One of Walt Owen’s Best: The FP TRACKER!! The Perfect Blend of Form & Pace!! Big Prices + Consistency + FUN!!!

Walt Owen’s FP TRACKER System – One of His Very Best — Great Prices – $12.41 Average Win Mutuel!


All of you are familiar with Walt Owen. Walt was one of the most prolific System Writers ever, and we mean EVER! 

He has been published in every major turf magazine many, many times.

Walt wrote spot-plays, exclusively. Walt also made a living at the track. A very good living. 

His talents were such that he even consulted for The Daily Racing Form regarding the content of the their past performance lines!




One seasoned player, Phil Graham of Atlantic City, said:  ‘This had to be the easiest I’ve ever had it at the racetrack,’ Phil tells us. ‘I was able to find qualifiers quickly with most of Walt’s methods, but my all-time favorite is his FP Tracker System.



And now, for the first time ever, Walt’s FP Tracker System is on software!

The FP Tracker System is like a perfectly-baked cake  — an exacting mix of the proper ingredients that results in superb flavor or, in our case, a mix of Form, Pace, Speed & other factors that result in consistency and often, very often, BIG PRICED Winners!


We’re talking an average win mutuel of @$12.41 with a 28.2% win rate, which makes for a huge positive ROI. 

>>>And …  FP is great for Place and Show players, as it pulls in great prices in those slots regulary!


Take a look at the Examples below.  FP just may be the best, what we call, ‘consistency/longshot’ systems we have tested!











Call us at 1-800-696-0067   or order from our website

You are going to have lots of fun with this one!!



The FP Tracker Ebook  $29.88

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