New Product Lineup 2016 + Fantastic Bonus Offers & Multi Product Discounts!

Editor’s Note:  Here we go with the first blast of great new products for 2016 — Fantastic New Software & Paper/Pencil Methods.  We are offering multi-product discounts and some Great FREE BONUS Offers!!  Take a look — a well-rounded description is offered here but you can review the individual products on our website for even more info and examples.  P.S.Also, if you have already purchased one of these products, you can apply the full amount to any ‘combo’ price that includes that product.   Have fun!  









rotate new



Product Purchase Listing (Individual + Combo Packages):


The Mighty MC Software  $118.00


Cash Cluster Software  $89.90


Astro-Rotation Software  $138.00


Optimum Claiming Race Profit Plan  $48.00


Kitchen Sink  $248.00


3-Item Software Combo  $222.00


Astro Rotation + MightyMC  $212.00


Astro Rotation + CCluster  $195.00


MightyMC + CCluster  $177.00


The Casino Edge Hard Copy  $55.oo


The Casino Edge Ebook  $45.77





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