Al Bozzi’s Newest!! FIT N’ READY!!! Superb Accuracy & Consistency! Software & Ebook — Al’s MAGIC 30! Included!

If You adore CONSISTENCY, If You enjoy VERY BRIEF runouts, If You Love Cashing Tickets at a Solid PROFIT — FIT N’ READY!! is your baby!!

Al’s genius was the ability to provide systems that produced a solid % of winners (31.2% for FNR) and high average mutuels ($9.86).

The Fit N’Ready Software!!!

Perfectly programmed by Len Cz.  Just a couple clicks of your mouse gives you instant analysis and the consistently high average mutuels that Al Bozzi’s systems are famous for!   And priced right at just $88! Look!!:

 Now, granted, the example below won’t happen that often but, the fact that it happens occasionally whispers to you that Fit N’ Ready knows a whole lot more than the average, or expert, handicapper.




Fit N’ Ready! will add not only a ‘Consistency/High Avg. Mutuel’ Method of Play to Your Arsenal, but provide you with the Price-Getting ‘Magic 30’ and PriceLine systems to boot!

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Fit N Ready Software $88.00

Fit N Ready Paper  $38.00

Fit N Ready Ebook   $34.88