Coming Attractions – New & Exciting Products from the RPM Handicapping Library! Lovetere’s Triple Threat Key; SPEED MAPS; The ZION System; TOTE MASTER, PLUS!!

Coming Attractions from RPM – The World’s #1 Distributor of Handicapping Products

One of the Great things about this game is that there are so many ways, successful ways, to approach it.  We’ve been working on the handicapping publishing end for over 30 years now, and so many times when we think we’ve seen everything, something new and exciting comes along.  At times things just trickle in slowly — other times they come in bunches, and we are talking about one of those ‘bunches’ times right now.

>>>One important thing to know about us is how we go about determining whether a product is worthwhile.  By ‘worthwhile’ we mean a product that will aid in improving our customers’ (and our) bottom line.

So we put everything through a pretty rigorous test — tapping the database to the tune of several thousand races.  When we get a product that has overall ‘positives’ in one category or more, we test further.  We look for favorable betting situations, and relay that info to buyers in the instruction manual.

***BUT the bottom line is that only a very small percentage of the systems/methods sent to us for evaluation make the grade.  Most are well-intentioned but simply don’t produce enough winners/itm finishers/profits, etc., to market.***

>>>So when we introduce a product, you can bet that in the process we have looked at 12, 15, 20 or maybe more products that did not measure up.

Thus you are assured of owning a system or software that did produce solid results.

Now every system/software we introduce will not necessarily please everybody – it may not fit your style, etc., – which is also why we offer a very liberal return/exchange policy.

OK, with that out of the way, Let’s look at the Treasure Trove of ‘Coming Soon’ new Attractions!



>>>From The Pro’s Corner – Mike Lovetere’s TRIPLE THREAT KEY to CONSISTENT PROFITS!<<<

About a year and a half ago we made a commitment to seek out systems/methods/software from true, real-life professional players, and Mike Lovetere was the first to provide us with his private method, The Precision Profit Play Angle.  PPPA uncovers HIDDEN FORM — form that the trainer is often trying to disguise — often in the quest of a nice pari-mutuel payoff.   It was an instant Best-Seller (many of you reading this purchased it), and players were most enthused about the high average win and place mutuels the system produced.

And if you liked PPPA, you are going to love Mike’s Newest Offering — The Triple-Threat Key to Consistent Profits! Here Mike provides us with his three most potent profit angles.

‘I have been using these since the 1970s’, Mike tells us.  ‘And they have proven to be the most dependable and profitable spot plays in my handicapping arsenal.  I actually thought a couple of them were maybe too difficult to program but, as usual, Len Cz got the job done!’


The Three Angles:


1) The Hot Spot Poker Play!

An angle designed that shows sustained gains between various calls of the race.  ‘I originally called this the ‘Burst’ Angle, since it requires a burst of speed at one or more points in the race.  I changed it to ‘Hot Poker’ when one of my friends said ‘Wow, it looks like that horse just got hit with a hot poker’ as he watched a horse make a noticeable burst entering the far turn.’

This angle is super-steady and will get you some very nice prices to boot.


2) The LONG $-GREEN-S!

A Super-Sneaky method that lands on horses that underperformed in a recent sprint race and is stretching out to a route.  This ‘legging up’ strategy is used by trainers by ‘prepping’ a horse in a sprint where his performance doesn’t look all that hot.  These horses often win or place at a nice price.


3) The Trainer PAYDAY Trick!

This is such a simple trainer move that it’s amazing more players don’t know about it.  But Mike knows about it – has for a long time!  It’s a recency/speed/class angle that is used daily by trainers at tracks worldwide.  Consistent — high place/show rate — avg. mutuel @$7.60 on the win end (36.7% win rate).  A real beauty!

Screenshot below.  The #6 horse – both a Long Green and Payday Trick, won at $7.80 by the way




Modern Technology now makes it possible to map virtually EVERY Step a horse makes in the running of a race. Speed Maps, long used in European and Aussie racing, is a huge leap forward for the speed/pace handicapper.  With the new SPEED MAPS! Software, players will have a deeper knowledge of which horse(s) have a distinct ‘positioning’ advantage from which to spring to the front or make a big in-the-money run.

What is a Speed Map?

Speed maps are used to predict the running position of each horse in the field. They are also used to determine the likely pace of the race. When it comes to finding the winner of a race, both of these factors are deemed critical by expert form analysts.
Speed maps are used by professional players, bookmakers, jockeys, stewards, owners, trainers and anyone wanting a better understanding of the likely pattern of a race.

