How a Forgotten Handicapping Art Can Vastly Improve the Frequency of Your Visits to the Cashier’s Windows!! The COMPLETE Body Language Academy Seminar at at HUGE Discount!!


Win More – Lose Less!  The Final Piece of the Handicapping Puzzle!!



How a Forgotten Handicapping ‘Art’ Can Vastly Improve the Frequency of Your Visits to the Cashier’s Windows!

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Win More – Lose Less!  The Final Piece of the Handicapping Puzzle!!

In the 80s and 90s, Horse Body Language Experts like Tom Ainslie, Joe Takach and Bonnie Ledbetter were cashing in on horses who showed modest-to-horrendous PP lines, but whose physical demeanor on the track screamed out ‘I’m ready to run!’

This fascinating, and extremely simple method of selecting winning horses has largely been ‘hidden’ from the racing public for years, today being employed only by the savviest of winning horseplayers.

But now, thanks to renown Body Language expert Greg Lawlor, this vital information is once again available to you, me and every other horseplayer desiring a winning edge on the game.

Once you have absorbed this fascinating info, you, too, will be picking Body-Language Ready Horses, whether you are at the track or simply watching the simulcasts on your computer or TV.

Horses Have Good Days & Bad Days, too.  Now, you will KNOW the Difference!

There is no question that, like humans, thoroughbred race horses have good days, and they have bad days.  We often know when a friend or loved one is in a ‘funk’ by their physical demeanor – the way they look, speak or walk.

And while a thoroughbred in the post parade cannot speak, there are many ways the astute observer can ‘tell’ whether a runner is feeling up to his best, or simply acts like he wants to be anywhere but out on the racetrack.

And that’s where a solid knowledge of ‘body language’ comes into play.  While, of course, you will not be correct all the time, you will often spot that ‘feel-good’ racehorse, and he will often lead you to the cashier’s window, and often at a BIG Price.


Your ‘Eyes’ are the Best Handicapping Tool You Have Available!

Charles Friendly, who recently took the Body Language training course, told us:
‘Honestly, I’m now picking more winners with my eyeballs than I ever have using the Racing Form!’

Charles was thrilled with the Course, and you will be too!   And with our Specially Discounted Offer below, you are likely to recover the cost of your training QUICKLY!

Remember, and this is important:

You do not have to be at the track to successfully use these advanced Body Language techniques.

With today’s Technology, you will have as good, if not better, view of the racetrack proceedings on your Television or on you Computer.  You will not only pick more winners, but one of the great things about this course is that you will be able to eliminate almost certain losers at a glance!

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