In the Pipeline!! New, Exciting Products on the Way!!!! Jon Worth, Al Bozzi, Guy Michaels + Interactive Pace Line Software!!


One of the Great things about this game is that there are so many ways, successful ways, to approach it. 

We’ve been working on the handicapping publishing end for over 30 years now, and so many times when we think we’ve seen everything, something new and exciting comes along.

At times things just trickle in slowly — other times they come in bunches, and we are talking about one of those ‘bunches’ times right now.

>>>One important thing to know about us is how we go about determining whether a product is worthwhile.  By ‘worthwhile’ we mean a product that will aid in improving our customers’ (and our) bottom line.

So we put everything through a pretty rigorous test — tapping the database to the tune of several thousand races.  When we get a product that has overall ‘positives’ in one category or more, we test further.  We look for favorable betting situations, and relay that info to buyers in the instruction manual.

***BUT the bottom line is that only a very small percentage of the systems/methods sent to us for evaluation make the grade.  Most are well-intentioned but simply don’t produce enough winners/itm finishers/profits, etc., to market.***

>>>So when we introduce a product, you can bet that in the process we have looked at 12, 15, 20 or maybe more products that did not measure up.

Thus you are ASSURED of owning a system or software that produces solid results.

OK, with that out of the way, Let’s look at the Great Lineup of ‘Coming Soon’ Products!:



Jon Worth’s

You all know Jon, and you know the type of quality products that he and his late father, Tom, have been putting out for darned near seven decades now. 

They have always focused on Consistency, High Win/Place/Show %s and short, short runouts.  His The Big Easy, The Four Aces, Show-A-Profit, Even Finish, etc., are great examples,

But NOW he has created a product that out performs even those!

He Calls It:

Minute To Win It!

This is an easy-to-use, consistent & solid spot play designed to quickly handicap claiming races at a sprint distance to isolate selections with a high probability of running in-the-money.

Minute to Win-It! is a bread and butter spot play. Because it is especially designed to be quick and easy to consistently spot in-the-money horses, there is a trade-off between enjoying a steady collection rate and hitting long shots. For the convenience of handicapping certain races efficiently while realizing a steady collection rate, thereby growing your bankroll, you are forgoing some long shot opportunities in sprint claiming races on the dirt.

And Just How Consistent is Minute to Win It?  Check out these percentages from Jon’s 27-Day Workout, which is included in your package:

We performed a much larger study, of course, and our 54,332 sample data test showed the win % still over 50% (51.2), the place at 81.1% and the show almost exactly the same, 91.7%.  In Jon’s test, he showed one winning ‘show’ wager streak of 28!!  We found several in the 11 – to – 22 range.

The high collection rate in all 3 wagering slots kept run outs to a minimum. The consistent collection rate offers opportunity for a steady profit. With so few runouts, you’re likely to fast track profits without a high degree of risk. Enjoy a routine of collecting steady, moderate profits for handicapping and wagering on sprint races on the dirt. 

So for the Consistency Player, the show-parlayer, the weekend punter, etc., Minute to Win It! provides the opportunity to pocket serious profits without the worry of runoutsLow Risk, Substantial Gain.  It’s a goodie!  Hard copy & Software.


An Eye-Popping Win ROI (+66.7%) from

Guy Michaels’ In Search of the Winning System!!

You may have heard of Guy Michaels via his multiple articles for Turf & Sports Digest, American Turf Monthly, The Daily Racing Form, etc., but did you know that he also published one of the most remarkable methods of play in the history of the game? 

It is a method that focuses on PRICE, yet is surprisingly simple with only a handful of rules, and has steadily provided a super high ROI on win bets over several decades. 

Guy embarked on an amazing racetrack journey beginning in the mid-70s.  His journalist credentials allowed him to visit the pressboxes at dozens of racetracks.  His writing and observational skills made him many friends in the sport, including some of the cagiest players in the country.  Guy, a proficient note-taker, had put together a virtual bible of tips, suggestions and actual methods of play from several expert handicappers. 

And although it took years of experimentation, Guy’s persistence paid off in spades as, from his collection of notes, he put together a methodology that continues to produce fabulous results. 

While this method will have some runouts, the fact is that as long as you stick with it, it will produce profits at most meets at tracks large and small.  In addition, we have found a great formula to virtually guarantee Exacta profits in fields of eight horses or more.  Coming soon!! Hard Copy & Software



Al Bozzi’s Fit & Ready! Software!!

If You adore CONSISTENCY, If You enjoy VERY BRIEF runouts, If You Love Cashing Tickets at a Solid PROFITFIT N’ READY!! is your baby!!

Fit N’ Ready! has already been a big seller in paper and ebook, but we are now putting this incredible method on SOFTWARE!  Go to our website to read all the details about Al’s super-consistent methodology.  Will be ready to go on software soon!!


The Interactive Pace Line/Trainer APP Profit Generator!

Pick your own pace line, use what the program gives you, or use a combination of the two!  An innovative, INTERACTIVE Pace Program!

IPLTAPG for short!  We know that many, many horseplayers enjoy having the ability to choose a certain running line for an individual horse.  This is, of course, easy if you are using a paper/pencil method, but with software it is not always possible.

Len was asked to write a program that would allow the user to select different pace line by a rather well-know national handicapper.  He wanted the main program to calculate total pace, but he also wanted the Interactive feature to exploit possible ‘hidden’ pace angles to incorporate into his exotics. 

‘This project turned out better than I could ever imagine’, Len tells us.  ‘I took the essentials from our Pace Ace software and Turn Time Plus software and combined them into a Total Pace program that, in my opinion, works brilliantly!’  

‘Then I made it possible to look at different pace lines, as many as four back, and that did indeed open up some great price situations, especially in the exotics.’

So, what you have with IPLTAPG is a TOTAL PACE program, and if you simply want to go with the onscreen selections you will do just fine.  But if you also want to explore, experiment and test using other running lines, you can enjoy that opportunity as well!

You will have fun with this one, and you will cash on horses you never would have given a second look to on your own!   Almost Here!   Software only.


So in the coming days and weeks you will be hearing a lot more about these products – Keep an Eye Out!  Each and every one passed our rigorous testing standards and each and every one will help you pick a LOT more winners at the Track!