‘Settling’:  Successful speed maps rely a lot on what happens in the opening stages of a race, from the moment the gates fly open to the point when the horses have sorted out their order. There are many factors that can determine where a horse will ‘settle’ in the run – some horse are more versatile and can race anywhere whereas others may only know one way to race. Asides from their own idiosyncrasies, a horse’s speed from the gate speed and its post position are two of the most crucial factors influencing where they will settle in the running.

Racing Wisdom

“In deciding which horse to back, Phil always tried to ‘map’, in his head, how a race would be run – what horses would lead, what horses would sit off the pace, and what horses would settle at the rear. He also tried to predict how slow or fast the pace would be. His wagering success usually depended on the accuracy of those predictions” – Don Scott talking about handicapping legend Pittsburg Phil in his book ‘Winning More’

***With our NEW SPEED MAPS Software, you will be provided with a projected ‘viewing’ of just how a race will be run!  An innovation that no serious horseplayer should be without!***


>>>The ZION System!<<<

Here’s an interesting story about the creation of a solid betting system.  Blake Perkins is a software analyst, an outdoorsman and a very serious handicapper.  He has published some gambling probability statistics that appeared in Scientific Monthly, and placed in the top 15 in the National Handicapping Tournament in 2015.

His idea came to him when he was visiting Zion National Park last October.  While laying back to enjoy the scenery, with Mount Zion (see pic above) centered in his view, something struck him that he immediately related to the racing game.

‘I was looking at the steepness that shot up to the peak along the left side of the rock,’ Blake tells us, ‘then the more gradual downward path on the right, then the steady upward trend to the peak at the far right.  I don’t know why, but my mind went immediately to the track, more specifically to a horse’s form and how many runners quickly peak in form, then rapidly tail off, then start on an uptrend again, usually due to the trainer’s maneuvering.’

‘The last part, the ‘uptrend’ part is what really fascinated me.  I realize that there are systems and ‘sheet-like’ methods that try to predict when a horse will peak, but I have never seen anything that focuses on the ‘recovery’ period after a steep drop-off in form.’

‘So my thinking is that once one of these horses begins to trend up again — that would be the time to catch him.  To get a horse to get back into form, a good trainer will make ‘adjustments’, which may include a rest, a series of solid workouts, a drop in class and/or change in distance, etc., so I began paying attention to horses fitting this pattern.  And after just a bit of research, I realized I was onto something.’ 

‘My requirements were 1) a horse came off a very good race(s) and then suddenly ran poorly without noticeable trouble.  2) The horse is given at least a 21 day rest and shows at least two workouts in the past 15 days.  3) Then I apply what I call my ‘magic’, which I cannot reveal here, but it seals the deal, so to speak, and almost always provides you with a ‘live’ runner.’

****‘And here’s the great part — my selections won 32.3% of the time, at an average win mutuel of $10.02 for a win ROI of close to +60%.  On the place end, 45.3% of the runners ran at least 2nd, with an average mutuel of $5.22, which is a +18% ROI.  The method averages an average of @2 plays per day per racecard, but for those that want a big more action with a lower ROI I have a contingency for that as well.’

We tested Blake’s method out thoroughly, as well as the races he had and got pretty close to the same results — our win rate and average mutuel were a bit lower, with the ROI coming in at +49% – still nothing to sneeze at.  This is, indeed, a unique angle – something we haven’t seen done before.  We guarantee you will benefit tremendously from The Zion Method.  Available in Software and paper/pencil.




A Trio of Tote-Watching Winning Strategies (including one that only requires a Daily Program!!)

We are already in possession of, we believe, the best collection of winning Tote Board Systems in the business.  But now, we have three more!!  Look!!:

1. Ernest Bright’s Totally Obvious Place Play

A Tote-Watching Method that will point out, time and time again, the horse likeliest to not only run at least 2nd, but also pay an overlaid price.  Proven in any game where a pari-mutuel toteboard is present (Thoro, Harness, Quarters, Greyhounds)

2.  The Leland Tote Measurement Guide to Overlays!

This is a real beauty — you don’t need to be a math genius to see that the toteboard is actually talking — to you!  A unique way to know where the real stable action is going – average win mutuel is over $10!


3.  The ‘You Only Need The Morning Line Odds to Win With This One – no PPs Required! 

Works at tracks who employ a full-time linemaker (that’s about 16 tracks in U.S. and Canada), and of course those tracks are listed in the text.  Seriously, it picks winners without pps — just pick up a Daily Program at the track or online, and you’re IN!


So in the coming days and weeks you will be hearing a lot more about these products – Keep and Eye Out!  Each and every one passed our rigorous testing standards and each and every one will help you pick a LOT more winners at the Track! 



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