Arthur Stanley’s THE MONEY HORSE! Catching the ‘INSIDER’ Plays With Absolutely No Tote-Watching Required! ++FREE!!! THE MH FailProof Betting Plan!


The MONEY HORSE!  Spotting ‘Inside Action’ Horses without watching the ToteBoard!

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The MONEY HORSE!  Spotting ‘Inside Action’ Horses without watching the ToteBoard!

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Did you know that there is a way to spot a horse being set up for a big effort without worrying about watching the Tote action?

Well, we’ve seen similar concepts explored previously, but never one with the accuracy of

The Money Horse!

The strategy of wagering on a stable “money horse” precisely at the right time is not new. Previously, only a handful of players were able to master this unusual race preparation concept, a big-time winning technique that wise-guys employ daily at every track.

It is a known fact that the real profitable stables all have the luxury of an “inside horse”, the one that is discretely prepped for a big try with, often with little recent activity that is viewable by the public.

The MONEY HORSE! qualifier will usually exhibit certain clear “tells”, four or five of them to be exact.  One of the most potent of these concepts relates to odds patterns in previous recent races.


And when they appear in the precise manner revealed in the strategy…. they win, place and show at a very high percentage, time and time again.


 The MONEY HORSE! is a creative strategy developed to consistently identify a specialized type of runner – a horse that is being prepped for a big race with its form often hidden from players. The software is great at locating these horses, something that would be very difficult to figure by hand.

IT WILL PRODUCE IMMEDIATE RESULTS, often at very nice prices.


Here is the description provided to us by the company that originally published the methodology:

With the MONEY HORSE!, Arthur again has found a “chink” in the armor of racehorse handicapping! While definitely not a new concept, for close to one hundred years now, clever players have been cashing in on what some call the ‘stable coup’, the ‘insider’ play, the trainer ‘set-up’, etc. 

However, all of these descriptions suggest something shady or illegal may be in play.  And while certainly there have been such instances, mostly many years ago, we are here referring to a horse that is perfectly prepped by the stable, trainer, etc., for a big effort.  And, there is a way, trust us, to spot these types of plays on a consistent basis.


👉Arthur Stanley has exposed this never before (publicly) revealed methodology applying the in-house manipulation of the live stable contender.



Most successful stables, especially those who race mostly claiming horses or low level Allowance runners, employ these techniques.

This powerful concept of exposing a stable’s wager-ready horse is what Arthur refers to as The MONEY HORSE! 

These types will win fresh off of a layoff and often will pay double-digit prices! This runner can make or break its connections as inside big money is usually on the line.  The stables and trainers that are able to pull these hits off consistently often makes more money wagering than in collecting purses.  But it takes work.  Look:

But in the process or readying a horse for a score, the aforementioned ‘tells’ will often show up in the past performances.  And spotting these tells is where the real genius of The Money Horse! comes in.

“I have been at this game for a long, long time and one of the main things that has kept me afloat is the knowledge that some stables are betting stables, and that those stables often cash in at overlayed odds.  I used to make my decisions based on the ratio of the win to place pools, but then I found that most of these ‘set-up’ horses show similar patterns in the past performances.  And then, when I read The Money Horse, it made the ‘pattern’ theory even more valid, so I found that for the most part tote watching was no longer required.  And Hallelujah!, when I saw that you know had translated all of the theories to software, my horseplaying life has become much easier and more enjoyable.  Good job on this!”  Michael Arms, Dallas, TX

Most of the racing public totally misses the point that the Trainer, the successful Trainer, directs a horse’s career by locating spots (races) where he is confident his runner will likely perform well.  The top Trainers don’t just blindly enter a horse into a race, he closely studies the condition book to find a proper spot.  He is also aware of the horses on his circuit that are likely to also be entered in a race long before the actual entries are drawn, so he has a good idea of who the competition is likely to be and whether or not his horse will be competitive.  He also almost always ‘preps’ the horse for the upcoming race, and usually those signs can be seen by the clever handicapper.  So, in reality, an ‘inside’ horse is basically a very well prepared horse, and knowledge of this fact can be pure gold to the bettor.  The fact that 95% of the public has no insights whatsoever into this process makes the prices on these winning horses, as well as place and show prices, much bigger than they should be.  That’s just fine with me, and Stanley’s The Money Horse makes these prep patterns even clearer.  This is a money maker if you would simply take the time to digest the relatively simple rules.”  Vince Capriano, Brooklyn, NY (written before RPM announced The Money Horse software development)


😀The Money Horse:😃

👉Seeks out Patterns in the PPs and Recent Odds that Suggest a Big Effort is on Tap.

👉Analyzes Trainer Patterns  that have previously led to Strong Performances

👉Analyzes the Conditions of the Race to Determine if the Horse does, indeed, Fit at Today’s Class Level and Distance

👉Analyzes Jockey Patterns and Recent Win Rates to Insure that He/She is a Good Fit with This Horse.  Also checks to see if Today’s Jockey has had Recent Success on Horse.


👉High % Situations include when a horse is the only runner who gets points in the TOT column, and is also the Morning Line Favorite, the win rate is in the 48% range and win/place rate in the 71% range.



👉Superb Consistency👈

From Jeff Silva, Boston, MA:  I know you guys have thoroughly tested Money Horse, but this is the first time I’ve seen more on the board hits than misses.  Out of 78 plays over last weekend, 61 finished at least 3rd!  27 wins, 22 places and 12 shows.  A few really nice prices and an average win mutuel of just under $8.40 – that’s a great ROI.  I also run modified show parlays using your Hammering the Chalk strategy, and by no means are they all short prices.  Three of the show prices were over $5.  This one is a keeper, for sure.  Any time in this game where you cash many more tickets than you throw away you are likely on your way to substantial returns.  Love the consistency and lack of runouts, too.



A couple things to note is that the top pick, Pattern Qualifier 1, is the go to horse close to 80% of the time.  However, there are situations where the Q2 horse should be played instead and those three situations are covered in the Users Manual.  Also, note that in almost all cases, the horse with the Lowest Total points in the TOT column is the selection.  Money Horse works largely on the basis of first identifying a potential upcoming big race, and then penalizes initial qualfiers by adding points for negative situations.  You don’t have to worry about this, though, as the program does all the calculations.










The Cluster Effect

While every race does not contain a true set-up horse, the Money Horse! nonetheless identifies patterns that suggest a horse is ready for a big race, regardless of whether it is a stable play or not.  This results in superb consistency and creates what we call a Cluster Effect, in that on any given day, the majority of the Money Horse selections will hit the board.  Take a look at the Summary Bet sheets from Laurel and Oak Lawn on March 25.  You will see the same situation occurring at all tracks, large and small.



Now, if you can handicap this well, scoring with the majority of runners on most days, you don’t need this program. 

However, we doubt that there is one in a thousand handicappers who is this competent, so it makes perfect sense for most of us to acquire a program that is capable of this seeming ‘wizardry’.

👉In reality, this is simply a program that is boasts extremely ‘sound’, but rarely used handicapping concepts that few players are aware of. 

And, it is extremely reasonably priced to fit into any player’s budget.  For just $99.50 you can own this gem of consistency and, of course, there is a full money-back guarantee.

And, you will also receive FREE!  The Money Horse Fail-Proof Bankroll Betting Plan!  This is a $59.00 value that we are including FREE!  with your order.  Follow this plan to the letter, and positive returns are virtually assured.  And it’s Yours, FREE!

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website and, as always, call us with any questions you may have.

The Money Horse Software Program   $99.50