A New Year Brings a New Lineup of Super Software Products! PERFECT PACE, EASY ELIMINATION, THE CONSISTENCY PLUS! MODULE, & TRIUMPH! Don’t Miss Out!

A New Year Brings a New Lineup of Super Software Products! PERFECT PACE, EASY ELIMINATION, THE CONSISTENCY PLUS! MODULE, & TRIUMPH! Don’t Miss Out!


As we always do right after the start of the year, we are rolling out New Products that Will Improve Your Game Substantially.  All on the Way.  Pricing Available soon!  Take a Look:

You do know, of course, that the Pace of the Race can differ markedly from the Pace of the Individual Runner, right? 

While a horse that goes wire to wire gets the same pace ratings as the race does, most horses pace ratings have to be adjusted by beaten lengths at various calls.

Now, while most pace theory/systems/methods, etc., concentrate on the individual runner, and how he fared at each call, either in fifths of seconds or in feet per second, few take into account the overall pace of the race, which basically means the fractions and final running time of the race. So let’s say a race was run in 22.3, 45.4 & 111.2, those figures would comprise the ‘pace’ of the race. 

But for an individual horse, who may have been two lengths back at the 1st call, his time would be 23.0 at that call (using the 1 length = 1/5 of a second measurement), and one length back at the 2nd call, his time would be 46.0, and if he won the race his time would be 111.2, so his overall pace rating would be different than the pace of the race, likely higher than the overall pace of the race, as his closing time was superior (last fraction 25.2 as opposed to last race time fraction of 25.3).

But what if there were a way to combine the pace of the actual race with the pace of the individual runner, into one pace number, and then adjusting for certain variants, like comparing this runner’s time to the actual par times for fractions run at this track and at this distance, as well as charting his running style (Leaders, Chasers, Mid-Pack, Back) from previous races to predict his likely pace position today?

Well, one would think that you would be looking at a number that is very, very predictive. 

And, that is exactly what we found when applying this theory to real races over a 191,000+ database study.

We call it Perfect Pace!, as it uniquely combines the primary elements of Sartin-Style Pace Theory along with Len’s ‘Total Race/Total Pace Theorem’ into a Predictive Pace program that provides the user with the major pace players in races up to 1-1/8 Miles, dirt and turf!

It’s a Goodie!


The EZ Elimination Performance Module!

A Horseplayer’s Dream.  First Eliminates Runners based on time-tested negative handicapping factors, then digs right in to locate the best of the remaining contenders.  Superb Consistency + some great prices.

“While I have relied on my Tru-Tenders program for ages to eliminate non-contenders, the EZ-Elimination Software works equally as well if not better.  One thing for sure, it leaves ‘live’ longshots as contenders & often with some very pricey results!” Tom Console

“This program does and knows what 90%+ of the Betting Public Doesn’t:  How to Eliminate Non-Contenders in a Flash!”  Darryl Hudson, Professional Handicapper, Miami, FL




You say you love to cash tickets.  Well, The Consistency Plus Software Ace! will lead the way.  You say you want to profit from the highest % plays based on a Study of over 223,200 races.  Well, The Consistency Plus Software Ace! serves those plays up to you on a Silver Platter. AND….  You also want to see fairly frequent double-digit payoffs and Exacta/Trifecta bombs!  Well…

The Consistency Plus Software Ace! is designed to give you a good measure of Consistency to keep you in the game, PLUS … Provide the player with some Great payoffs as well.  Take a look at the examples below.  And, mind you, these were all on the same card, and there were only a total of six playable races!:

“You landed on a good one here!  Never knew about this Holloway angle but it produces some great prices and the Exacta/Trifecta Module part is Super.  Caught three $210+ Exactas between just two cards, Laurel and Gulfstream!”  Mike Evans, Rahway, NJ

Based heavily on an unpublished methodology from the great Lou Holloway, this program will fit your needs, whether price, consistency or Exotics.  Get it!



The Triumph Interactive PP Projection Software Program!


Like numbers?  How about numbers that do a pretty darned amazing job of predicting the future?  The future results of races, that is.  And prices?  More often than not, a Triumph Winner is a very nice price!

This one came to us from a longtime customer who has been using this methodology for years.  Based on the material he has sent us, he has developed a keen sense of the prediction power of numbers and he has demonstrated it boldly with his New Triumph Interactive Software.

Now, the ‘Interactive’ part is very simple. 

You simply have to input three to six values, which takes seconds (see the Input Last Race Day Values screen above) and then the program exerts its prediction power over the playable races on the card.

“I was totally intrigued when I first saw that Len was working on this.  I love to see new ‘theories’ applied to this game.  And while I’m still not sure why Triumph works, all I know is that it does work!  Some of the prices are amazing!”  Bob Shurig, Handicapping author

You Will Have Fun with This oneWe Guarantee It!