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FINALLY! A Step-By-Step Mechanical Method That Quickly Spots Winning Horses Insiders Are Betting (and making $$$)


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Steve Collison’s Inside The Claiming Game!

Inside Secrets on Trainer Moves from an Actual East Coast Trainer!


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Power Handicapping, Parts 1 @ II! One of the best selling, most realistic tell-it-like-it-is Handicapping volumes of All Time!!


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Money Talks!  Listen And  Win!

An Insider’s Revelations on How to Follow and Profit From BIG-MONEY Moves at the Racetrack


***Rated a ‘9’ by Phillips Racing Newsletter and named as their Best Handicapping Product of the past year!***


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〈***The Casino Edge***〉 Video Poker; Slots; Craps; Roulette; Baccarat & and the author’s Favorite Horserace system!


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Jeff Sillifant’s WEIGHT FOR IT!!!

An Amazing, NO-HANDICAPPING method of play that produces BONANZA Profits!

horsescaleweightA Pounds To Profits ‘Cash’ Course!


$24.50  (reg. $49.50)


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The Wizard-Pro System-Pak – Five Time Tested Methods With Workouts & Examples!

Also – The Beyer Pars!  A Full Set of BEYER-FIGURE PARs for Small Tracks & Large – Pars for the Cheapest Claimers up to the Richest Stakes.  Extremely Useful in Your Handicapping Regimen! FREE!!


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