You Know You Always Wanted to Give it a Try – – Well, Here’s Your Chance! Get Full East Coast & West Coast Daily Selection Reports thru April 3 for just $99.00! The #1 Selection Service in the USA!!


You Know You Always Wanted to Try It – Well, Here’s Your Chance!

Get Full East Coast (Gulfstream) & West Coast (Santa Anita) Daily Reports thru April 3 for just $99.00!

The #1 Selection Service in the USA!!  Rob Henie’s East Coast/West Coast Selections Report!!

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Own a BIG, BIG Edge on the Two Biggest/Most Popular Winter RaceMeets: Gulfstream! & Santa Anita!

with Rob Henie’s Daily Selection Reports!  The #1 Handicapping Service in the NationBar None!!

Editor’s Note:  😀OK, so here’s your chance!  🤔Why labor for hours doing your own handicapping when you can hire an Expert for literally pennies a day?

Many folks have contacted both Rob and RPM asking for a ‘trial’ period at a lower cost to see if his service fit their needs. 

👉👉So Rob, for the first time, is offering a simply sensational deal for those of you who want to do a test run on his East Coast & West Coast selections.

For just $99.00 (full meetings normally cost between $190 and $310)  you can get Rob’s East Coast & West Coast Selections All the Way thru April 3 for Both the BIG Gulfstream Meeting (Starting Dec. 9)+ the BIG Santa Anita Meeting (starts Dec. 26)!


Now, note that the info below is the same we usually send when we promote Rob’s service, and it is certainly worth reading over again, as it highlights why Rob has more longtime subscribers than any other service.

But immediately below we are going to show you a couple of interesting reports of what Rob has accomplished lately at the current meets.

  Rob is considered the game’s foremost expert with debut horses, i.e., first-time starters.  Over the years, if you had done nothing other than wager on his first timer selections you would be well, well ahead of the game (read Tom Console’s quote below).

You see below that Rob has released 33 First Timers last season at Gulfstream with 15 Winners, most of them top choices.  That’s a 45% win rate!   Can you handicap that well?  Of course not, because you are not privy to the info that Rob receives on a daily basis, not to mention his expertise in thoroughbred bloodlines.

And here are the results from a recent Saturday card.  So, out of 12 races, do you think your top pick would run 1st or 2nd in eight of them?  And while this doesn’t happen everyday, you will never, ever go a day without a minimum a couple of winners and several place and show payoffs. 

And, again, you don’t have to anything other than open the emails from Rob to get results like these!


Welcome Back Irad!

👉😀Breaking News:  Irad Ortiz, Jr., is returning to Gulfstream to ride the 23/24 meeting!  Arguably the best Jockey in the world, He has won four Championship Meet riding titles at Gulfstream since his first full winter there in 2017-18.  He will join a dozen plus other Top Ten National Jocks for this meet!! 



So, seriously, why not, for once, just relax and let someone else, namely expert handicapper Rob Henie and his team, DO THE WORK FOR YOU! 

You probably spend $99.00 on a nice lunch these days.  Well, for that price we can guarantee first rate, consistent results from Rob’s service, which will likely enable you to eat out at that price even more often! 

So give it a try.  You will be playing based on knowledge from a handicapper who makes most of his living from the races.

Below you will find all the reasons you should make Rob’s selections an integral part of your wagering regimen this winter — 🏇You WILL, trust us, cash many, many more Winning tickets than you ever have before Read on…..


Gulfstream & Santa Anita

The BIG Winter Racing Meets!



🏇Give yourself a solid chance to profit at the BIG WINTER racemeets  – without doing an ounce of work!🏇

Think that’s worth less than a $1 Per Raceday to you!!


☞☞The ECHR (East Coast Racing Report)/WCHR (West Coast) Subscriber list reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of horseracing.  But YOU, too, can belong this exclusive club!


Give it a try – you get the entire Winter racing season (December 9 thru April 3) East Coast & West!



“If you play the big tracks on the east and west coast, check out the East Coast & West Coast Handicapping Report from Rob Henie, it’s full of great information everyday and believe me, I use it myself.” Bob Baffert



Steve Davidowitz, author and Andy Beyer colleague, used Rob’s Service for years:  “You simply cannot beat Rob’s expert analysis — I have finished most meets with a positive ROI, and these are the toughest-to-handicap meets in the nation.”




