Ringing In 2021 With a Host of Exciting New Products!! POWER Handicapping! The Place/Show Speed Wizard! The Zarn Effect – Advanced! SUPER MASTER CONSENSUS ++More!!

Ringing In 2021 With a Host of Exciting New Products!!

POWER Handicapping! The Place/Show Speed Wizard! The Zarn Effect – Advanced! SUPER MASTER CONSENSUS STARS!++More!!



When you operate a business….

any business, planning for a new year begins several months prior to turning of the calendar.  This is necessary to plan for needed resources, travel & personnel needs and, gulp!, tax planning. 

To be honest,

we consider ourselves much more a group of guys & gals who just plain love what we’re doing & love interacting with our customers who share the same love for the most exciting game on the planet.  We have FUN, every single day, even when we’re tearing up virtual (online) losing tickets.

We love the fact that we are constantly discovering new, interesting and better ways to play.  Many of the methodologies we publish come directly from our customers, or from proven, well known authors.  Many we develop ourselves by tapping our enormous and growing thoroughbred and quarter horse database.

😐2020 was a very interesting year, to say the least — 

The challenge of the pandemic and the resulting effects on the economy forced most of us to make major adjustments in our lives.  We, as lovers of this sport, have actually been fortunate in that racing never totally shut down and, in fact, grew substantially via offtrack handle and interest, since for months it was pretty much the only game in town.

We attribute this to the virtual avalanche of products we received for review during the past several months.  And the fact is that a much higher than usual percentage of those products were of excellent quality and fit for publishing.  Below you will find a brief description of the products we have in store. 

Here’s to a much, much more NORMAL year.  Take care.




Targeting Profit Areas for Outsized Returns!

The Zarn Effect is a unique odds-based methodology that has been very popular item among our customers.  Thanks to expanded research and manipulations of some rules, we have evolved ZARN from a solid Profitable method to a Super Profitable Method!  look:

Category:  Allowance Races    27.8% Win Rate   a POSITIVE  30.4% ROI;  Category:  Claiming Races   23.7% Win Rate  a POSITIVE 27% ROI    Category   5.5 to 6 Furlongs  34.9% Win Rate   a POSITIVE 25% ROI    6.5 to 7 Furlongs   25% Win Rate   a POSITIVE 14.5% ROI.

Even Stakes races, which are as you know extremely contentious, showed a 27.7% win rate and 9.9% ROI

So you can see what we have done:  Take an already successful method and make it even stronger!   A Positive ROI was also shown on Exactas.

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The ‘New-Era’ Handicapping Methodology from David Powers. A Very Good ‘8’ from PRN!

One of the Best Selling Handicapping Volumes of all time   NOW on SOFTWARE!

The First Book Written Especially For The Aspiring Pro! A Step-By-Step Approach Designed To Minimize Error and Time Spent and Maximize Long-Term Success.

“One of the most unique approaches to the game in the ‘90’s we’ve seen; Dynamite!”, says Ron Ambrose, Director of The Sports Institute in Las Vegas. Awarded an ‘8’ by Phillips Racing Newsletter!

See why everybody is talking about Power Handicapping!, the only book on the market that lays out the FACTS about what it takes to make a go at this game: And NOW it’s on SOFTWARE!!!!

Power Handicapping! belongs in every handicapper’s library. “The only book I know of that truly provides the average player with the tools necessary to succeed at this very difficult game!  And now that it’s on Software everyone can enjoy the full benefits of this amazing methodology at a click of their mouse.” John Boal, author, Get The Maiden Edge.

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The PLACE/SHOW SPEED WIZARD! (includes The Alberti Power Play!)

Question:  Does the average racehorse’s career have more wins or combined places and shows?  Dumb question, but it’s to make a point. 

The average runner has less than 1/5 the number of wins than combined place and show finishes, i.e, the handicapper is going to cash five times as many place and show tickets than win tickets on a given horse.

So, what if we could develop an indicator, a method, that tells us when a horse is more likely to run 2nd or 3rd than 1st?  Good idea, right? 

Well, lucky for us, and you, we have done just that!

It’s called the Place/Show Speed Wizard! and it provides you with a very accurate way to determine horses likelier to run 2nd or 3rd.  And, hey, the good thing is that if the horse wins, you STILL COLLECT!

PLUS>>>>   Also included, Joe Alberti’s The Alberti Power Play!,

a solid system that among the plays, boasts a play called the SUPER-BET that wins or places close to 65% of the time!

In Software, Hard Copy and Ebook


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Manipulating Speed the Quirin Way!

The Best Method we have found to predict who’s going to get the early lead is an old one:  William Quirin’s Speed Points.   While this methodology was developed way back in 1979  – –  it was included in his book Winning At The Races — little has come along that predicts the likely leader of a race as well.

Why is it important to know which horse(s) are likely to be prominent early?

Well, because 83% of all sprint races and 77% of all route races are won by horses that were on or near the early lead (‘on or near’ means within 3 lengths of the lead at the 2nd call).  So with this knowledge, the handicapper can focus his efforts on horses that fit that description.

And now, you don’t have to all the work longhand.  Our programmer, Len Cz, has developed a software program that neatly provides you with the Speed Points on every runner.  In addition, he has added several crucial handicapping factors that, when considered along with the Speed Points, provides extremely accurate selections, both on straight wagers and in Exotics.

Manipulating Speed the Quirin Way!  will provide you with an edge that few, very few, other handicappers have  — you will know, most of the time, who the likely leaders are, and likely leaders win and hit the board at a much higher rate than other running styles.

Available in ebook, hard copy and software.


What do you get when you combine two of the most popular, accurate, best selling Software Handicapping Programs of All Time!


Our Master Consensus Software, along with our Superstars Diamond Software, are two of our Best Selling Programs ever.  Both combine the power of several different profitable angles that make for extreme accuracy, both in straight betting and in Exotics.

So, we thought, what if we designed a software that combined the best features of both programs?  It could be done, we surmised, but every angle, every factor, would have to be evaluated for predictability, and then we would have to ‘weight’ individual items to insure that none overwhelmed the others in importance.

Well, Len took on the task, and the result is, indeed, a more accurate selection algorithm, a more accurate Exacta/Trifecta algorithm and, very simply, a program that exceeds the abilities of both of the original methodologies.

This is a GOODIE!!   Available in Software Only.



All of These Exciting New Products are in the works!  Watch for them and call us 1-800-696-0067 if you have any questions