Jon Worth’s Premium Best Bets Service! Consistency, Profitability, Absolutely No Runouts!

thJon Worth‘s Premium Best Bets Service***〉


Jon Worth has previously restricted his Premium Best Bets Service to just a handful of his long-time clients. 

His Premium Service is more restrictive than his regular service as he seeks out only the ‘Best of the Best’ on the several racecards he handicaps.

But Jon has decided to open up an additional 70 spots on his Premium clientele list, so you now have a chance to get on board, and at a great introductory price.


Now you all know Jon.  He is as honest as the day is long, is always available by email or phone, and is without a doubt the most meticulous handicapper we know. 

He goes all out to provide his clients with the BEST information available. 

He puts his own money on the line and wagers on the exact same horses he provides for his clients, and makes a tidy supplemental income in the process. 



and his service shows not only a profit on win and place, but on SHOW as well.

(Stats below from Nov 1 2014 – Feb 8 2015)



And on the Win, Place & Show side of things, you can expect:



> ***A win cash-in rate of @49%+ (+37% ROI)←


>***A Place rate of about 73%+ (+19% ROI)←


 >***And a Show rate close to 82%+ (+14.5% ROI)⇐



***As you can see, a majority of Jon’s suggested wagers are cashed on most days. 

****And if you are a Show-Parlay player, you can increase your profits considerably!


***(in fact when you subscribe we are going to send you two of the best Show Parlay Strategies ever published!)***


Jon also provides you with wagering suggestions on each play


Jon’s selections are emailed to you daily — so you do no work whatsoever.


Jon does the work – you just make the bets.



A Curious Note:  We have been in this business for close to four decades now, and we have had literally thousands of our clients telling us that they ‘just want to make money at the track, even if it’s just a small daily or weekly profit’.

But, when we offer a service or published material that does exactly that, the response is lackluster, to say the least.

Yes, all of us have been burned by pie-in-the-sky claims by phony selection services in the past, so your skepticism is well warranted.  But we a not talking a phoney-baloney ‘I’m Joe Winmore and I can make you millions at the track’ type of scam that arrives in your mailbox regularly.

We are talking Jon Worth, whose family has been in the business since the mid 1940s, and whose father, Tom, and himself, have produced some of the most consistently profitable and highest rated handicapping systems and methods ever (think ‘POPS & TIPS’, or ‘SHOW A PROFIT, or ‘PLACE TO WIN, etc.).


And we are talking about a fellow who is always available to his clients via phone or email for consultation.

Jon’s email:   phone (401-219-4137)


No, you are not going to get rich on Jon’s Premium Best Bets Service, BUT YOU WILL MAKE MONEY and you WILL cash tickets using his recommendations almost every single day. 


So, seriously, if you want to cash regularly, and don’t want to get involved in the handicapping stuff, give Jon’s service a try —

it’s like money in the bank – no exaggeration!!


You can try a full month of Jon’s service for just $99.00, two months for $127 or four months for $198. 


At these prices, you don’t even have to make a bet – you can just watch and keep track and then wade in when you feel confident enough, which we can promise you, will be pretty quickly.






Premium Plan 1 month  $99.00


Premium Plan 2 month  $127.00


Premium Plan 4 month  $198.00


6 Month Special Discount  $289.00

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