New from Dave Schwartz!! The Picking Longshot Contenders/Finding Vulnerable Favorites Video Seminar Bundle!! Now at a Great Discount Price!



New from Dave Schwartz!! The Picking Longshot Contenders/Finding Vulnerable Favorites Video Seminar Bundle!! Now at a Great Discount Price!





Hey, I’m Dave Schwartz:

My mission is to help our fans become better handicappers. Whether your goal is to become a full-blown handicapping superstar or just improve your racing experience by being more competitive, you will find help here. 

I have taught thousands of fans to become more than ‘fans’, and instead turn their ‘hobby’ into a profitable venture.  Many of the players I taught as far back as the 1980s and 90s went on to become top name handicappers and authors.

I’m in my ‘young’ 70s now, but my commitment to educate clients and improve their enjoyment and ticket-cashing skills remains as strong as ever.  I’m a no BS guy who is totally confident in his skills at this very difficult game, which I will make easier for you.  That’s a promise.

Editor’s Note: 

Dave, you will recall, was one of the pioneers in the computer handicapping arena with his 🖥Thorobrain! program in the late 1980s, and has since produced dozens of revolutionary thoroughbred analysis innovations, including a deep study of employing artificial intelligence to the game. 

Dave draws on his years of experience to educate players who aspire to actually make money at this game, and/or those who simply want to enjoy the game more by cashing more tickets on their occasional racetrack forays. 

Today we are offering two of Dave’s most popular products ever, Picking Longshot Contenders! & Finding Vulnerable Favorites!, which are now available in Video Seminar format.

😃👉Dave has allowed us to ‘Bundle’ these two hard-hitting, revealing educational seminars so that instead of paying $77 for each ($154 total) you will get both for just $89.90!


Read Dave’s brief descriptions below:


Picking Longshot Contenders
The Factors That Point to Prices

Ever ask yourself, “What factors point to longshot winners?”

This product addresses exactly that issue.

It is logical to imagine that high-priced horses need to be held to a different standard than do low-priced animals. A 6/5 favorite who ranks 3rd for speed rating might be considered worthy of being played against, while a 30/1 horse with the same rank should be strongly considered as a bet.

👉You would be absolutely shocked at how often the general public will totally ignore a horse with a competitive speed rating at a big price, but horses like I describe in the seminar come along almost daily.

🧐Remember:  The favorite typically wins, on average, close to 33% of the time.  That means that 67% of the time a horse other than the favorite wins.  It’s this statistical fact, that most ‘favorite’ bettors ignore, that provide us with so many opportunities.

Cost: $77

Finding Vulnerable Favorites
What Makes Low-Priced Horses Lose?

Locating true vulnerable favorites will add to anyone’s game.  And by ‘adding’, we also mean money that you will SAVE by avoiding these overbet animals.  My definition of “favorite” is not the actual post time first public choice. Rather, it means “horses that go off at 3/1 and below.”

Specifically, it highlights what factors point to low-priced horses that will return far less money than normal. 👉And there are so many tell-tale factors as I explain in the seminar.  Just the presence of one of these animals in a race will usually make the race about break-even for all the other horses!

In other words, it is like playing without a takeout! 

I am not boasting when I tell you that the concepts you will learn in my Seminars are truly unique and unknown by the vast, vast majority of horseplayersThat’s why they work.  That’s why they make money.

Cost: $77

Both of these products contain:

  • Printed Reports

  • Video Seminar


“I took your longshot theory to heart. You made me realize that even though I have been handicapping for decades, I really didn’t know how to efficiently pick a price horse. Your seminar made it look so easy so I thought I’d try it one day at both Saratoga and Del Mar.  I made five $5 win/place wagers: loss, place payoff of $11, loss, winner at $32.40!/$12.60 to place, 3rd place finish. My total outlay was $50; return $140.

“I continue to use your theory daily and have hit more double digit prices in just the last few months than I have in my past 40 years of playing. My biggest boast is a $179 winner at Keeneland that I had $12 to win on (I use a slight progression on my longshot bets). It’s always fun collecting on any wager but there is a special thrill when cashing in on a big price.

“I keep close track of my wagers and am averaging close to a 42%+ ROI on the picks using what I learned from your seminar. Also I want to thank you for your Vulnerable Favorites seminar. I have saved so much money by ignoring these false favorites. And as you teach, these false favorite races usually produce nice prices to boot. Thanks!”  Tate Williams, Lexington, KY


As always you will appreciate Dave’s extremely honest and detailed approach to this game. 

When you order Dave will personally email the Video Seminars to you along with supporting documentation.

👉And, seriously, as Dave says above, you will be learning concepts that only a very small segment of the wagering public are aware of, so take advantage of these offers and become virtually an ‘expert’ in the areas Dave touches upon.


😀👉And the Great thing is that rather than lay out full retail for these products, which is $154, Dave is ‘bundling’ the pair for the price of just $89.90!  That is a good, no, that is a Great Deal!

So give us a call at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website, and do call if you have any questions.



The Picking Longshot Contenders/Finding Vulnerable Favorites Video Seminar Bundle!!  $89.90