATE NEW PLAY. Let me explain this.

When you click CREATE NEW PLAY, that same filter box will open like it did in the Correlation screen. So you will be familiar with it. Along the top of this screen, you will see a blank area for you to type in the name of your play. You will see where it says PLAY NAME, then a white blank box to the right of it. Simply click in the white box, and make a name for the play. Whatever you desire to call it. Maybe Tom’s HOL Sprint maiden play. Or DMR TURF PLAY. Or PLAY 15 Anything will work.

After you name the play, simply select everything you want that fits your play. However you set the correlation to find this play. So lets say the play is for Philadelphia Park. You would find the track symbol under the TRACK box and click it. If this is a play you want to use for all tracks, click ALL. If it’s only for a couple tracks, just click the ones you want it for. (NOTE: The only tracks that will appear in this box will be the ones in your database. So you need at least 1 drf race file and 1 xrd results file in order for a track to show up in this box.)

OK, after you selected your track, then select all the other options you want this play to be based on. Either click the boxes to turn them on or off, or click in a box them type the info needed.

After you have set your play, click OK at the lower left area of this box. Your play will be saved. Any time a horse fits your play, RPG will show you! All plays are saved in the folder called c:\rpg\customplays. Your database is also in here. So if you ever want to manually take out a play, you can go to MY COMPUTER, then go to the RPG FOLDER, then go to the CUSTOM PLAYS folder, find the one you want out, and delete it.

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