“Successful handicappers combine intelligence, patience, discipline and roll-up-your-sleeves hard work to thrive in the difficult world of thoroughbred racing. There is no quick fix or magic elixir that turns a hopeless loser into a successful player. But what can be of great service is to read the work of Rob Henie and staff, in the East Coast Handicapping Report (ECHR) and West Coast Handicapping Report (WCHR).  Through tireless study of replays, grasping successful workout patterns, and understanding the intention of trainers, Henie’s reports are written in a clear, concise, and logical way AND you will learn about the nuances of the game. Personally, I highly recommend his work and would encourage all others to give it a read. I have and I’m glad I did.”     -Bob Neumeier, NBC Racing Television Analyst 25 plus years as TV analyst for NBC Sports

​“I am confident in my own handicapping, but I always, every racing day, check in with Rob’s Reports.  Did you know that by just betting Rob’s 1st-time-starter selections over the past couple of years yielded a +37% ROI!!!  For every dollar you put in, you got $1.37 back — I can almost make a living on that!  I find it a bit amusing and discouraging when clients tell me they want to win at the races.  I always recommend Rob’s service but few seem willing to pay half the price of a cup of coffee a day to actually hire a winning handicapper.”  Tom Console, Handicapping author

A sampling of ECHR TOP PICK Gulfstream Double Digit Winners at the last Meet (other than the first-time starters listed above)!

My Song Venezuelan  1ST      $55.40

Thywndrwhydrnk         1ST      $18.60

Holy Scat                     1ST      $14.00

Point Made                  1ST      $103.40

Jr’s Holiday                  1ST      $15.40

Neto                             1ST      $16.60

Still Krz                        1ST       $18.40

Best Behavior              1ST       $12.20

RamblinNGmbln          1ST       $10.80

CharmingKttn              1ST       $11.20

Garabato                     1ST       $16.80

White Cape                 1ST       $34.60

Super Spender            1ST       $18.00

Deterrent                     1ST       $16.00

Scuba Sue                   1ST      $17.40

El Gran Joyful              1ST      $11.80

CrystalCantana            1ST      $13.40

Cave Johnson              1ST      $30.00

DrmngofClarise            1ST      $11.40

Voodoo Wave              1ST       $13.00

Regal Kitten                 1ST       $10.40

Whistlin Straits             1ST       $15.40

Pricedtoperfection        1ST       $11.40

Rock All Day                1ST       $35.20

Stevarino                     1ST       $13.80

TrustUrIntuition            1ST       $30.00

Mexican Groove          1ST       $20.20

Shiawassee                 1ST       $26.80

Viva Bertha                  1ST       $12.80

Takeitotheedge            1ST       $10.40

Kings Knight                1ST        $28.60

Mississippi Delta         1ST        $19.20

Untrue                         1ST        $12.60

TruBlueNation             1ST        $10.40

Seuss                          1ST       $10.00

Starship Lisa               1ST       $16.80

Keep Me Grounded     1ST       $12.60

Discipline                     1ST       $18.00

JS Bach                        1ST      $13.20

***Along with a slew of double digit second choice runners including $99.20, $54.60, etc.  And numerous Exactas ($1,014 the biggest at Gulf last year), Trifectas (using 4 horses – $3,765 the biggest last year) & Pick 3s/4s***

And Check Out the results below — Rob Often provides Multiple-Winner Cards like these:

>>>ANDDDD….  Exclusive New Features, including Rob’s ‘Priority First-Time Starter Selections’!!

At the recent Belmont (Belmont at Big  A) meeting (Fall) Rob released 26 First Time Starters — 15 of them WON (57.6%!!).  A $20 flat win bet got you back $1,290 in Profit!!

>>At Santa Anita Fall he released 25 firsters, 11 won — with a $20 Flat Win Bet getting you back $810 in pure profit!

>>>>And Rob has done this consistently, for meet after meet — so if you did nothing but play Rob’s 1st time starter picks, you would be swimming in $$$$$.


Commentary on Every Race, Every Day — Nobody in the Business follows East Coast & West Coast Racing Like Rob Does — His Commentary and Selections are based on not only years of experience, but also on information that the average horseplayer simply does not have access to.

echr example 2

♦👉Rob Henie and staff have shown positive ROIs at close to 90% of the meetings they have covered since 2010 They do nothing but immerse themselves in the art of handicapping — they study trainer patterns, post position patterns, track bias, 👉watch – over and over again – the replay tapes for each racing day looking for troubled trips, etc. — 🏇they wager on the same horses that they release to their clients.


When you subscribe to the Rob’s Winter Meeting Selection Service, You are hiring a team of professionals to do the work for you!  💻Your selections are emailed to you, you make your wagers and, on most days, and at most meetings, you are going to pocket some serious coin.


>>>>This is the real thing folks.  You’ve got expert, winning handicappers providing you with detailed selections and consistently high prices.  They will do all the work for you — you are hiring specialists with decades of winning experience behind them.<<<<


>>>And the Pricing is Great!!  👉💰Again, you are looking at less than $1 per raceday — and you don’t have to buy a Racing Form, or Program, as Rob includes all of the info you need!! Try it – You’ll Like it!

So again, You get Both East Coast & West Coast Coverage all the way thru April 3, and that includes All of the Big Stakes & Kentucky Derby Picks along the way!

This is your chance to Give Rob’s Service a try.  Regular price $435 – Special Offer just $99.00!

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website

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